Sunday, November 30, 2008



My new favorite number is 123.

It used to be 7. Funny story, 7 was my favorite number in 1st grade because that was my age at the time. My friend's favorite number was also 7. When I turned 8, I thought "hm... maybe my favorite number should be 8 now!". I asked my friend, again, what his favorite number was, but he said it was still 7. That's when I found out your favorite number usually isn't your age.

But now my favorite is 123! I see it everywhere! It's like it was calling me! Like "hey Kevin! I'm your favorite!"! And I answered back "Okay, 123! Suck it, 7!"!

For the record, my favorite color is still green. Yes, I needed a blog to establish all of this.

(Coincidentally, the cover of Flash comic #123 was a great story that I actually read! I'll tell you about it if you want. In any case, AWESOME-SAUCE!)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Into submission!

11:15pm Today.

Spoiler alert!

This is what it looks like!

Ehh... anticlimactic. Now how do I virtually burn two essays?


Ya think Turkish people have a Turkey Day? Does Turkey even HAVE turkeys?!

One of the many unsolved mysteries of life.

But HEY guys. Happy THANKSGIVIN'. And that's about all I have to say today. If you can't think of something to be thankful for, be glad you have your eyes to read my Kanga. Be glad you have lungs to breathe. Be glad you can count up to 100. Be glad you have all you hair. Be glad you are not dying. Be glad you still have the opportunity to live. That would be something to be thankful for.

But enough my if this macaroni-and-cheesey-balogna-yay-living-talk. Why not a picture! My Kanga so needs WAY more pictures.

"OIIII!.. stupid chickens."

Oh I get it now! That's the sound turkeys make, and that's what you DO today! I GET IT!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uh wow wow?

Last Thursday was... the contemporary media film festival! YAR! GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Especially for the winners. Cuz they won.

For some reason, I didn't think I would get nervous, but I did! Go figure. Luckily I think our video did well, you Whitney people laugh at anything.

I'll upload our contemp video later. But what I can upload NOW is my PTA REFLECTIONS THINGUVA CONTEST! The theme was "wow!".

What is "wow"?

Made it with Adobe Flash CS4 (thanks Caroline!) in 12ish hours.

I feel kinda lame, though, cuz I was watching other submissions on YouTube and they're sorta similar. Oh well! MINE IS THE ONLY HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION so uh.

Sad story time!
I was walking to school from the parking lot in the morning today when I saw a kid getting out of his car. The fairly big guy, maybe a couple inches taller than me, stepped out wearing a backpack and a blank face (Edward status). His father was in the driver seat of the car and, in an asian coated accent, said to him "Have a great day, Charlie!!". Charlie's face stayed blank. He didn't even turn around, no acknowledgment, he just closed the door shut and walked away.

That made me quite sad; his father just hoped he had not a good day, but a GREAT day, and his son TOTALLY ignored him! I just hope you're not that kind of child. You jerk.

Happy story time!
Today Darren gave me an Altoid. I haven't seen Altoids in TWO YEARS, when my sister used to drive me to school! Remember?? We would always eat one in the car, like a ritual of some sort; she would hold her hand out cuz she was busy driving, and I knew what it meant and placed an Altoid in her palm. It reminded me of nice times and made me so happy! It's the small things in life that you make you happy, yknow? Not like small puppies, not that kinda small... actually, yeah, small puppies would make me happy, but you know what i mean.

Alright Kevin. Time to finish up your UC apps. After this, you can get fat with turkeys.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cannot shall not!

Yknow who's a spoiled brat? Cannot. The word "cannot".

Why do we allow "can" and "not" to combine for no reason at all, but refuse to let any other set of words join like that? This is unjust, I say! Unconstitutional too, maybe! Just look at the word. Cannot. I bet you cannot look at the word, it's so repulsive. Is the compound supposed to abbreviate it?? That's another thing! "Can" and "not" already abbreviates into "can't". Why the heck do we have a "cannot"?! It doesn't even abbreviate anything! In any case, it makes the word harder to read because it looks a lot like "carrot". Taking away the space from in between two words like THAT just doesn't work. Since we're at it, why don't we just combine "will" and "not"? "Willnot"? Oh wait, we don't NEED to because "will not" ALREADY abbreviates to "won't"! TAKE. NOTES. CANNOT.

