Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa is phat.

To Kanga reader,

Am I the kinda blogger who posts an entry on the day of Christmas? Yes, yes I am.

So... hello there!

This year, I didn't really get into the Christmas spirit. I don't know why, usually this comes naturally. Too naturally, in fact. Every year I always start hearing Christmas songs in November, and I try to poop away these urges to start singing along as to not reach my festive-feeling peek before the actual Christmas day. This year was different. I TRIED to get all in the spirit, and yeah I sorta did, but not as much as the other years. I listened to Christmas music, I baked some cookies, I even kissed some girls under mistletoes, BUT NONE OF IT WORKED! I was only 50% into the holidays as opposed to the usual 80%!

Actually I didn't really kiss any girls. OR... DID... I..?

No I didn't.

OR... DID... A GIRL... KISS... ME..?

No that did not happen.

But anyway, I'm not depressed or anything, I just thought this was kinda weird. (WHOA random thought: Santa Clause getting jiggy with it.) Regardless of my spirit, or lack there of, today was fun! Christmas day is always and SHOULD always be fun. No matter what religion. THAT'S RIGHT, JEWS, WE DIDN'T SAVE YOUR BUTTS IN THE 40'S JUST SO YOU COULD GO AROUND AND SULK DURING THE 25TH OF DECEMBER!! Just kidding. China was not involved in the war.

Another different thing about this Christmas was that I wasn't REALLY looking forward to any particular gift. Go ahead and call me a spoiled brat (but don't really), but usually there's some awesome TOY that I've been wanting that falls into one of these categories:

1. Video game
2. Legos (well when I was younger)
3. Video game system

Yknow what I got this year? A wireless mouse and a DVD-Drive. I'm totally happy with both of those things (freakin cords on mice and freakin inability to burn DVDs suck), but I couldn't really get excited about em. Yknow what I'm sayin? Ya catchin' my drift? Yeah YOU know... I actually had a few games on my wishlist, along with a skateboard (that got rejected by my parents) and some artsy fartsy stuff, but I thought I'd go with some necessities. If I didn't get those two, actually, I might've gotten Guitar Hero World Tour!! I could've partied by myself EVERY day. And those last few sentence probably just fell into the TFS/TMI/TFSTMI bins.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS! Sorry I didn't get you anything. Actually I DID, but my dog ate it. (I got you some dog food.)


This is a video my group and I made for Contemporary Media. I'd name my group, but... well there are credits at the end, so just look at those you lazy butt.

All That Glitters


I got a new blog!

No one: "YAY!!!"

It's called Drawn To Scrawl. Yes, that has about five double meanings.

Have you seen those things where people post something everyday for a long time? Well hidy ho neighbor, IMMA DO THAT TOO! Like it says on the site, I'll draw a random creature on a 3x3 inch piece of paper and just post it there everyday. Lots of people have done stuff like this before, so why not I join them wagons!? This'll also help my habits if I make my future webcomic MMM...

So go visit my sister site.





I went to a Christmas party with my relatives, and I met this REALLY weird guy there. He is an 18 year old senior in high school, around the same age as me, and I knew he was a bit funky when he first came in. Yes, I'm a judger, so you beware. Patrick (that's his name) had that fobby bright orangey yellow hair and he talked in quick mumbles. He presented that kinda awkward where he would say something, and you would have NO IDEA what just came out of his mouth, so then you'd just chuckle it off. And... I was chuckling all night. Here's one of our convos that I actually understood. (not fake this time)

Patrick: Hey, so what are you interested in?

Kevin: Oh, um... well I like ART... and videogames.

P: Oh.

K: Well yeah, I don't have time to play videogames as much anymore because I'm busy and stuff...

P: -mumble something-

K: ...What are you interested in?

P: I like drawing, Manga, yknow comics...

K: Oh cool (hey I might have stuff in common with this guy!)

P: ...COSPLAY!.. haha


K: Haha, I don't... uh... haha!..


K: (turns around to get food)

So yeah, every time I saw him I started laughing. He's one of those guys who don't notice you're sorta laughing at him. I'M SORRY but you, Patrick, are really silly. BTW, how the heck am I related to you?

And on that note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love you cuz you read my Kanga.

from keviokevio.

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days until Knishmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you "Be of good cheer!", it's the happiest season of all with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings when friends come to call.

I think Christmas is awesome. It's like a SUPER EVENT where the entire WORLD participates! It's like the super bowl. Except instead of football, it's Christmas. How awesome is that?! Everyone gets all gay, Christmas music fills the air, and we all get this sorta feeling in our bodies that's like "hey. It's Christmas time. cool".

Yay holidays! Okay I forgot where I was going with this. Oh well TIME FOR RECAP!!

Friday -
My favorite part of the school day before Christmas is seeing all them presents. Everyone has BAGS of lil&big goodies, and I see those gifts floaring around the halls during the day, being traded faster than Benadict Arnold! Wait that's the not the right word. Nevermind. But yeah, happy people make me happy.

The rest of the day was so choice. (That's 80's lingo for you youngsters.) I ate at Five Guys with 4 other guys, partied with Jane at town cenna, then visited Vero. That's like FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND leap frog sort-of-a-day. That's like if my day were a pinball machine, I would've hit every single bumper on the way down to the bumpers. That's like, well, you GET IT... I had a great day.


Shame on you if you failed to give me one. SHAME...

Saturday -
Nothing happened today. YAY!

Sunday -
Civics meeting and the end.

Monday -
FIRST DAY OF TRACK & FIELD!! I don't remember the rain freezing my head last week. Thanks for coming out if you did! Shame on you if you didn't. SHAME...

Later... gaming party / secret Santa gift exchange! THANKS FOR THE GAMES CRAIG. Shame on you if you aren't Craig. SHAME...

Actually... I don't really feel like posting on my Kanga right now. So instead of writing more about the magic of Christmas, here is a video of no relevance. This was actually filmed around the end of last school year.

Chua Spars (with?) Kenny/Craig


It's the happiest season of all.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"That was amazing."

Random school stuff...

Paul wanted me to upload this.

Just a heads up, I have a few old videos that I'll be uploading and putting on my Kanga. And, yeah, they're about as entertaining as this one. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Raining; It's Pouring

Rain is awesome.

But before I talk about today, how bout we appetize this past weekend first.

I've never been so busy for two days EVER!! I was so busy that that last sentence was about as grammatically correct as a "Mr. Jeans" question. 'EY OH! But seriously, those questions can be hard to read sometimes. Anyway, usually I have some downtime between meals to twiddle my thumbs, chop some suey, not go on Facebook, and shoot the breeze with the mailman, but NO! Not this past Saturday and Sunday!

8:00am - 12:00am = Work on XC slideshow
12:00pm - 1:00pm = Pick up and eat lunch
1:00pm - 3:00pm = HARDCORE ART!
3:00pm - 7:30pm = Work on XC slideshow
7:30pm - 11:00pm = Contemp Media filming

11:00pm - 9am = Sleep

9am - 11:30am = HARDCORE ART!
11:30am - 4:00pm = Work on XC slideshow
4:00 pm = Slideshow get deleted
4:00pm - 6:00pm = Remake slideshow...
6:00pm - 11:pm = XC Banquet!

I was as busy as a butt that belonged to a person who just drank a bottle of laxatives.

SPEAKING of XC Banquet

Good times! (Literally..!)

XC is quite possibly the best sport at Whitney. Wait, substitute that "quite possibly" with a "definitely"!!! But DUDE I didn't get to say sooooo much in my speech! Cross Country is a permanent part of me (or as I said in my speech, I'm like a tree and it's a "stick in me" [which I now realize is a little sexual]), and I have so much to thank for it, I have so much love and passion for it... but I couldn't really describe it. Random phrases just pop up here and there, but never at moments when I can actually write stuff down! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!

How 'bout this.

Every time I think of something cool to say about XC, I'll blog about it! Very good, then!

More banquetitous stuff, THANK YOU JUNIORS the night was very nice, even though there was always lots of noise in the background that repeatedly killed the tension. And thanks for the AWESOME gifts! Yeah, I already have the BATMAN DVD, but I'll just keep this one because it comes with an awesome Harvey Dent coin.

fuhREAKIN'... Lihan. When people were giving their speeches, I kept looking down at Lihan who had a layer of tears covering his eyes with a face like a pouting like a dog. I almost cried because of him. Control your brother, Eaning!

Later that night (I'm not sure if I'm telling a story or just talking to XC people...), Vero and I played our supplemental XC slideshow that we made in two hours since our other one got deleted. See, we roll with the punches.

Oh, and then I asked Veronica to formal. HAH! Here's how it went down:

Vero: Oh I wonder when Kevin is gonna ask me to formal.

Kevin: Uh... Veronica I'm right here.

