Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa is phat.

To Kanga reader,

Am I the kinda blogger who posts an entry on the day of Christmas? Yes, yes I am.

So... hello there!

This year, I didn't really get into the Christmas spirit. I don't know why, usually this comes naturally. Too naturally, in fact. Every year I always start hearing Christmas songs in November, and I try to poop away these urges to start singing along as to not reach my festive-feeling peek before the actual Christmas day. This year was different. I TRIED to get all in the spirit, and yeah I sorta did, but not as much as the other years. I listened to Christmas music, I baked some cookies, I even kissed some girls under mistletoes, BUT NONE OF IT WORKED! I was only 50% into the holidays as opposed to the usual 80%!

Actually I didn't really kiss any girls. OR... DID... I..?

No I didn't.

OR... DID... A GIRL... KISS... ME..?

No that did not happen.

But anyway, I'm not depressed or anything, I just thought this was kinda weird. (WHOA random thought: Santa Clause getting jiggy with it.) Regardless of my spirit, or lack there of, today was fun! Christmas day is always and SHOULD always be fun. No matter what religion. THAT'S RIGHT, JEWS, WE DIDN'T SAVE YOUR BUTTS IN THE 40'S JUST SO YOU COULD GO AROUND AND SULK DURING THE 25TH OF DECEMBER!! Just kidding. China was not involved in the war.

Another different thing about this Christmas was that I wasn't REALLY looking forward to any particular gift. Go ahead and call me a spoiled brat (but don't really), but usually there's some awesome TOY that I've been wanting that falls into one of these categories:

1. Video game
2. Legos (well when I was younger)
3. Video game system

Yknow what I got this year? A wireless mouse and a DVD-Drive. I'm totally happy with both of those things (freakin cords on mice and freakin inability to burn DVDs suck), but I couldn't really get excited about em. Yknow what I'm sayin? Ya catchin' my drift? Yeah YOU know... I actually had a few games on my wishlist, along with a skateboard (that got rejected by my parents) and some artsy fartsy stuff, but I thought I'd go with some necessities. If I didn't get those two, actually, I might've gotten Guitar Hero World Tour!! I could've partied by myself EVERY day. And those last few sentence probably just fell into the TFS/TMI/TFSTMI bins.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS! Sorry I didn't get you anything. Actually I DID, but my dog ate it. (I got you some dog food.)


This is a video my group and I made for Contemporary Media. I'd name my group, but... well there are credits at the end, so just look at those you lazy butt.

All That Glitters


I got a new blog!

No one: "YAY!!!"

It's called Drawn To Scrawl. Yes, that has about five double meanings.

Have you seen those things where people post something everyday for a long time? Well hidy ho neighbor, IMMA DO THAT TOO! Like it says on the site, I'll draw a random creature on a 3x3 inch piece of paper and just post it there everyday. Lots of people have done stuff like this before, so why not I join them wagons!? This'll also help my habits if I make my future webcomic MMM...

So go visit my sister site.





I went to a Christmas party with my relatives, and I met this REALLY weird guy there. He is an 18 year old senior in high school, around the same age as me, and I knew he was a bit funky when he first came in. Yes, I'm a judger, so you beware. Patrick (that's his name) had that fobby bright orangey yellow hair and he talked in quick mumbles. He presented that kinda awkward where he would say something, and you would have NO IDEA what just came out of his mouth, so then you'd just chuckle it off. And... I was chuckling all night. Here's one of our convos that I actually understood. (not fake this time)

Patrick: Hey, so what are you interested in?

Kevin: Oh, um... well I like ART... and videogames.

P: Oh.

K: Well yeah, I don't have time to play videogames as much anymore because I'm busy and stuff...

P: -mumble something-

K: ...What are you interested in?

P: I like drawing, Manga, yknow comics...

K: Oh cool (hey I might have stuff in common with this guy!)

P: ...COSPLAY!.. haha


K: Haha, I don't... uh... haha!..


K: (turns around to get food)

So yeah, every time I saw him I started laughing. He's one of those guys who don't notice you're sorta laughing at him. I'M SORRY but you, Patrick, are really silly. BTW, how the heck am I related to you?