(Note: I'm not really bothered at using "cannot", though. I'm just sayin', is all.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Burning Ring of Fire

Today was CIF Prelims for cross country! The good ol' varsity ran their three miles at Mt. Sac, and BORAH MADE IT TO CIF FINALS!! YAY! Speaking of Borah, we saw Big Borah at the meet.

Good job to everyone else who ran!

But that's not the real story. That was just a slightly bland distracting introduction. The real story begins... ON THE BUS RIDE HOME! Dun. Dun. Dun! Yknow how there are a bunch of wildfires every year in southern California? Well, our bus was on the freeway and drove right through one! Like the video says, it was like driving through hell.

What the video does not convey:
Smelly ashy air

My world is currently in sepia.

There really must be a better solution to stop these fires other than waiting to douse them with helicopters until they actually HAPPEN. Kevin's solution? Large scale sprinkler system. Oh that may sound like a joke, but it is TOTALLY do-able. Just transfer a bunch of ocean water to the sprinklers, BAM no fires. Plus, we could even have nice grassy hills instead of dry dead stuff. Dear Ahnold and Obama... think about it...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OH MAN I'M SHOTGUNNING THESE KANGA POSTS! Sorry about all these entries in a row.


Today I got a FAN! I think her name was Sophia Sharon... and I had to get my picture taken because I'm gonna be featured in an Aspects article, and Sharon was with the girl who was gonna take my picture (Meliza). In the picture, I had to be drawing my comic (because the article is for Comiclub), so I whipped out my Ghost comic. Sophia read it and she thought it was quite funny!

Sharon: "Haha... hahahaha! This is like the funniest comic in the world! Who drew this?"

Kevin: "I did..."

S: "Wow, did you like, use a ruler or something?"

K: "...No..."

S: "It's so good! I'm like your fan now!.."

K: "!!!"

S: "Are you gonna be a comic book artist when you grow up?"

K: "...maybe..! LAAAWWLLLZZZ!!"

I'm really not exaggerating on the conversation. Okay maybe I didn't say "LAWLZ", but that's pretty much how it went! Sure, she probably doesn't even remember who the heck I am right now... but she's still my fan! I GOT A FAN!


But not really. Don't take her.

Something's bad.

That was a short lived good feeling!

Well actually I'm not feeling too bad. I just got lectured by my parents for pretty much not being on top of things (that's what they implied! [that was a reference to the last post, not me being pissed]), even though I totally finished my personal statements last month, which I felt pretty awesome about! I also planned a bunch of Comiclub stuff, finished my UC apps (other than touching up my essays), and ALMOST got a 4.0 (ABAAA!! [oh whoa I'm only taking 5 classes?!]). And then my parents go on to lecture me about how I often times don't manage my time well because my civics group decided to work on our project at 10:00pm tomorrow. Yeah, that's really late to be working on homework (EHM, GROUP...), but I'm fine with it. Oh Kevin rolls with the punches.

And what my parents do when we argue is that every time I get some kind of reasoning in for my side, they point out another mistake that I made starting with "well the point is..." or "Kevin, you're not getting it..." or something else that changes the subject. I'm not saying that they're being dumb for doing it, it's really wise on their part, but... I'd rather have them not. In the end, our arguments usually start with me thinking "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND", then at the end it's like "we don't understand... we don't understand..". I have to remember that.

But honestly, don't pay too much attention to me. This was totally a one sided account.

Something's good.

I don't know why, but today I was driving home from school and thought... "Huh. My life is pretty great right now."

It could be because I didn't have any homework and I was going home to learn some Actionscript like a bonafide nerd, but still, that isn't reason enough to contemplate the awesomeness of my life! (BTW, sorry if I'm coming off jerky if I talk about how happy I am? People sometimes get pissed when other people are enjoying themselves, so if you're one of those people... I'm sorry... and stop it.)

