Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feel week?


That's a cool word.

Yknow what's an even COOLER word?! Orbligortion. Haha. Sounds like alien poo.

Immaturities aside, I felt obligated to update my Kanga. Actually, I felt that way every day of this week, but my scheduling was a bit out of wack, I was sick, and I was busy getting food out of those 4 new holes in my mouth. I can't post when I'm constantly rinsing my mouth!

But today is Sunday, I have free time, I don't feel AS sick, and my mouth is pretty much clean. Time to fulfill my orbligortion.

Last Friday
Whitney vs. Oxford B(boy)ball game!

Since I missed Whitney's homecoming due to a bad case of cheekplosions, I decided to watch Oxford's game at their school! EXCITIN' STUFF, MAN! Summary o' da game: Ox totally made fun our cheer squad, and then we totally owned them by cheering along with their lil act, and they were like "what da eff", and then later on we cheered them on again for being jerky, and then they cheered us on for cheering them on, which made no sense and it kinda awkward cuz we were just cheering for each other, and then later they got pissed so they lined up along the court, and then all our players were awesome and we beat them by almost 30 points again.

That deserves a little bit of "WE TOTALLY", and a tad bit of "OOWWNED!"!

Rivalry can be fun.

Speaking of rivalry!

Last Sunday

If Kevin is gonna watch any kind of bowl, it OF COURSE has to be the SUPER bowl, right!? Hoho... Yeah I actually watched the whoooole thing! First time ever. Well okay, I did switch between the Super Bowl and the Chowder Bowl (Chowder is arguably more imaginative), but the Super Bowl was SO exciting I couldn't NOT finish the game! I was rooting for the underdogish Cardinals, btw.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial as seen in my profile:



Free food!

Breakfast at 6:30am at Denny's for $0?! Yes, priceless meals. Beat that, Master Card commercials. Apparently this was Denny's response to the recession? Or maybe they just had a surplus of pancakes? Or maybe they like getting people fat? Whatever the reason, FREE FOOD is GOOD FOOD!

Oh barely made it back to school in time.

I used to doubt the intelligence of the people in my class. Not the book smart stuff, they're good at that, they can all totally kick my cheeks in chess, backgammon, Jeans tests, spelling quizzes, SATACTS, and knowing why kids loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch so much. I'm just saying that I used to think that when it came to common sense or whatever, most of us just sorta followed whatever whoever told em. Yeah I know that's sorta a bad assumption.

But then in Econ, I heard all of these "Last Lectures", speeches from students about what wisdom about life they'd like to share. And yknow, it made everyone sound preeetty profound. I thought it was all gonna be like "no regrets!" and "try your best!", surface level wussy Jell-O, but most of the time I was actually quite impressed with their advice. Yay. Again, it's a horrible assumption that SOME Whitneyites aren't too "hot in thought", I'm sorry, but I think my pereception has really changed. Oh God that last part of the sentence sounded like a college esssay. I should stop talking about this.

On Thursday I broke my garage. Yes you read that correctly, I BROKE MY GARAGE. My garage door, actually. Ysee I was backing the van out after I drove it in for shelter from the rain, and then the antenna got caught on... something, I'm not sure exactly what happened. Next thing I knew, screw things were popping out all over the place when I tried to close the door. Did noot see it coming.

Those wheel things should not be on the ground.

I spent all afternoon trying to fix it. Got my hands all dirty and received a couple cuts. After more than an hour and a half trying to shield the garage from the pouring rain, it got stuck on the wall so I just had to wait until my dad got home. Turns out some cable broke. Yes he got pissed. Yes he called a repair man. Yes it was expensive.

Honestly, if I had the ability to write "SORRY" in the sky with the clouds, I totally would (because that would be really awesome). But right now it's cool, my parents are quite forgiving when it comes to very accidental accidents.


I am so sick of my sickness. I actually got sick on Wednesday, then it died down on Thursday, then it got worse today, Friday. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, chills, ingrown nosehair (which, if long enough, would just become regular hair outside my nose). I had all the symtoms! The weird part was my temperatures on the various days (color coded for convenience):

Wed: 100.5
Fri: 97.7
Sat: 99.7
Sun: 98.2

What the heck is that?! Fever? Cold? Make up your mind or just heal! Silly body.

Saturday - Sunday

And finally... rain! It's been raining for the past few days, and I'd have loved it like a panda riding a zebra, but I'm SICK, so it's a lot harder to appreciate cold water falling from the sky.

Alright, so time for reflection. What did you learn from this week, Kevin?

Well, Kevin, I learned that sports are exciting, Mondays are boring, free food is delicious, I shouldn't underestimate people, antenna on large cars are annoying, being sick sucks, and rain is still as awesome as poppy seeds in a poppy seed muffin. I like poppy seed muffins.


Diana :) said...

i like poppy seed muffins too :)

enajane said...

mondays are boring...
unless theres no school on that monday!