V: Oh! I did not see you!

K: It's cool, sometimes I'm a ninja. I'll just pretend I didn't hear you.

V: Okay. I'll just pretend like I didn't say anything.

(5 minutes later)

K: Hey Veronica! Guess what I ate for dinner!

V: I think we all at the same food here...

K: 3 loafs of distractions and one ton of WILL YOU GO TO FORMAL WITH ME!?


K: I know, right?! LOLZZ!

V: Of course I will lol!

K: Aite that's what I thought.

Just kidding it went nothing like that. What really happened was that I played a video after slideshow, yada yada yada, I got a date and have to pay EIGHTY-FIVE MORE DOLLARS TO GO DANCE. Who knew girls were so expensive. :)

But enough with colon and parenthesis smileys. (Smileies?) Time to talk about the awesome part! The TODAY part!

So there I was meandering through campus after school like always, when suddenly Jane parachuted from the sky (or I just saw her) and she asked me if I wanted to go on a run! Now polar bear in mind that it was raining outside, on the edge of pouring.

On one hand, "why would I run in the rain..?"

On the other candy-holdin' hand, "why WOULDN'T I run in the rain?!"

I went for the candy and ran. I ran a mile with Jane and Jessie in the pouring rain. And lemme tell ya, it felt SO GOOD! It felt so delicious that I was tempted to spell "good" like "gewd" just now, but then that would be really gross, so I didn't.

For every step I took on the run, there were a bunch of tiny kisses falling from the sky onto my cheeks.

Then we saw some soccer balls and played soccer. We didn't care that it was still raining, that our socks were soaked, that puddles and mud were everywhere, or that the temperature neared 60. We just wanted to play. Even though I lost (2-3), we ALL came out as winners because we had a wonderful time with awesome friends! AAWWWW... but not really cuz they beat me by one point.

Once exhausted, we sought to inform the public of our adventure with a parade through the halls in our drenched-with-rain clothing.

Playing in the rain? That's about as good as it gets. It's times like these that make me think about the meaning of life. (I thought about this on the freezing car ride home.) I think part of the meaning of life is to do just that - to live. Sometimes you just gotta do something completely spontaneous, crazy, and fun to really answer that void in you with a "this is why I'm here. To have these kinds of moments".

Today was awesome.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Suck It

Did that fool you? My post title? Was it tricky? Did you expect an emotional filled post about how my life is spiraling down to the ground like a guy who fell out of an airplane and is now spiraling down to the ground? Am I a tricky tricky man?

Then huHAH! I am so sly! No this post is about how I donated blood yesterday! First time ever! Saving lives is the second perk of being 17. The first one is the ability to watch rated-R movies, which I fail to exercise as I desire to watch Bolt in 3-D!

So yeah, gave blood! I woke up that morning and didn't think I would be losing 1 pint of my life that day. Well I mean I signed up last week, but I totally forgot and was gonna cancel, but turns out, I could get loads of free stuff for donating! WHO'DA THUNK! So I donated.

If you're unaware of the process, here's what happens when you donate blood.

How You Donate Blood

1. Arrive at the location and read this booklet thing
2. Return the booklet and wait.
3. Scoot over one seat. Wait.
4. Scoot some more. Wait.
6. Someone calls you into a room and asks you lots of personal questions. What people don't know is that these questions are a test of your knowledge! For example, if they ask you "What is your name?", make sure you give your full name, including secondary middle name, along with the amount of letters in your name, a spelling of your name backwards, and how your blood will showcase your dreams and aspirations.
7. You'll know if you pass when they prick your finger for some blood. They do this to test your manliness, so I discourage wincing or tears.
8. You take an electronic test that asks you about AIDS and whatnot. Make sure you answer "No" to everything. Who cares if you have malaria, a baby in your stomach, and hepatitis A, B, and C!? YOU NEED TO SAVE LIVES IN AFRICA!! Lie for the dying.
9. Once you're done, you head on over to the actual place where you give blood.
10. Go up to the lady and ask where to go. She'll tell you to go to a bed. Look around and ask "That one?" as you point to a bed. Wait for her to say "Yes", and when she does, go to that bed and lay down.
11. Do not remain calm. Be sure you're very agitated and nervous. That way, the blood will pump faster in your system and you'll be able to donate faster and more efficiently. DO NOT QUESTION SCIENCE.
12. A lady will come and prepare your arm for needle injection to suck out the blood. Do not think about bats.
13. Distract yourself with someone, and when you least expect it, BOOM you'll be stabbed and the blood sucking begins.
14. You must squeeze a stress ball every 5 seconds to keep the blood flowing. OR, what they don't tell you is that you can just squeeze the part of your arm near the needle, or pump your chest where your heart is. Those two methods work better than silly ball squeezing.
15. SQUEEZES/BEATS MUST BE EXACTLY 5 SECONDS APART! Counting with Alligators, Crocodiles, One-thousands, or Mississippis may help.
16. When you're done, don't wait or else the bag of your blood will explode onto your crotch (and that's embarrassing). Get up immediately and look around for a helper. If no one is there, I suggest you start running in circles to get attention.
17. The lady will come back and take out the needle.
18. She'll put a cotton thing on the point of entry and tell you to apply pressure. However, it's perfectly fine to start punching you arm, for your brute strength will repress any bleeding and retreat the blood back into your veins.
19. Your arm will get wrapped in some kinda of wrapping thing. The directions say to leave it on for at least 5 hours, but remember, directions are for wussies.
20. When the lady is done helping you, be sure to give her a kiss on the cheek. Why? Because the lips are too forward and you are not ready for that step in your relationship. Also, kisses are not necessary if your helper is (A) a man, (B) a monkey, (C) a figment of your imagination, or (D) an ugly lady.
21. Go to the recovery table and eat like you've been starving for decades (but don't eat like you're dead because then you wouldn't).
23. Be sure to ask for a free shirt. If they run out of your size, just say "extra large is okay", sigh, and then give them a dirty look.
24. If you "faint", don't be fooled! That is not a faint, but a mere involuntary rest of the body. Don't try to fight it, don't try to get help, just embrace it and take a nice nap. You deserve it. You saved 50 freakin' Africans.

The End.

I'm just kidding about #20. Ugly ladies deserve kisses too.

What an experience! I dunno if I'll ever do that again, for I dunno when I'll have such a convenient opportunity. It feels good to donate blood and save some lives. You know what also feels good? A free T-shirt.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wait a memento...

It totally copied me after I copied it.

Have you ever seen Memento? I just started watching it in Contemporary Media, it's a movie about a guy who... well something about his memory... but yeah, the movie pretty much plays backwards. It starts with the end and slowly reveals the story in the opposite direction.

And that's exactly what I was going to do.

I was gonna write a story that started with the end, and then work my way backwards! It was gonna be a blog! SEE! I EVEN STARTED!:

I started in October... and then stopped cuz I had no idea how to approach this thing. I got the idea from the fact that as you post entries on a blog, it stacks up chronologically even though you write it inverse-chronologically... But now that I saw that Memento did this story setup first... I DUNNO! I no longer feel clever and or creative, even though I had no idea that my idea and the movie were similar!

Now I gotta think of something else that's as cool. THANKS A LOT, GOOD MOVIE!

Sunday, November 30, 2008



My new favorite number is 123.

It used to be 7. Funny story, 7 was my favorite number in 1st grade because that was my age at the time. My friend's favorite number was also 7. When I turned 8, I thought "hm... maybe my favorite number should be 8 now!". I asked my friend, again, what his favorite number was, but he said it was still 7. That's when I found out your favorite number usually isn't your age.

But now my favorite is 123! I see it everywhere! It's like it was calling me! Like "hey Kevin! I'm your favorite!"! And I answered back "Okay, 123! Suck it, 7!"!

For the record, my favorite color is still green. Yes, I needed a blog to establish all of this.

(Coincidentally, the cover of Flash comic #123 was a great story that I actually read! I'll tell you about it if you want. In any case, AWESOME-SAUCE!)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Into submission!

11:15pm Today.

Spoiler alert!

This is what it looks like!

Ehh... anticlimactic. Now how do I virtually burn two essays?


Ya think Turkish people have a Turkey Day? Does Turkey even HAVE turkeys?!

One of the many unsolved mysteries of life.

But HEY guys. Happy THANKSGIVIN'. And that's about all I have to say today. If you can't think of something to be thankful for, be glad you have your eyes to read my Kanga. Be glad you have lungs to breathe. Be glad you can count up to 100. Be glad you have all you hair. Be glad you are not dying. Be glad you still have the opportunity to live. That would be something to be thankful for.

But enough my if this macaroni-and-cheesey-balogna-yay-living-talk. Why not a picture! My Kanga so needs WAY more pictures.

