Monday, November 10, 2008


What I did last Friday:

8:00 - Last Comp: English - I wrote about the wrong prompt, yet my score was still decent...
10:30 - Ate at South/Gridley with Craig, Marina, Paul, and Crazy Driver Hannah.
11:30 - Went back to school.
11:45 - Ate at ce'fiore with Paul and Knows-No-Death Driver Hannah. What the heck are mochis and why are they so delicious.
12:30 - Went back to school.
1:15 - Went to Downtown Disney to watch a movie with Darren, Taylor, Craig, Cindy Lu.
1:50 - Watched Role Models, which was an actually FUNNY comedy! Those are hard to come by nowadays. Verdict: 8.0/10
2:30 - Walked around and saw House of "Bloo"s for the FIRST TIME EVER!
3:29 - Did not see Hobo Mickey Mouse at Downtown Disney.
3:30 - Went back to school.
4:30 - Singstar at Kenny's house with Kenny, Darren, Craig, Karthik, Cindy, Kimberly, Kristina.
8:00 - Went home.

What I did today:

1st Period - Got to school, parked in the wrong parking space (sorry, #51).
2nd Period - Nothing
3rd Period - Group project start... C'MON GUYS, FINGER PUPPETS!
4th Period - Nothing
5th Period - Nothing
6th Period - Nothing
7th Period - Nothing
After school - Work
6:00 - Home.

Mmm... Life tends to fluctuate entertainment.

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