Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homeworklessness = Postfulness

I looked at my planner today.

"Okay, letsee what I can write for a Kanga post..."

I usually write anything down that I find interesting enough to post on my Kanga, but the pages were pretty much blank. All I got was "paper!" on Tuesday, and I dunno if a retelling of me reminding myself to get lined paper for my binders is worth any of your time, but it's too late cuz you already finished the sentence SUCKA.

Let's just talk about last week!

I got asked to Sadies. Hohohohosnap, right? It was one of them "clue every period, guess who!" kindsa things, but I had a good guess as to who it was. So yay for me getting asked! At least I could experience getting asked to this kinda thing once in my life, and es nice. WHERE WERE YOU GIRL-ASKERS THOSE OTHER FIVE YEARS, HM?!

was GAHR ALL-COMERS TRACK MEET! I'll do something officially this time...
Place: Gahr
Date: February 14th
Ran: 60 meters

Why, you ask if you read that bold text there, did I just run the 60 meters? Well I'll (probably) never get another chance to run it in my life (since no more all-comers), so why not do it at that meet?! Good thinking, Kevin! Besides, I was sick and I didn't wanna run against Usain Boltettes* in any of the other sprints.

60meter time: 7.35

And that's about all I ran. The rest of the meet I just spectated, cheered, Chipotle-intermissioned, and took pictures. SPEAKING OF PICTURES, look at that one to the right! IT'S A PICTURE OF SOMEONE'S SPIKES! Yeah I didn't take too many good pictures this day.

Now "all-comers" means anyone can come at any time to compete. It also means that anyone can LEAVE at any time, and this was clearly evident when the meet ended with about 5% of the runners still there. There was one 4x400 relay team that Javi and I watched.

This meet got me quite excited about track! Quitecited. WEARING SPIKES IS FUN.

Two days ago
Oh hey I did have something to write about this week! Friday was contemporary media's 2ND FILM FESTIVAL! I was nervous again when our film played again, but not as much as last time. DUDE our (CraigDianaJoshJonathanStephanieSarah) film got 4th place, TWO VOTES away from 3rd place! We got jipped more than water! That makes sense, right? A leaky faucet jips water? Whatever.

And since Kanga is all about bursting bubbles, it might's well do one now! Yknow that one movie "Driven" that tied for 1st place? Yeah the film's shots were really nice, but do you know why? Cuz they had a super-mega-powerful-monster camera that is worth like three times the other groups' small tiny cameras! The pretty shots weren't obtained by skill, they just used a fancier camera! Plus they used a program called After Effects to add some kindsa effects and stuff. Man I should totally whip out my Adobe Flash and throw in some stick figure fighting into my next movie...

Haah okay I'm really not that bitter or anything. I'm sorry, "Driven" group, I just wanted to say something.

My group didn't get top three, and at first I was kinda "awww okay...", but later that night I realized how proud I was of my group and our film... and that was really proud! It wasn't an ideal masterpiece by any means, but I know we did a pretty bang up job!

Wait. Does "bang up" have a sexual innuendo back story? Is "bang up" even an actual idiom? Am I really too lazy to Google this? Isn't weird how "Google" has become a verb, along with "Youtube" and "Wiki"? Who knows!

I'll post our actual contemp movie, In Blindsight, later.

And that's my life.

OH yeah remember that "What Is Wow" animation I made for the PTA Reflections thing? WELL IT MADE IT TO STATE LEVEL! YAY!!!

OH yeah and my birthday is coming up! Instead of compiling a wish list, I've compiled something else:

My -opposite of wish list- List
(A list of stuff that I don't want)

1. Socks or underwear
2. A puppy (I like em, I just don't want one)
4. The third Flight book (I already have that one)
5. Poison
6. Hunger
7. An old wallet (already own it!)
8. Not a massage (Translation: I WANT A MASSAGE. Like, 100 of em.)
9. A virus on my computer
10. A virus in my body
11. Gum... A) on my shoe, B) in my hair, C) filling any of the holes on my body.
12. Anything girly


Does anyone remember what I asked for last year on my Kanga? Well I never got it. NEVER. 364 DAYS OF NOT IT.

I actually have a regular wish list, but I'd feel cocky posting it on my Kanga, and I'd rather not feel like poultry on birthday thank you very much. 'EY OH! If you don't wanna get me anything, then that's totally cool but I'd disown you if I were your dad. If you do wanna get me something, you know what I like, you know what I love.

Happy Kevin's Birthday Awareness Sunday.

* = tiny Usain Bolts (also: Boltitos)

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