"OIIII!.. stupid chickens."

Oh I get it now! That's the sound turkeys make, and that's what you DO today! I GET IT!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uh wow wow?

Last Thursday was... the contemporary media film festival! YAR! GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Especially for the winners. Cuz they won.

For some reason, I didn't think I would get nervous, but I did! Go figure. Luckily I think our video did well, you Whitney people laugh at anything.

I'll upload our contemp video later. But what I can upload NOW is my PTA REFLECTIONS THINGUVA CONTEST! The theme was "wow!".

What is "wow"?

Made it with Adobe Flash CS4 (thanks Caroline!) in 12ish hours.

I feel kinda lame, though, cuz I was watching other submissions on YouTube and they're sorta similar. Oh well! MINE IS THE ONLY HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION so uh.

Sad story time!
I was walking to school from the parking lot in the morning today when I saw a kid getting out of his car. The fairly big guy, maybe a couple inches taller than me, stepped out wearing a backpack and a blank face (Edward status). His father was in the driver seat of the car and, in an asian coated accent, said to him "Have a great day, Charlie!!". Charlie's face stayed blank. He didn't even turn around, no acknowledgment, he just closed the door shut and walked away.

That made me quite sad; his father just hoped he had not a good day, but a GREAT day, and his son TOTALLY ignored him! I just hope you're not that kind of child. You jerk.

Happy story time!
Today Darren gave me an Altoid. I haven't seen Altoids in TWO YEARS, when my sister used to drive me to school! Remember?? We would always eat one in the car, like a ritual of some sort; she would hold her hand out cuz she was busy driving, and I knew what it meant and placed an Altoid in her palm. It reminded me of nice times and made me so happy! It's the small things in life that you make you happy, yknow? Not like small puppies, not that kinda small... actually, yeah, small puppies would make me happy, but you know what i mean.

Alright Kevin. Time to finish up your UC apps. After this, you can get fat with turkeys.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cannot shall not!

Yknow who's a spoiled brat? Cannot. The word "cannot".

Why do we allow "can" and "not" to combine for no reason at all, but refuse to let any other set of words join like that? This is unjust, I say! Unconstitutional too, maybe! Just look at the word. Cannot. I bet you cannot look at the word, it's so repulsive. Is the compound supposed to abbreviate it?? That's another thing! "Can" and "not" already abbreviates into "can't". Why the heck do we have a "cannot"?! It doesn't even abbreviate anything! In any case, it makes the word harder to read because it looks a lot like "carrot". Taking away the space from in between two words like THAT just doesn't work. Since we're at it, why don't we just combine "will" and "not"? "Willnot"? Oh wait, we don't NEED to because "will not" ALREADY abbreviates to "won't"! TAKE. NOTES. CANNOT.

(Note: I'm not really bothered at using "cannot", though. I'm just sayin', is all.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Burning Ring of Fire

Today was CIF Prelims for cross country! The good ol' varsity ran their three miles at Mt. Sac, and BORAH MADE IT TO CIF FINALS!! YAY! Speaking of Borah, we saw Big Borah at the meet.

Good job to everyone else who ran!

But that's not the real story. That was just a slightly bland distracting introduction. The real story begins... ON THE BUS RIDE HOME! Dun. Dun. Dun! Yknow how there are a bunch of wildfires every year in southern California? Well, our bus was on the freeway and drove right through one! Like the video says, it was like driving through hell.

What the video does not convey:
Smelly ashy air

My world is currently in sepia.

There really must be a better solution to stop these fires other than waiting to douse them with helicopters until they actually HAPPEN. Kevin's solution? Large scale sprinkler system. Oh that may sound like a joke, but it is TOTALLY do-able. Just transfer a bunch of ocean water to the sprinklers, BAM no fires. Plus, we could even have nice grassy hills instead of dry dead stuff. Dear Ahnold and Obama... think about it...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OH MAN I'M SHOTGUNNING THESE KANGA POSTS! Sorry about all these entries in a row.


Today I got a FAN! I think her name was Sophia Sharon... and I had to get my picture taken because I'm gonna be featured in an Aspects article, and Sharon was with the girl who was gonna take my picture (Meliza). In the picture, I had to be drawing my comic (because the article is for Comiclub), so I whipped out my Ghost comic. Sophia read it and she thought it was quite funny!

Sharon: "Haha... hahahaha! This is like the funniest comic in the world! Who drew this?"

Kevin: "I did..."

S: "Wow, did you like, use a ruler or something?"

K: "...No..."

S: "It's so good! I'm like your fan now!.."

K: "!!!"

S: "Are you gonna be a comic book artist when you grow up?"

K: "...maybe..! LAAAWWLLLZZZ!!"

I'm really not exaggerating on the conversation. Okay maybe I didn't say "LAWLZ", but that's pretty much how it went! Sure, she probably doesn't even remember who the heck I am right now... but she's still my fan! I GOT A FAN!


But not really. Don't take her.

Something's bad.

That was a short lived good feeling!

Well actually I'm not feeling too bad. I just got lectured by my parents for pretty much not being on top of things (that's what they implied! [that was a reference to the last post, not me being pissed]), even though I totally finished my personal statements last month, which I felt pretty awesome about! I also planned a bunch of Comiclub stuff, finished my UC apps (other than touching up my essays), and ALMOST got a 4.0 (ABAAA!! [oh whoa I'm only taking 5 classes?!]). And then my parents go on to lecture me about how I often times don't manage my time well because my civics group decided to work on our project at 10:00pm tomorrow. Yeah, that's really late to be working on homework (EHM, GROUP...), but I'm fine with it. Oh Kevin rolls with the punches.

And what my parents do when we argue is that every time I get some kind of reasoning in for my side, they point out another mistake that I made starting with "well the point is..." or "Kevin, you're not getting it..." or something else that changes the subject. I'm not saying that they're being dumb for doing it, it's really wise on their part, but... I'd rather have them not. In the end, our arguments usually start with me thinking "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND", then at the end it's like "we don't understand... we don't understand..". I have to remember that.

But honestly, don't pay too much attention to me. This was totally a one sided account.

Something's good.

I don't know why, but today I was driving home from school and thought... "Huh. My life is pretty great right now."

It could be because I didn't have any homework and I was going home to learn some Actionscript like a bonafide nerd, but still, that isn't reason enough to contemplate the awesomeness of my life! (BTW, sorry if I'm coming off jerky if I talk about how happy I am? People sometimes get pissed when other people are enjoying themselves, so if you're one of those people... I'm sorry... and stop it.)

I'm thinking part of my happiness is the result of me being a lot more on top of things this year (that's what I said!). I've been trying really hard to DO stuff when I'm SUPPOSED to do stuff. Ysee, this used to be one of my philosophies:

"As long as I'm doing as good as the guy next to me, I should be okay."

Sadly, this does not apply to most things. Cross Country races? Homework? Growth? Hot dog eating contests? No. What if the guy next to me failed at EVERYTHING? I'd be a slow, dumb, and short kid who can only down half a weiner a minute. That would suck. Especially since I want to be an artist when I'm older! My new philosophy is now:

"As long as I'm one step ahead of the guy next to me, it lowers my chances of getting totally owned in the shins."

Getting owned in the shins is the worst.

So this school year I've been trying to follow that, and for the most part, it's been working. I don't know if this was the real cause of my satisfaction but... whatever! Might's well post about it before the feeling goes away!

Sidenote: WHOA how often do I write a post dedicated to my emotions? About as often as the consumption of cheap food at an amusement park, I'd say!! I read other people's blogs and most of them have so much stuff about how they feel, and I guess it's good to vent. But for me, my Kanga is more of a place for... random entertainment tantamount to a scoop of delicious ink blots in the form of a strawberry filled funnel cake...

Go ahead and quote me on that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11 11:11:11


It's the moment of the year where a bunch of lines can tell you exactly when you are!

"When is it?"
"Oh, it's ||||||||"
"That time of the year again, eh?"


Monday, November 10, 2008


What I did last Friday:

8:00 - Last Comp: English - I wrote about the wrong prompt, yet my score was still decent...
10:30 - Ate at South/Gridley with Craig, Marina, Paul, and Crazy Driver Hannah.
11:30 - Went back to school.
11:45 - Ate at ce'fiore with Paul and Knows-No-Death Driver Hannah. What the heck are mochis and why are they so delicious.
12:30 - Went back to school.
1:15 - Went to Downtown Disney to watch a movie with Darren, Taylor, Craig, Cindy Lu.
1:50 - Watched Role Models, which was an actually FUNNY comedy! Those are hard to come by nowadays. Verdict: 8.0/10
2:30 - Walked around and saw House of "Bloo"s for the FIRST TIME EVER!
3:29 - Did not see Hobo Mickey Mouse at Downtown Disney.
3:30 - Went back to school.
4:30 - Singstar at Kenny's house with Kenny, Darren, Craig, Karthik, Cindy, Kimberly, Kristina.
8:00 - Went home.