And on that note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love you cuz you read my Kanga.

from keviokevio.

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days until Knishmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you "Be of good cheer!", it's the happiest season of all with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings when friends come to call.

I think Christmas is awesome. It's like a SUPER EVENT where the entire WORLD participates! It's like the super bowl. Except instead of football, it's Christmas. How awesome is that?! Everyone gets all gay, Christmas music fills the air, and we all get this sorta feeling in our bodies that's like "hey. It's Christmas time. cool".

Yay holidays! Okay I forgot where I was going with this. Oh well TIME FOR RECAP!!

Friday -
My favorite part of the school day before Christmas is seeing all them presents. Everyone has BAGS of lil&big goodies, and I see those gifts floaring around the halls during the day, being traded faster than Benadict Arnold! Wait that's the not the right word. Nevermind. But yeah, happy people make me happy.

The rest of the day was so choice. (That's 80's lingo for you youngsters.) I ate at Five Guys with 4 other guys, partied with Jane at town cenna, then visited Vero. That's like FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND leap frog sort-of-a-day. That's like if my day were a pinball machine, I would've hit every single bumper on the way down to the bumpers. That's like, well, you GET IT... I had a great day.


Shame on you if you failed to give me one. SHAME...

Saturday -
Nothing happened today. YAY!

Sunday -
Civics meeting and the end.

Monday -
FIRST DAY OF TRACK & FIELD!! I don't remember the rain freezing my head last week. Thanks for coming out if you did! Shame on you if you didn't. SHAME...

Later... gaming party / secret Santa gift exchange! THANKS FOR THE GAMES CRAIG. Shame on you if you aren't Craig. SHAME...

Actually... I don't really feel like posting on my Kanga right now. So instead of writing more about the magic of Christmas, here is a video of no relevance. This was actually filmed around the end of last school year.

Chua Spars (with?) Kenny/Craig


It's the happiest season of all.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"That was amazing."

Random school stuff...

Paul wanted me to upload this.

Just a heads up, I have a few old videos that I'll be uploading and putting on my Kanga. And, yeah, they're about as entertaining as this one. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Raining; It's Pouring

Rain is awesome.

But before I talk about today, how bout we appetize this past weekend first.

I've never been so busy for two days EVER!! I was so busy that that last sentence was about as grammatically correct as a "Mr. Jeans" question. 'EY OH! But seriously, those questions can be hard to read sometimes. Anyway, usually I have some downtime between meals to twiddle my thumbs, chop some suey, not go on Facebook, and shoot the breeze with the mailman, but NO! Not this past Saturday and Sunday!

8:00am - 12:00am = Work on XC slideshow
12:00pm - 1:00pm = Pick up and eat lunch
1:00pm - 3:00pm = HARDCORE ART!
3:00pm - 7:30pm = Work on XC slideshow
7:30pm - 11:00pm = Contemp Media filming

11:00pm - 9am = Sleep

9am - 11:30am = HARDCORE ART!
11:30am - 4:00pm = Work on XC slideshow
4:00 pm = Slideshow get deleted
4:00pm - 6:00pm = Remake slideshow...
6:00pm - 11:pm = XC Banquet!

I was as busy as a butt that belonged to a person who just drank a bottle of laxatives.

SPEAKING of XC Banquet

Good times! (Literally..!)

XC is quite possibly the best sport at Whitney. Wait, substitute that "quite possibly" with a "definitely"!!! But DUDE I didn't get to say sooooo much in my speech! Cross Country is a permanent part of me (or as I said in my speech, I'm like a tree and it's a "stick in me" [which I now realize is a little sexual]), and I have so much to thank for it, I have so much love and passion for it... but I couldn't really describe it. Random phrases just pop up here and there, but never at moments when I can actually write stuff down! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!

How 'bout this.

Every time I think of something cool to say about XC, I'll blog about it! Very good, then!