I'm thinking part of my happiness is the result of me being a lot more on top of things this year (that's what I said!). I've been trying really hard to DO stuff when I'm SUPPOSED to do stuff. Ysee, this used to be one of my philosophies:

"As long as I'm doing as good as the guy next to me, I should be okay."

Sadly, this does not apply to most things. Cross Country races? Homework? Growth? Hot dog eating contests? No. What if the guy next to me failed at EVERYTHING? I'd be a slow, dumb, and short kid who can only down half a weiner a minute. That would suck. Especially since I want to be an artist when I'm older! My new philosophy is now:

"As long as I'm one step ahead of the guy next to me, it lowers my chances of getting totally owned in the shins."

Getting owned in the shins is the worst.

So this school year I've been trying to follow that, and for the most part, it's been working. I don't know if this was the real cause of my satisfaction but... whatever! Might's well post about it before the feeling goes away!

Sidenote: WHOA how often do I write a post dedicated to my emotions? About as often as the consumption of cheap food at an amusement park, I'd say!! I read other people's blogs and most of them have so much stuff about how they feel, and I guess it's good to vent. But for me, my Kanga is more of a place for... random entertainment tantamount to a scoop of delicious ink blots in the form of a strawberry filled funnel cake...

Go ahead and quote me on that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11 11:11:11


It's the moment of the year where a bunch of lines can tell you exactly when you are!

"When is it?"
"Oh, it's ||||||||"
"That time of the year again, eh?"


Monday, November 10, 2008


What I did last Friday:

8:00 - Last Comp: English - I wrote about the wrong prompt, yet my score was still decent...
10:30 - Ate at South/Gridley with Craig, Marina, Paul, and Crazy Driver Hannah.
11:30 - Went back to school.
11:45 - Ate at ce'fiore with Paul and Knows-No-Death Driver Hannah. What the heck are mochis and why are they so delicious.
12:30 - Went back to school.
1:15 - Went to Downtown Disney to watch a movie with Darren, Taylor, Craig, Cindy Lu.
1:50 - Watched Role Models, which was an actually FUNNY comedy! Those are hard to come by nowadays. Verdict: 8.0/10
2:30 - Walked around and saw House of "Bloo"s for the FIRST TIME EVER!
3:29 - Did not see Hobo Mickey Mouse at Downtown Disney.
3:30 - Went back to school.
4:30 - Singstar at Kenny's house with Kenny, Darren, Craig, Karthik, Cindy, Kimberly, Kristina.
8:00 - Went home.

What I did today:

1st Period - Got to school, parked in the wrong parking space (sorry, #51).
2nd Period - Nothing
3rd Period - Group project start... C'MON GUYS, FINGER PUPPETS!
4th Period - Nothing
5th Period - Nothing
6th Period - Nothing
7th Period - Nothing
After school - Work
6:00 - Home.

Mmm... Life tends to fluctuate entertainment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Three

Anxiety. Tension. Happiness. Fear. Excitement. I huddled behind the starting line, these emotions running through my head, and I knew I was ready; I was gonna run 3 miles at League Finals, my very last cross country race. Get ready for dramatic Kanga post.

I was surrounded by Whitney gold jerseys to the right and Sage green jerseys to the left. This was one of the first times when I was actually EXCITED to start a race. Usually I'm yankin my brain out in anticipation, but that day I knew it was my last race. It's like I was running into my last battle, armed with a Desert Eagle and a Holy Hand Grenade, knowing that I'd kill some Nazis and come home alive to feed my wife and two-year-old baby. YEAH! Well actually it wasn't like that at all.

"On your marks..."

We stepped up to the line.

"Get set..."

We held our breath.


I farted.

HAHA just kidding. I didn't fart. We all sped out of there like a herd of African Americans running to the polls to vote for Obama. Oh and you know that would be fast. 'EY OH!

The first mile went the same as it did the last 4 years. I wasn't as fast as I should've been, since I got some sort of puss sucked out of my foot and didn't run for a couple weeks, but I still stayed pretty close to the front. I was really happy to see the gold jerseys running in front of me, Paul, Alvin, Will, Charles. REPRESENT.