What I did today:

1st Period - Got to school, parked in the wrong parking space (sorry, #51).
2nd Period - Nothing
3rd Period - Group project start... C'MON GUYS, FINGER PUPPETS!
4th Period - Nothing
5th Period - Nothing
6th Period - Nothing
7th Period - Nothing
After school - Work
6:00 - Home.

Mmm... Life tends to fluctuate entertainment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Three

Anxiety. Tension. Happiness. Fear. Excitement. I huddled behind the starting line, these emotions running through my head, and I knew I was ready; I was gonna run 3 miles at League Finals, my very last cross country race. Get ready for dramatic Kanga post.

I was surrounded by Whitney gold jerseys to the right and Sage green jerseys to the left. This was one of the first times when I was actually EXCITED to start a race. Usually I'm yankin my brain out in anticipation, but that day I knew it was my last race. It's like I was running into my last battle, armed with a Desert Eagle and a Holy Hand Grenade, knowing that I'd kill some Nazis and come home alive to feed my wife and two-year-old baby. YEAH! Well actually it wasn't like that at all.

"On your marks..."

We stepped up to the line.

"Get set..."

We held our breath.


I farted.

HAHA just kidding. I didn't fart. We all sped out of there like a herd of African Americans running to the polls to vote for Obama. Oh and you know that would be fast. 'EY OH!

The first mile went the same as it did the last 4 years. I wasn't as fast as I should've been, since I got some sort of puss sucked out of my foot and didn't run for a couple weeks, but I still stayed pretty close to the front. I was really happy to see the gold jerseys running in front of me, Paul, Alvin, Will, Charles. REPRESENT.

After charging up the hill and rolling down it (I LITERALLY TRIPPED AND ROLLED DOWN THE HILL! Just kidding. Could you imagine, though?!), I reached the one mile mark. Before the race, Cindy said I was gonna cry while I ran because it was my last race. And yknow what... well I didn't cry, but I got all emotional! My head said to me "This is the last time you'll run with this team... EVER...", and I swear, for a those few seconds, my heart turned into of Jell-O. I melted inside. I felt it. I was running to the end, my inevitable finish line.

...And then I sucked it up and took it like a man! I punched a tiny squirrel to deny my feelings!! Just kidding again. But seriously, enough with the emotions, I sucked it up and continued with my race.

I could feel my body slowly weakening. It hadn't run 3 miles in a row for too long now. We ran and curved out of the wooded part of the course, making our way to the long stretch near the camps. That's when I started pacing with a guy. I eventually found out this Sage guy was named Sky (who looked nothing like the sky, I dunno what his parents were thinking), and I decided to draft off of him on this long straight away. Yes, draft like in Mario Kart.

I stayed behind Sky until we started to come up to the people cheering. Then I saw my team! YAR! I love it when I'm cheered for. I feel worth.

I saw Cindy ready to take a picture. "Aw snap, I need an awesome picture" I thought, and sped past Sky for a little running pose with him. HEHEHE. Now that I think about it, I should've done something cooler instead of just speed past him. OH I should've totally pants him. He would've been all "Oh no! You can see my boxers!", and I would've been all "Thas right! You nekkid!", and it would've been totally funny because he would have red hearts all over his underwear. That would've been totally cool.

Anyway, after the stretch I backed down a bit and drafted a little more. I started my last mile and realized... MY FOOT WASN'T HURTING! I felt pain a LITTLE in the first mile, but not in the second! THIS MUST'VE BEEN A BLESSING!! That just gave me more reason to kick some butt, primarily Sky's.

We reached the last hill and we both started to pick up the pace! I think Sky thought I was gonna slow down, and I thought HE was gonna slow down, and I bet someone somewhere thought we were BOTH gonna slow down! But he didn't, I didn't, and I don't know how that third person knew we were racing. I reached the top of the hill and I realized... I have to try harder. I was so confident (99.99%, in fact) that JV Guys were gonna win this race, but... would I be the deciding factor? Was I the guy that needed to score that point to win it for us? THIS ISN'T HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, thought I.

I came to the downhill and Sky was at least 20 meters ahead now. I guess I slowed down. "Alright... I don't think I'll catch him... I can try, but I dunno..". Then Coach Eric saw me.

The following are coach's words vs. my thoughts:

Coach: "Cmon Kevin! Let's go!"

Kevin: "Ah..."

C: "Cmon, you have 450 meters to go! Pick it up!"

K: "I know! I'm trying! I'll pick it up at the end of this downhill..."

C: "Kevin! You better not do this in track!"

K: "OH. HELL. NO."

I do believe that was the first I ever thought of the word "hell" instead of "heck", not counting the mocking times. I even think I mumbled the phrase out loud! Oh man I'm horribly rated G.

I now imagined my name in black letters, flaming bright red and yellow. Coach unleashed Fire Kevin. In front of me were a bunch of people I had to eat up, including Sky. "I AM GONNA CATCH ONE OF THEM, I KNOW THAT!"

I turned the sharp corner and began my sprint of the last 300 meters of the race. Sky just passed a green guy. I ran around the curve and suddenly saw half a dozen of my family members on the sideline, telling me to kick it in.

"AAHHHH SNAP" I passed the green guy in the back.

200 meters and I was sprinting my butt off. I did my job, I beat one of the green guys... BUT I STILL NEEDED BUTTS TO KICK!

150 meters I was gaining on Sky.

100 meters I decided to take him.

I wasn't planning on trying to beat him. He was too far ahead... but now, now only 5 meters separated me and him, and I had to get to the finish first. We were both pushing ourselves to the limit. 80 meters. I could hear more cheers for me and I gave it my all. 60 meters. I distrubted all of my anxiety, tension, happiness, fear, and excitement throughout my entire body. 50 meters. I could feel my joints bending, my muscles flexing, my heart thumping. 40 meters. I pushed my body over the edge and inched my way up to my rival.

Then, just as fast as I inched closer to him, I pulled ahead.

20 meters.

10 meters.

5 meters.


I ran passed the finish line into the guy in front of me, beating Sky by one second. I turned around and saw him as dead as me. I did one of those manly high five shakes, and said "Good job man.". Or at least that's what I meant to say. I think it came out as "Oh God... g'... jearb... -pant pant-". One of the most exciting races I've ever run.

Final Time: 19:48

So, after 3 pairs of shoes, 4 seasons of running, 30+ races, 70 or so different siblings, 90+ race miles, and an infinite amount of countries, I've finally made it to the finish line. You'd think I'd be sad that it's all over... but... I'm just so happy that it all happened. I really haven't talked about cross country that much on my Kanga this year, and I think I should give it more credit for being such a big part of my life. This post is just for me to make a declaration, while I still can, that I have yet to emphasize all year: I love cross country.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twoday's in a row!


I totally overslept. Not the oversleeping where you're like "oh, no, I gotta hurry up and be out the door within 10 minutes!". No no, my friend, I'm supposed to be at school by 8:00am and I woke up at 8:22am. So instead I was like "HOLY BAKEEBLER SANDWICH I'M TOTALLY LATE oh well no need to rush." I got to school at 8:50, just enough time to make it to art!

I left school at 9:45 to go to my doctor's appointment to check out my foot. Originally I thought a bone had protruded out of my foot, but the bump was just caused from Ganglion Cyst. They had to suck some sort of puss out, which is always sort of fun to say when someone asks about my foot. I was scared it was a tumor, but in the wise words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, EET EEZ NAHT A TOOMAH!

I got back to school at 11:45 (LONGEST WAIT AT A DOCTOR'S OFFICE EVER!), and at 12:00 I went to go to an XC meet! The meet was at Arcadia, which did not in fact have a castle like I imagined. And okay, I don't say this enough: I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY YAY! If cross country were a guy, I'd be gay for him. Just kidding. I'd probably be really good brother-like friends with him. However, if cross country were a pretty girl, I'd probably ask her to formal. Oh man these Kanga posts are getting creepy.

NOW, if you were keeping track, I spent a little more than one total hour at school on Thursday. WOO!


Happy Halloweenie!

THE RETURN OF IFF!! YAY STUDENT-MADE VIDEOS! I have to say that I was a BIT disappointed with how it turned out; there were too many short videos so it was all choppy and stuff. NEXT TIME, 3 videos at the max... not 5. However, I think everyone did an awesome job with all the videos and the editing and stuff; GOOD JOB! We should've had a party. With some apple juice. or wine...

Oh man, my Halloween costume wasn't that cool.


