Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OH MAN I'M SHOTGUNNING THESE KANGA POSTS! Sorry about all these entries in a row.


Today I got a FAN! I think her name was Sophia Sharon... and I had to get my picture taken because I'm gonna be featured in an Aspects article, and Sharon was with the girl who was gonna take my picture (Meliza). In the picture, I had to be drawing my comic (because the article is for Comiclub), so I whipped out my Ghost comic. Sophia read it and she thought it was quite funny!

Sharon: "Haha... hahahaha! This is like the funniest comic in the world! Who drew this?"

Kevin: "I did..."

S: "Wow, did you like, use a ruler or something?"

K: "...No..."

S: "It's so good! I'm like your fan now!.."

K: "!!!"

S: "Are you gonna be a comic book artist when you grow up?"

K: "...maybe..! LAAAWWLLLZZZ!!"

I'm really not exaggerating on the conversation. Okay maybe I didn't say "LAWLZ", but that's pretty much how it went! Sure, she probably doesn't even remember who the heck I am right now... but she's still my fan! I GOT A FAN!


But not really. Don't take her.


Paul said...

LOL at the last two lines.

sophia...felicia's sister?!

keviokevio said...

No, I dunno what her last name was though... I'd describe her, but all I can come up with is "normal-looking Asian girl".