After charging up the hill and rolling down it (I LITERALLY TRIPPED AND ROLLED DOWN THE HILL! Just kidding. Could you imagine, though?!), I reached the one mile mark. Before the race, Cindy said I was gonna cry while I ran because it was my last race. And yknow what... well I didn't cry, but I got all emotional! My head said to me "This is the last time you'll run with this team... EVER...", and I swear, for a those few seconds, my heart turned into of Jell-O. I melted inside. I felt it. I was running to the end, my inevitable finish line.

...And then I sucked it up and took it like a man! I punched a tiny squirrel to deny my feelings!! Just kidding again. But seriously, enough with the emotions, I sucked it up and continued with my race.

I could feel my body slowly weakening. It hadn't run 3 miles in a row for too long now. We ran and curved out of the wooded part of the course, making our way to the long stretch near the camps. That's when I started pacing with a guy. I eventually found out this Sage guy was named Sky (who looked nothing like the sky, I dunno what his parents were thinking), and I decided to draft off of him on this long straight away. Yes, draft like in Mario Kart.

I stayed behind Sky until we started to come up to the people cheering. Then I saw my team! YAR! I love it when I'm cheered for. I feel worth.

I saw Cindy ready to take a picture. "Aw snap, I need an awesome picture" I thought, and sped past Sky for a little running pose with him. HEHEHE. Now that I think about it, I should've done something cooler instead of just speed past him. OH I should've totally pants him. He would've been all "Oh no! You can see my boxers!", and I would've been all "Thas right! You nekkid!", and it would've been totally funny because he would have red hearts all over his underwear. That would've been totally cool.

Anyway, after the stretch I backed down a bit and drafted a little more. I started my last mile and realized... MY FOOT WASN'T HURTING! I felt pain a LITTLE in the first mile, but not in the second! THIS MUST'VE BEEN A BLESSING!! That just gave me more reason to kick some butt, primarily Sky's.

We reached the last hill and we both started to pick up the pace! I think Sky thought I was gonna slow down, and I thought HE was gonna slow down, and I bet someone somewhere thought we were BOTH gonna slow down! But he didn't, I didn't, and I don't know how that third person knew we were racing. I reached the top of the hill and I realized... I have to try harder. I was so confident (99.99%, in fact) that JV Guys were gonna win this race, but... would I be the deciding factor? Was I the guy that needed to score that point to win it for us? THIS ISN'T HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, thought I.

I came to the downhill and Sky was at least 20 meters ahead now. I guess I slowed down. "Alright... I don't think I'll catch him... I can try, but I dunno..". Then Coach Eric saw me.

The following are coach's words vs. my thoughts:

Coach: "Cmon Kevin! Let's go!"

Kevin: "Ah..."

C: "Cmon, you have 450 meters to go! Pick it up!"

K: "I know! I'm trying! I'll pick it up at the end of this downhill..."

C: "Kevin! You better not do this in track!"

K: "OH. HELL. NO."

I do believe that was the first I ever thought of the word "hell" instead of "heck", not counting the mocking times. I even think I mumbled the phrase out loud! Oh man I'm horribly rated G.

I now imagined my name in black letters, flaming bright red and yellow. Coach unleashed Fire Kevin. In front of me were a bunch of people I had to eat up, including Sky. "I AM GONNA CATCH ONE OF THEM, I KNOW THAT!"

I turned the sharp corner and began my sprint of the last 300 meters of the race. Sky just passed a green guy. I ran around the curve and suddenly saw half a dozen of my family members on the sideline, telling me to kick it in.

"AAHHHH SNAP" I passed the green guy in the back.

200 meters and I was sprinting my butt off. I did my job, I beat one of the green guys... BUT I STILL NEEDED BUTTS TO KICK!

150 meters I was gaining on Sky.

100 meters I decided to take him.

I wasn't planning on trying to beat him. He was too far ahead... but now, now only 5 meters separated me and him, and I had to get to the finish first. We were both pushing ourselves to the limit. 80 meters. I could hear more cheers for me and I gave it my all. 60 meters. I distrubted all of my anxiety, tension, happiness, fear, and excitement throughout my entire body. 50 meters. I could feel my joints bending, my muscles flexing, my heart thumping. 40 meters. I pushed my body over the edge and inched my way up to my rival.