9th grade: Eyes Over Eyelids Tie Guy - pretty awesome, if not weird looking.
10th grade: glasses with ticker light things - lazy, weird, but okay
11th grade: Blind man! - I think one of my best, but sorta... "controversial"...
12th grade: Backwards Kevin

This year I basically just wore all my clothes backwards and put on a backwards tie, hat, and sunglasses. It was sort of a back up idea which I had to end up going with. Yeah, my costume this year was sorta like that really close friend who's a girl, and yeah you could take her to the dance, but you kinda hoped that you'll get someone you like even more than her. But then the girl you were planning on wooing ends up being just a figment of your imagination, so since you can't take a thought to a dance, you have to go with the original back up friend girl. That was my costume.

In the halls I saw a guy who was ALSO backwards, and he looked a lot cooler than me cuz he had a backwards mask!! So I was all "AW SNAP DID YOU GO THERE." Luckily it turned out that it was Chadwick Von Hubenstraus (I don't know his last name), and he's cool, he's an XCer.

In any case, it was seriously hard to go pee with backwards pants.

At night, FREE CHIPOTLE and then a little bit of trick or treating with Jan Jane Veronica Tony, followed by a stop at Aliang's house. Good times.

Kanga post is over! Also, Wii Fit is fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Ritual" & "The Voyage"

Team: Me, Craig

Assignment: Make two videos using one of David Morneau's one-minute songs for each video.

Time allotted: Two weeksish


The Ritual


The Voyage


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteering Callus


Suck on THAT, ACT!

Wait, was that a sexual reference? If it was... well then I take it back. I didn't mean it. Although it could be more of an infantile (infantidious?) reference, as in suck on thumb or lollipop. LOLlipop.

If you're wondering, no, I didn't get a 2400, nor a 2300, nor 2200, nor 2100, and I'm not stopping the list here so you can assume I got between a 2000 and a 2100. But for my standards, I did AWESOMELY! I did 100 points better on the math section than last time! YEAH!

And so ends my high school testing! (Not counting the tests I actually take at my school. I still have lots of those.)

But SAT scores are not what this post is about. Okay, well that's what the beginning was about, but I'm here to talk to YOU lovely folks about VOLUNTEERING! Because today was the first time I've ever volunteered.

Yup, this morning was the first time I was able to put an actual number where it says "Volunteer Hours" on a hypothetical sheet of paper! I helped set up the Fall Festival for silly Comiclub volunteer hours, which is required for every club now. GO MAKE CAPE!

I haven't volunteered a lot in my life because of two reasons: A) There are other people whose nature is to volunteer, save our ecosystem, and combat all that is cancer! B) People volunteer for college.

I am not an A person. I know that there are a bunch of people out there who would eat cardboard to save the cancerous antelope of the Sahara, but I don't belong in that category (cardboard is gross). It's not like I don't like helping people who, like, like to have help. Today, I actually enjoyed setting up chairs, rolling out tarp, and painting gigantic signs because it makes me feel good knowing that my effort would be subconsciously appreciated. (Not meant to sound sarcastic.) But... yknow, I'd rather not. There are many other activities I can do that I find much more fun, and if help is only "suggested", then I can do other things like post in my Kanga about volunteering while letting other REAL volunteers do their stuff. Selfish? Maybe. Logical? Yeah.

I am not a B person. Kissing up grinds my gears. (Whoa that sentence was just all idiom.) I don't want to PRETEND to be an awesome volunteerish person, when I am obviously not. People often want 20-odd hours of volunteering, just so they can brag about it on their resume. And yet, I was conflicted like mustard: should I not volunteer because it's stupid to volunteer just for college? or SHOULD I volunteer, because that's the "game of college" and they already expect volunteering for kissing up? As you can see I've kinda been saying yes to the former question... but all in all in alls, my college shouldn't choose me because I do work for free, but for other reasons such as being well versed in many academic subjects, or being just awesomely awesome.


Also, I volunteered the wrong hours. I think I was scheduled for 6:30pm, but I went at 6:30AM... so I got to school and no one was there. I wandered around until I found custodian Dave who gave me some volunteer stuff to do.

GARSH I woke up early for nothing!! OR DID I?! This time, no, no I didn't. Dave was glad I came to help out early, and Hager acknowledged my hard-workiness. BAM two thumbs up right there! Unless they EACH mentally gave me two thumbs, and in that case, BAM BAM four thumbs up! I was proud of myself for being overly punctual, and other people were appreciative of my work.

See, being idiotic can sometimes pay off! (But not literally pay off. This volunteering stuff doesn't pay off.)

Later today I might watch the magic show at the festival. And yknow, if the magician guy asks for any volunteers... well... like hell I'm raising my hand; I'm done for the day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video maAANiaa!

Big day for Kevin Lam! Today, not one, but THREEish of my videos played in front of an audience!

The first one was a Comiclub Cape-Making Activity video:

Yeah, that's my voice. This is what you get for 5 hours of my Friday night!!

Yay for fun advertisement.

My second video called "The Ritutal" and my third called "The Voyage", played today at the contemporary media mini film festival today! 'Twas a joint effort between me and Craig The-guy-with-a-mowhawk-so-cool-that-7th-graders-always-have-to-stop-and-either-A-compliment-him-,-or-B-touch-his-hair Machado, although Craig was more ritual, and I was more voyage. I hope we're in the Top 10! Good job everyone else! Alright for positiveness!

And I totally finished my SSR's at 11:00pm today. I'll accept high-fives with willing participants.

Monday, October 20, 2008



I am conflicted.

Today I drew this picture in math class:

It's a picture of our math teacher. Not gonna say any names, so let's just call her "Ms. Skinny". The reason I drew this is because pretty much everyday, she wears the SAME yellow sweatshirt to class, and we students think it's kinda funny. A friend of mine commented that it's mustard yellow, so BAM! Picture idea!

But here's my confliction: Is this mean?

It COULD be mean, because I could be making fun of how she has a mustard-yellow sweatshirt and that she once colored it with actual mustard. And since we often say something about the sweater, there's a small guilty feeling whenever we discuss it.

However, it could NOT be mean because... well it's just not mean. It's a picture of her putting mustard on her shirt to make it a certain color. That's all. Oh das all. If someone did see it as mean, isn't this just a satire? Why is it okay that we laugh at SNL's mocking imitations of Sarah Palin, but not okay that I draw an imitation of my math teacher? Hm? WHAT SAY YOU?!

But yeah. This drawing got me a-thinking.

Ms. Skinny, if you ever see this... I'm sorry if it offends you. I can burn it up if you want. But if it doesn't offend you, pardon me while I say... HAHAHA.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh baby baby

I just saw a couple minutes of Shoot 'em Up on TV, and it looks dan diggidy awesome! That British guy finished jumping through a window while carrying a baby.

SPEAKING of infants

Coach (as in XC [as in cross country] coach) has been bringing his one year old daughter to practice. She's cute with the E. And she's not cut from the team. But when I picked her up as she was crawling away on Friday, I realized that not only are babies incredibly light (I'd say an average juggler could juggle three of them), but they're also very similar to bugs! For shame if you think of that as a bad thing, you specist! (Specist - racist toward species)

What I mean is... well have you ever kinda put a leaf in front of bug? They just kinda accept, climb on, and go with the flow. That's like babies. Sophia (that's the baby's name) was crawling toward her dad, so I just picked her up and walked her over there. It's not like she could've resisted and said"yo you put me down, foo, i was WALKIN' to my paps!", since she's both a baby and white. She accepts it and goes with the flow! Like bugs, babies are small, carefree, unaware, and stepped on a lot.

...and this is the kind of post you get when I have free time. DEAL.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Flattered Like Pancakes

(post written last week)

Hey guys! If you didn't know already... I got voted "Most Original" in my ENTIRE class high school class of seniors! Or "Most Likely to be Original"? I dunno how that works.

SO! In celebration of me being officially O.G., I have prepared my acceptance speech:

Kevin walks up to the podium, the song "Good Vibrations" plays as background music.
Receive award from Halle Barry, music fades out.

"Thank you! Thank you! Wow... I... haha wow, I really just can't believe this... haha, ooo, this is pretty heavy, haha. So I just wanted to thank everybody who voted for me! Oh garsh. I dunno where to start... um... I'd like to thank my family, they supported me all the way until I wanted to major in animation. Then they stopped for a few weeks. Then they supported me again! I want to thank all the little people, I learned to do that from my mom. That means YOU, Smurfs! (Smurfs shown blushing red [more purply actually]) I'd like to also thank all the big people, for they are often neglected and receivers of "How's the weather up there?" questions. I want to thank my agent who has provided me with original ideas, Manny Fenderson. I wanna thank my friends, they're all so awesome! Well. The ones who voted for me anyway. And most importantly (tears begin), I wanna thank my nana popo granmana, who... who's always been there for me... (kiss to the ceiling). She was the first one to tell me "You can do it, Kevin. You can be original." She always believed in me, even during the year of '98 with my DUI... this is for you, nana popo granmana! THIS IS FOR YOU!!"