More banquetitous stuff, THANK YOU JUNIORS the night was very nice, even though there was always lots of noise in the background that repeatedly killed the tension. And thanks for the AWESOME gifts! Yeah, I already have the BATMAN DVD, but I'll just keep this one because it comes with an awesome Harvey Dent coin.

fuhREAKIN'... Lihan. When people were giving their speeches, I kept looking down at Lihan who had a layer of tears covering his eyes with a face like a pouting like a dog. I almost cried because of him. Control your brother, Eaning!

Later that night (I'm not sure if I'm telling a story or just talking to XC people...), Vero and I played our supplemental XC slideshow that we made in two hours since our other one got deleted. See, we roll with the punches.

Oh, and then I asked Veronica to formal. HAH! Here's how it went down:

Vero: Oh I wonder when Kevin is gonna ask me to formal.

Kevin: Uh... Veronica I'm right here.

V: Oh! I did not see you!

K: It's cool, sometimes I'm a ninja. I'll just pretend I didn't hear you.

V: Okay. I'll just pretend like I didn't say anything.

(5 minutes later)

K: Hey Veronica! Guess what I ate for dinner!

V: I think we all at the same food here...

K: 3 loafs of distractions and one ton of WILL YOU GO TO FORMAL WITH ME!?


K: I know, right?! LOLZZ!

V: Of course I will lol!

K: Aite that's what I thought.

Just kidding it went nothing like that. What really happened was that I played a video after slideshow, yada yada yada, I got a date and have to pay EIGHTY-FIVE MORE DOLLARS TO GO DANCE. Who knew girls were so expensive. :)

But enough with colon and parenthesis smileys. (Smileies?) Time to talk about the awesome part! The TODAY part!

So there I was meandering through campus after school like always, when suddenly Jane parachuted from the sky (or I just saw her) and she asked me if I wanted to go on a run! Now polar bear in mind that it was raining outside, on the edge of pouring.

On one hand, "why would I run in the rain..?"

On the other candy-holdin' hand, "why WOULDN'T I run in the rain?!"

I went for the candy and ran. I ran a mile with Jane and Jessie in the pouring rain. And lemme tell ya, it felt SO GOOD! It felt so delicious that I was tempted to spell "good" like "gewd" just now, but then that would be really gross, so I didn't.

For every step I took on the run, there were a bunch of tiny kisses falling from the sky onto my cheeks.

Then we saw some soccer balls and played soccer. We didn't care that it was still raining, that our socks were soaked, that puddles and mud were everywhere, or that the temperature neared 60. We just wanted to play. Even though I lost (2-3), we ALL came out as winners because we had a wonderful time with awesome friends! AAWWWW... but not really cuz they beat me by one point.

Once exhausted, we sought to inform the public of our adventure with a parade through the halls in our drenched-with-rain clothing.

Playing in the rain? That's about as good as it gets. It's times like these that make me think about the meaning of life. (I thought about this on the freezing car ride home.) I think part of the meaning of life is to do just that - to live. Sometimes you just gotta do something completely spontaneous, crazy, and fun to really answer that void in you with a "this is why I'm here. To have these kinds of moments".

Today was awesome.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Suck It

Did that fool you? My post title? Was it tricky? Did you expect an emotional filled post about how my life is spiraling down to the ground like a guy who fell out of an airplane and is now spiraling down to the ground? Am I a tricky tricky man?

Then huHAH! I am so sly! No this post is about how I donated blood yesterday! First time ever! Saving lives is the second perk of being 17. The first one is the ability to watch rated-R movies, which I fail to exercise as I desire to watch Bolt in 3-D!

So yeah, gave blood! I woke up that morning and didn't think I would be losing 1 pint of my life that day. Well I mean I signed up last week, but I totally forgot and was gonna cancel, but turns out, I could get loads of free stuff for donating! WHO'DA THUNK! So I donated.

If you're unaware of the process, here's what happens when you donate blood.