Then, just as fast as I inched closer to him, I pulled ahead.

20 meters.

10 meters.

5 meters.


I ran passed the finish line into the guy in front of me, beating Sky by one second. I turned around and saw him as dead as me. I did one of those manly high five shakes, and said "Good job man.". Or at least that's what I meant to say. I think it came out as "Oh God... g'... jearb... -pant pant-". One of the most exciting races I've ever run.

Final Time: 19:48

So, after 3 pairs of shoes, 4 seasons of running, 30+ races, 70 or so different siblings, 90+ race miles, and an infinite amount of countries, I've finally made it to the finish line. You'd think I'd be sad that it's all over... but... I'm just so happy that it all happened. I really haven't talked about cross country that much on my Kanga this year, and I think I should give it more credit for being such a big part of my life. This post is just for me to make a declaration, while I still can, that I have yet to emphasize all year: I love cross country.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twoday's in a row!


I totally overslept. Not the oversleeping where you're like "oh, no, I gotta hurry up and be out the door within 10 minutes!". No no, my friend, I'm supposed to be at school by 8:00am and I woke up at 8:22am. So instead I was like "HOLY BAKEEBLER SANDWICH I'M TOTALLY LATE oh well no need to rush." I got to school at 8:50, just enough time to make it to art!

I left school at 9:45 to go to my doctor's appointment to check out my foot. Originally I thought a bone had protruded out of my foot, but the bump was just caused from Ganglion Cyst. They had to suck some sort of puss out, which is always sort of fun to say when someone asks about my foot. I was scared it was a tumor, but in the wise words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, EET EEZ NAHT A TOOMAH!

I got back to school at 11:45 (LONGEST WAIT AT A DOCTOR'S OFFICE EVER!), and at 12:00 I went to go to an XC meet! The meet was at Arcadia, which did not in fact have a castle like I imagined. And okay, I don't say this enough: I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY YAY! If cross country were a guy, I'd be gay for him. Just kidding. I'd probably be really good brother-like friends with him. However, if cross country were a pretty girl, I'd probably ask her to formal. Oh man these Kanga posts are getting creepy.

NOW, if you were keeping track, I spent a little more than one total hour at school on Thursday. WOO!


Happy Halloweenie!

THE RETURN OF IFF!! YAY STUDENT-MADE VIDEOS! I have to say that I was a BIT disappointed with how it turned out; there were too many short videos so it was all choppy and stuff. NEXT TIME, 3 videos at the max... not 5. However, I think everyone did an awesome job with all the videos and the editing and stuff; GOOD JOB! We should've had a party. With some apple juice. or wine...

Oh man, my Halloween costume wasn't that cool.


9th grade: Eyes Over Eyelids Tie Guy - pretty awesome, if not weird looking.
10th grade: glasses with ticker light things - lazy, weird, but okay
11th grade: Blind man! - I think one of my best, but sorta... "controversial"...
12th grade: Backwards Kevin

This year I basically just wore all my clothes backwards and put on a backwards tie, hat, and sunglasses. It was sort of a back up idea which I had to end up going with. Yeah, my costume this year was sorta like that really close friend who's a girl, and yeah you could take her to the dance, but you kinda hoped that you'll get someone you like even more than her. But then the girl you were planning on wooing ends up being just a figment of your imagination, so since you can't take a thought to a dance, you have to go with the original back up friend girl. That was my costume.

In the halls I saw a guy who was ALSO backwards, and he looked a lot cooler than me cuz he had a backwards mask!! So I was all "AW SNAP DID YOU GO THERE." Luckily it turned out that it was Chadwick Von Hubenstraus (I don't know his last name), and he's cool, he's an XCer.

In any case, it was seriously hard to go pee with backwards pants.

At night, FREE CHIPOTLE and then a little bit of trick or treating with Jan Jane Veronica Tony, followed by a stop at Aliang's house. Good times.

Kanga post is over! Also, Wii Fit is fun.