Music, Kevin turns and plants a wet one on the unsuspecting Halle Barry.
Exit, Stage Left
Act follows with Josh Groban singing Soulja Boy

Yeah. That's how it would be.

Okay, actually... I bet half of you didn't even vote for me. OKAY ACTUALLY, I bet no one even voted for "most original guy", and if they did, they voted for Anti-Kevin. Luckily the ballots were sent to Florida, so I somehow became the winner! YAY FLORIDA AND POLITICAL JOKES! Second one in Kanga history!

But if you were looking for justification as to why I deserve the "Most Original" award, I am here to defend my case! Defend it like lawyer with a briefcase! Something like that!


Exhibit A: My Kanga

A website where I can jot down my daily thoughts? NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. I am the pioneer in online journals and or diaries; America is to landing on the moon as Kevin is to writing a new post. Except I land on the moon almost once a week. BEAT THAT, AMERICA!!! You say Xanga was here first and I just named my Kanga after the Xanga? Well I have a question for you. Does "Xanga" have a "K"?? NO case and point.

Exhibit B: My asianess

Being asian is hard to come by at our school. Everyday I am overwhelmed by white people, from Will Stabile, all the way down to Taylor Tso (YOU ARE VERY WELCOME). Even when you think someone's sorta asian, BAM, they're only one-eighteenth. Fact, every teacher at school is either Scottish or African American.

Exhibit C: I run

People play soccer, baseball, badminton, or maybe even Socballminton! But I run. Honestly, how many of you can say that you have EVER ran in your life time. I'll make it easy and answer the question for you: "Never, Kevin!" That's right! Not only do I run during Cross Country, but I also run during Track. Not to brag or anything, but running is something I sorta made up on my own. One time I was walking and I was all like "Hey... what if... I walked faster?" BOOM running. Go ahead and Wiki that origin story. And if it doesn't match mine, well, then you know Wikipedia can't be trusted.

Exhibit D: I am Adam

Alright, it's time to tell you guys the truth. I... am Adam. As in "Adam and Eve". (Man, it's kinda annoying always being paired with "Eve". We had a THING back in the cave, THAT WAS IT. I think she's married now, living in Boston.) Now this whole "Kevin Lam is really Adam Lam?!" reveal might be a bit of a schocker, but you'll get used to it, along with the fact that I am a few trillion years old. PLUS, not only am I Adam, the original human, I am ALSO Adam West! The original Batman!! That's right Christian Bale, eat your heart out.

As you can see I'm a running asian who's older than your grandparents and able to use a computer. My "Most Original" award is now rightly justified. Oh and if it's any consolation, I really wanted the "title" (and that's the truth).

On first thought, I really don't think there were enough awards. So many people in our class deserve SOME kind of recognition, and it's no fair how our "Worst Drivers" are acknowledged while other amazing people are not. (No offense.)

Here are other categories that should've been on the "Most LiKelies" list.

Most Likely to grow a mustache
Most Likely to get caught in a crossfire between rival gangs
Most Likely to win the lottery
Most Likely to spend time (in jail)
Most Likely to spontaneously combust
Most Likely to finish reading an entire Kanga post
Most Likely to carry out a grudge
Most Likely to feed the homeless
Most Likely to eat the homeless
Most Likely to poop a bubble
Most Likely to visit their grandparent's house
Most Likely to swim up stream
Most Likely to compete on American Idol
Most Likely to lose the switch in the couch
Most Likely to come home from work one day and decide that the world is totally failing him/her and that the only solution is a bullet through the head until a miracle of sorts shows him/her a brand new way of looking at life, convincing him/her that life is worth living through again.
Most Likely to die early
Most Likely to switch bodies with someone
Most Likely to predict the weather next Tuesday
Most Likely to eat cereal without milk
Most Likely to catch a fly with chopsticks

Boy that would be an interesting group of people! I could keep on going, but I think I made the list a little long. Should've stopped at pooping bubbles.


They say they're awesome. Duh.

Oh and people also chose "Most Original Girl"! I guess my brain waves work on the same level as Caroline Im!! YAY!!!

...Wait a minute.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Western Day 2008 (plus video)

I have no clever title.

Yesterday was Western Day! The annual event when our high school celebrates the time when America's left face had no rules and everyone shot each other at sundown. Wait a minute, that's how it is now! 'EY OH!!! That joke would be funnier if it were a joke.

I dunno. Just a horse.

Best Western Day in two years! Probably because it's the first one I attended in two years (MT. SAC AND ITS ALWAYS-BEING-ON-WESTERN-DAYNESS!). But still, I ate a BANGER, got arrested for being cooler than Jane, and clad myself in a bandanna / cowboy hat combo; that's just a recipe for a good day!


First general meeting this Tuesday! BE THERE OR POOP GLUE!

Friday, October 3, 2008

awws NAPS!

SCHOOL IS EATING UP MY LIFE! It's like The Cookie Monster is my life, and the cookies are periods of fun. Dude, could you imagine if The Cookie Monster and Pac-Man battled each other? HAVOC!! I mean the Monster has that insanity edge, but Pac-Man sure can deal some damage with his "waga-waga"s.

Whoever the winner, these days I'm often like "Alright, time to type this event up in my Kanga!!" But frankly my dear, I don't have a damn... amount of time!

I'll try to make this post a recap of issues worth recapping. ALSO, I'll make this easy to read.

Just a thought
I think people who speak English with really thick accents can probably speak their native language beautifully.

HS Senior year so far
2-D Advanced Art (Agrums): Same ol' same ol'. HEY right now I'm drawing Jaydee hurdling. YAY I'll sell it to him for $50. HAH just kidding. BUT not really. BECAUSE I will.

Civics (Jeans): So much homework! Does he not know the immense amount of work a senior must deal with?! IT'S IMMENSE!! He's a cool guy though. I feel like people are reluctant to like him, even though people were much more open to liking Mr. Bohannon. Is that true, or am I just fiddle foddling facts?

Snack: The senior square sure is a long distance away from the Civics room.


I'm NOT gonna make a comment about drugs.

Engrish 4 (Palmeiri): This class is sorta bland, I dunno why. If all of my classes were types of breads, this class would be very bland bread.

Lunch: THANK YOU to whoever bought those canopies for our tables. I would die if we didn't have those. No like literally, collapse onto the floor from complaints and pass out until I melt into oblivion from the hot hot heat.

Contemporary Media (Ziolkowski): FUN STUFF! Making films are so fun. Maybe if I couldn't draw for crap (or draw crap), and maybe if I didn't love animating stuff, I'd get into film... although I guess cartoons are a form of film. Sorta.

Senior Baby Pic
This title is contradicting. So I don't THINK my baby picture went through when I turned it in, but OH WELL, yearbook will be missing out on ten fold the cuteness once in print.

Senior Survey
I WANTED A PIC OF MINE TO POST HERE! But I had to turn it in.

I got a new printer/scanner
IT'S SO AWESOME! If you need anything scanned, I'M READY AND WILLING! Well, I'm ready, I'm only willing if I'm not lazy at the moment. ALSO, I got a new computer monitor! It's about... 10x thinner than my ol' fatty.

sounds like "debattle", which should be a real word. Half debate, half battle. Did you guys see the debate on Thursday with the potential VP's and stuff? I felt like it was a competition to see who was the most jerky, although Joe Biden was the only one competing. OOOOooo... okay I have nothing against him. But seriously. Mr. Biden, for a lack of better words, you are very attacky.

Also, the moderator Gwen Ifill just TOTALLY transported form the 70's.

CDs rule
because they have album art. I just got the new Anberlin CD New Surrender, and they taught me another word! "Haight", from their song "Haight Street". -Wiki-ing 5 seconds later- Alright it turns out Haight Street is a place. Haight is not a word, it's a name. But still! I learned a new place! If I'm ever in San Fran, I'll know where to go!

Other stuff
Now you (as in Elias, according to his comment) might be wondering what happened with that whole car dilemma now. Well to put it simply, uh... nothing, really. My van's bumper bent a little. It took me about a day to recover from "driving-in-reverse-phobia", and those Samoans never called us back. If anything develops, I'll be sure to Kanga it! (Unless I don't want to.)

Sos yeahs! I actually wrote most of this post last week, but I postponed this later than last week so I wouldn't disturb my previous entry. Cuz that last post, man. That was some serious doobie.

Oh and more news, IM TAKING THE SAT TOMORROW! Yes, I stopped studying just to post in my Kanga (or how Jessie could put it, my Kangs). I don't like cramming, okay? I like calming my mind before a test, oKAY?! And 'sides, I already studied for like 2.5 hours today. So break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar, OKAY?!