How You Donate Blood

1. Arrive at the location and read this booklet thing
2. Return the booklet and wait.
3. Scoot over one seat. Wait.
4. Scoot some more. Wait.
6. Someone calls you into a room and asks you lots of personal questions. What people don't know is that these questions are a test of your knowledge! For example, if they ask you "What is your name?", make sure you give your full name, including secondary middle name, along with the amount of letters in your name, a spelling of your name backwards, and how your blood will showcase your dreams and aspirations.
7. You'll know if you pass when they prick your finger for some blood. They do this to test your manliness, so I discourage wincing or tears.
8. You take an electronic test that asks you about AIDS and whatnot. Make sure you answer "No" to everything. Who cares if you have malaria, a baby in your stomach, and hepatitis A, B, and C!? YOU NEED TO SAVE LIVES IN AFRICA!! Lie for the dying.
9. Once you're done, you head on over to the actual place where you give blood.
10. Go up to the lady and ask where to go. She'll tell you to go to a bed. Look around and ask "That one?" as you point to a bed. Wait for her to say "Yes", and when she does, go to that bed and lay down.
11. Do not remain calm. Be sure you're very agitated and nervous. That way, the blood will pump faster in your system and you'll be able to donate faster and more efficiently. DO NOT QUESTION SCIENCE.
12. A lady will come and prepare your arm for needle injection to suck out the blood. Do not think about bats.
13. Distract yourself with someone, and when you least expect it, BOOM you'll be stabbed and the blood sucking begins.
14. You must squeeze a stress ball every 5 seconds to keep the blood flowing. OR, what they don't tell you is that you can just squeeze the part of your arm near the needle, or pump your chest where your heart is. Those two methods work better than silly ball squeezing.
15. SQUEEZES/BEATS MUST BE EXACTLY 5 SECONDS APART! Counting with Alligators, Crocodiles, One-thousands, or Mississippis may help.
16. When you're done, don't wait or else the bag of your blood will explode onto your crotch (and that's embarrassing). Get up immediately and look around for a helper. If no one is there, I suggest you start running in circles to get attention.
17. The lady will come back and take out the needle.
18. She'll put a cotton thing on the point of entry and tell you to apply pressure. However, it's perfectly fine to start punching you arm, for your brute strength will repress any bleeding and retreat the blood back into your veins.
19. Your arm will get wrapped in some kinda of wrapping thing. The directions say to leave it on for at least 5 hours, but remember, directions are for wussies.
20. When the lady is done helping you, be sure to give her a kiss on the cheek. Why? Because the lips are too forward and you are not ready for that step in your relationship. Also, kisses are not necessary if your helper is (A) a man, (B) a monkey, (C) a figment of your imagination, or (D) an ugly lady.
21. Go to the recovery table and eat like you've been starving for decades (but don't eat like you're dead because then you wouldn't).
23. Be sure to ask for a free shirt. If they run out of your size, just say "extra large is okay", sigh, and then give them a dirty look.
24. If you "faint", don't be fooled! That is not a faint, but a mere involuntary rest of the body. Don't try to fight it, don't try to get help, just embrace it and take a nice nap. You deserve it. You saved 50 freakin' Africans.

The End.

I'm just kidding about #20. Ugly ladies deserve kisses too.

What an experience! I dunno if I'll ever do that again, for I dunno when I'll have such a convenient opportunity. It feels good to donate blood and save some lives. You know what also feels good? A free T-shirt.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wait a memento...

It totally copied me after I copied it.

Have you ever seen Memento? I just started watching it in Contemporary Media, it's a movie about a guy who... well something about his memory... but yeah, the movie pretty much plays backwards. It starts with the end and slowly reveals the story in the opposite direction.

And that's exactly what I was going to do.

I was gonna write a story that started with the end, and then work my way backwards! It was gonna be a blog! SEE! I EVEN STARTED!:

I started in October... and then stopped cuz I had no idea how to approach this thing. I got the idea from the fact that as you post entries on a blog, it stacks up chronologically even though you write it inverse-chronologically... But now that I saw that Memento did this story setup first... I DUNNO! I no longer feel clever and or creative, even though I had no idea that my idea and the movie were similar!

Now I gotta think of something else that's as cool. THANKS A LOT, GOOD MOVIE!