Time to sleep. I need to rest for some serious test taking. So goodnight goodnight, you're EMBARRASSING me...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Accidents Happen


Yknow that non-existent list of situations that can be classified as "nightmares"? Well I'm pretty sure I just encountered one. I got in a car accident. -sad face with tear-

Nokay I didn't crash into another car, I hit someone's fence with my big ol' van. It was very scary.

Story time...
Here I was... driving. It was a late at night and I had to go pick up a tripod from Brandon's house to film for contemporary media. I was going down the neighborhoodial street when I made a wrong turn. "WHOOPSIES" I said to myself, so I decided to 3 point turn my wait out of there. Then, to make a long story short, I backed up into someone's fence.

IN MY DE"FENSE", this fence was a pretty short fence, and my van is a pretty tall van. I couldn't see over through the window, so bada boom (literally -sad face with tear-) I ran into a little pillar of cement blocks. As I was backing up, I was actually waiting to feel that little dip from the street to the drive/sidewalk. BUT I DIDN'T FEEL IT! Only the thud, but by then it was too late.

Oh and get this, of ALL THE HOUSES I HIT, I hit the house with the group of large samoan people standing outside of it. After the impact, I froze for a few loooong seconds, then pulled the car forward. "DID I HIT A CAR?! AAHHH" was my first thought. I opened the door and peaked out the window. I saw no car. I was hoping nothing had happened. I was hoping I would just be like "Oh, sorry about that!". Then I'd just drive away. But I turned around 4 of the people were standing around the fence and my car.

"Sorry!.." I pitifully yelled.

-angry somoan look at me-

"What did you do? Are you drunk??" the largest one asked me.

"No, I'm not... drunk..." I answered the most undrunk way I could.

I turned my car off and walked outside. I prayed to God that the damage wasn't horrible. I got to the back and looked at my van. I saw nothing. I looked at the fence and saw nothing. I looked around and the somoans were either angry looking my car, the fence, or my face. The largest guy there kept on talking about how dumb I was and how much it'll cost him. I only spoke up to say "sorry" and "I'm really sorry", although he would counter with a "I don't care if you're sorry, you hit my fence".

"I could give you my phone number..."

"Oh we don't need THAT" replied a somoan girl.

This scared me quite a bit. WHAT DID THEY WANT?! Were they gonna have me do manual labor?! Were they gonna beat me down?! WERE THEY GONNA BLOW UP MY CAR?! -sad face with tear-

"Alright I need your info. I need your license. Do you have a license?"


"Where is your license?"

"It's in my car, I'll go get it..."

I ran and got it. I came back with respective items and started writing my name and license number down. I looked at the girl and she already held a notepad with all of my car information written down. I gave her my license and she copied down all my info.

"Are you high?"

"No, I'm not-"

"Are you faded?"

"No heh I'm not... faded."

When I said that sentence, my blank face flashed a smile. It's times like this when I hate myself for smiling. Despite the fact that I just crashed into this fence, and the fact that my mind was going crazy with emotions of distraght/fright/confusion/sadness, I just found that funny, the term "faded" and the fact that I had no idea what it meant. I hate it.

"What's your number? House or cell number??"

"My cell phone number is 310..."

"You live in Cerritos and you have 310??"

She didn't believe me. She had to get a cell phone and test the number. It worked when my phone was called, of course, so I was able to wipe a bead of sweat off my forehead. I just had a trillion other beads to deal with.

"...Who owns this house" I asked; I had to write down info for myself too of course.

"My brother" the girl responded.

"What's his name?"


I wrote down George. I was too scared to ask whether it was George or Jorge.

"What's his last name?"


After I got info on this George Poe, I asked where he was. She said "He's here, he's the big guy" she pointed her finger around. Of course, he HAD to be the BIG GUY...

I looked to the far end of the driveway and he was sitting down on a chair with his head resting on his hand. I walked up the spooky driveway (bear in mind that the only light there was the porch light, so all the faces of the other people were concealed in darkness) and approached the troubled George.

"Um, George? So I can pay for the damages..." Shouldn't have said that. "I can get an estimate?"

"Alright well I didn't do anything. I didn't back up my car. I didn't hit the fence."

"Yeah, I know, it's my f-..."

"I can tell you this, whatever you pay I can match."

I was so confused when he said that. DOES THAT MEAN I HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE?! But he continued:

"I can fix that up for around 500 bucks. You can get an estimate, and you'll have to pay more, but I can fix it for 500. See they don't make those kinds of blocks anymore. They're old. But you can get an estimate, but I can do it cheaper."

"...So maybe I can get an estimate on... Tuesday..?" I didn't really know what I was talking about.

"No, whatever, come whenever, you got school and stuff."

"Alright, uh... we'll keep in touch then." I slowly backed away. He nodded. I walked to my car and said "we'll keep in touch" to the somoan girl as I passed her by. I started the engine. Drove to Brandon's house. Picked up the tripod. And drove away. At that point, I don't think I ever wanted a hug so badly.

So yeah that was a pretty freaky experience. It's the first car crash I've ever been in where I was the driver. Thank God it wasn't with another car. It's times like the drive back home when I all of a sudden get religious. I start saying that it's okay, God was probably just trying to say to me that I'm a nooby booby driver, and that I need to stop being so nooby booby. Verbatim.

Then I compiled a list of "If only"s:
-I hadn't made that wrong turn
-Alex picked up his phone
-I pressed the brake a second sooner
-Those people weren't outside of their house

I also thought about how I'd tell my parents about it, and honestly, there's no real way to avoid what really happened. So I just told them at point blank, and they took it a lot better than I expected. It's also moments like these where I love my parents, for not blowing their tops askew for no reason. WHOA this is off, I hate my uncontrollable smiles and I love my half-angry parents? Definitely off.

The ironic part is that the next film I'm gonna make for contemp media is about a car. The second ironic part is that two days ago, there was a poll for our senior class that asked who was the worst driver in the world.

Life works in horrible ways. -sad face with tear-

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is the kind of post I make when I run 3 miles under 19 minutes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

-utilize free time-

I'm so mad at myself right now. I FORGOT to take my art piece home! I have to draw a popcorn, and I forgot everything at school! MY POPCORN IS NOT BEING WORKED ON!!! My mental schedule called for "Monday Night - Two hours with nothing but you and a popped kernel", but NOW, I have two hours of nothing but me and dead time. And I can't do anything with something dead.

Oh except post on my Kanga!

Alright the only reason I'm posting is to say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for voting for me and helping me with that one scholarship video! I'd go into gushy detail, thanking you in increasingly obscure ways, but I don't even know what I mean when I say that, so I won't do it. Instead, I'll type this formal thank you. I couldn't have gotten so many votes without you!

And uh... yeah! Okay my mom might be angry at me for typing an entry in my blog when I could be doing scholarship stuff, but I looked for a scholarship all night yesterday! And this took about five minutes! I might work on one essay about religious freedom. Fun stuff.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Came. Saw. Conquered. (sorta.)

Have you heard of that phrase "Time flies when you're having fun!"? Of course you have. But have you ever heard of "Time is totally sucked out of your life when you're busy and not having fun?". Oh well now you have.

The first week of school has just happened YAY and it was so busy!

How busy was it!

It was SO busy, Obama didn't have time to say "Thank you" to ANYONE! Get it?! Because his acceptance speech had so many "thank you"s?!?! Sorry, I'm not good with political jokes. I'm actually really terrible with them. But yeah, I've been so busy that I was not able to make any Kanga posts... UNTIL NOW! Late night Saturday! YEAH!!! Time to recap my week better than a baseball pitcher who threw a fast ball so hard that his cap fell on and he had to put it back on his head! ...I'm not good with puns either.

Our Senior entrance was awesome! I'm sure if you're reading this, you probably know what I'm talking about, but I bet that ONE person from Idaho who stumbles over my Kanga has probably never been to a WILDCAT PEP RALLY!

Here is the Senior entrance summary in the form of my thoughts:
"Alright... so we're waiting outside the gym to enter. It's hot out here. I can't really find anyone to talk to in this mass of winter-birthday'd seniors. I'll just walk around... Oh hey, Richard and A.Park are talking about Batman! I will join! Lalala... OH! They called us from inside the gym! Okay, I guess we enter now... DOORS ARE OPEN! Now uh... alright I dunno what to do, lemme just copy these people around me. Okay, okay, we're now walking in. We look bored. Haha people are waving flags around. I'll wave mine around! Yay! This music is pretty ominous. I think I over use the word "ominous". When do I turn on this flashlight? The gym lights are on. OH! We've reached the middle of the gym. Okay this was kinda lame- AH THE LIGHTS ARE OFF! MUSIC?!? Everyone's jumping around! OH TIME TO PARTY! LALALA!! Is my flashlight on?! I pressed it?! I can't tell! I'm jumping around too much! I'll just keep on clicking the button! Oh okay! It's on! Yeah jump around! WOO! WE ARE SENIORS!! YAAYYY! Partay!! Arms in the air! Raise the roof! These glow sticks and flashlights look cool! I see flags over there! Jump around! Jump up! Jump up! And get down! Jump! Yeah!! Woo!.. Yeahhh!.. This song clip is pretty long... I'll keep jumping!.. Maybe I can sing along to the song! 'something someting... satisfaction!..' Alright!.. Must not... stop!.. lalala... AH okay! Music stopped. Um... Cheer time WWOOOO!!! OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... wow we say this a lo- OH NINE... OH NINE... alright... wow that was awesome. Where do I go now... follow everyone? Oh go outside! Get ready for XC performance!!"

SPEAKING OF XC, we put on an awesome performance for the pep rally! This would've been a smoother transition if I didn't put that "Yup." there, huh. But yeah! Circle! Harder better faster stronger! Crawl! Weird dance! Totally lost! Love it.

AND THEN! We won the class competition by one Ryan Shin push up! I think that was the best pep rally ever.

HELLO my name is DANCE
Yesterday was the first dance of the year, and it too was AWESOME! I got there and I figured out that it really takes me a while to get into the dancing mood, because YES I dance. It's always hard, at first, to get my hands above my waist. I wanna throw em up in the air... but yknow, I'm not much of a hip-hop guy, and I'd be vulnerable to tickles.

Then later on... LIPSYNC!

Mini Story Tangent!
(Disclaimer: Do not read if you don't wanna hear about me being proud of myself.)
I was asked to record our class act with a provided video camera, so I got a "seat" early, standing on one of the tables facing the front of the stage. I was slowly joined by a herd of different people (including this one 8th grade black kid who seemed really friendly!) until the whole table was full. Unfortunately there was a mob of people in front of us who was blocking our view of the stage. "SIT DOWN!!" we would repeatedly yell, but the people would just sorta ignore us. AND THEN! SOLUTION!! I looked around at the other tables on the side of the stage and wondered why THEY didn't have trouble seeing. It turns out these tables were a lot closer to the stage so they could see over all the heads. Our table was a bit far away with a gap between us and the closest audience. So I was all "OH MAN PROBLEM SOLVING TIME." I turned to everyone at my table, and I yelled "Hey! Do you guys wanna move the table closer??" I heard a few "yeahs", and then people started jumping off! THEY WANTED TO MOVE THE TABLE! We scooted it a few feet and could see much better. I looked over at the table next to us and they totally did the same thing. I don't think you realize how proud of myself I felt at that moment. Pitiful? Maybe. TOTALLY AWESOME? TOTTALY YES!

Oh and another RANDOM STORY. This kid wanted a better view, so he chose the spot next to me on the table and smashed my toes on my flipflopped shoes. I think I let out some kind of a sonar scream. Then the kid was like "Uh... nevermind." And he hopped down and walked around. TOTAL WASTE OF A FOOT SMASH! A few moments later, another person (could've been the same guy) went to the spot next to me and also crushed my toes. This guy stayed, so at least it wasn't a total useless act of violence, and I was able to give him dirty looks when he wasn't looking.

Anyway, read on from this point for the important stuff. Ehm, for the "important" stuff.

2009 SENIORS WON LIPSYNC! Because we're awesome, that's why.

ACTest. The last order of business.
Speaking of acronyms, what does ACT stand for? Assessment Crocodile Test? A Cuddly Tattoo? Apples Cut Themselves? After Cups Turn? Andy Can Terrify? I DUNNO!

The test started off okay, but the later parts became extremely hard to keep up with time. Writing was extremely simple, Math was do-able for the most part (the last one was "2"! YAY!), Reading took FOREVER with me finishing about .00001 seconds to spare, and I DIDN'T FINISH THE SCIENCE SECTION! But I filled in all the bubbles. My essay was pretty weird too. You really need stamina to finish these super long sections.

In proctor news, our proctor was kinda funny. Yknow, the teacher guy who's in charge of our room. He would read the directions for the test, and every time he said "When you are done filling that out, look up at me", he would give a seemingly involuntary smile very quickly, then subtly try to hide it. HAHA that's funny. Oh das funny.

Yeah yeah yeahs! That's how my week rolled. The reason I didn't have any time was because I was either
A) Studying for ACT
B) Doing homework
C) Eating
D) Pooping
E) Sleeping
F) Running
G) Attending class
H)Reading Catch 22
I) Walking from place to place to do A through H (but not really F)

As you can see, I am a busy boy. Time to plan for Comiclub!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

If you were wondering...

Me: Don’t... don’t look in there...

Hottie: Is this your yearbook?? Where are you?

Me: Uhhh put that away, it’s all stuff in the past...

Hottie: Letsee, Lam Lam Lam...

Me (tries to ignore Hottie)

Hottie: OH! HAHA who’s THIS stud???

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: Awww, little high school Kevin...

Me: HAH. HAH. okay, just turn the page now...

Hottie (stare at picture some more): You even have a cute little hair cut!

Me: Okay I had JUST gotten that hair cut that week, and back then I didn’t like it either!

Hottie: Haha I think it’s cute. Why don’t you do your hair like that anymore?

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: I should take a picture of this. (whips out camera phone)

Me: Please don’t.


Hottie: Hehehe (turns page)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

High School Senior Kevin is... BORN!


As of yesterday, I was an NSO counselor. And today was NSO! YAY FOR NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONS! May the noobies grow up to be happy, bigger noobies.

Kids to remember:

-Hannah (she's not a new student, but I gotta remember my fellow counselor...)

Thought on tomorrow's first day of school: "Alrighty then."

For the past years of my life, there has always been a build up in early September that was always "OH MAN. SCHOOL IS GONNA START SOON. GOTTA... PREPARE..". But this time, I didn't get that feeling at all.

The only thing I need to worry about, I think, is my college application stuff, but other than that, I have nothing to dread over. All my classes seem pretty easy! OH schedule time!

'08-'09 keviokevio schedulio:

1st - Sleep - Bed
2nd - 2d Art - Agrums
3rd - Civics/Econ - Jeans
4th - Calch - Delgado
5th - English 4 - Palmieri
6th - ContempMed - Ziolkowski
7th - XC/Track

Okay enough school stuff. CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PICTURES!

Six Flags Pics

Took me an hour to caption all of this. You better read it.

OKAY! I thought this would be a lot longer and a lot deeper, but I ran out of time. Awwells. SENIOR SUNRISE TOMORROW! FREE BREAKFAST!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pooped out from retreat...

I got back from XC retreat today and I looked in the mirror to discover that I am a lot more tan than before I left. I think all my tanness came from just today.

WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT IN THIS POST? Retreat? That would be the most OBVIOUS answer... although I still haven't mentioned anything about Warped Tour two weeks ago... I fear I shall never get to Warped Tour.

I think it's too early for Cross Country retreat stuff. But one word sum up: "MEGAFUN".

On an unrelated note, Jane literally forced me at gun point to upload these pictures of Jaydee, Jane, and my college self-guided tours of CSF, Chapman, and UCI. Might's well mention it on my Kanga to acknowledge that this happened!

I think the coolest thing that happened on our adventure was when we went in that elevator and it opened up to a closed door. That was freakishly AWESOME!! Like some kinda twisted movie! Luckily, the door was unlocked. Actually it would've been cooler if it WERE locked, because then we could exit through the top door in the elevator, and then climb our way out. Sorta like Toy Story. I'D BE THE SLINKY DOG. Jaydee can be Zurg. Jane can be the piggy bank. (No implications intended.)

And now, here's a lil video from Warped Tour 08.

"Warped 08: Everything Is Alright - MCS (...and Craig surfs)"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blue. Yellow. Black. Green. Red.

Doo... doo... Doo... doo...

Did you know the Olympic score was composed by John Williams? For a lack of better words, he would.

These past two weeks sure have been exciting. This is my very first time that I’ve actually been INTO the Olympics. Before, it was always “Oh it’s Olympic time again? Hm. The TV scheduling is gonna be way off..”. I could care less! (or couldn’t care less)

Okay the purpose of this post is just to say how much I love the Olympics. Who knew I’d be cheering for a men’s inside volleyball team or for some random guy from Africa in a kayaking competition?! I SURE DIDN’T KNOW! To be concise: Olympics are more entertaining and awesome than no Olympics.

Plus, we got Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt to watch!

Yknow what I also found that was really amusing were the commercials. With all that athletics and Morgan Freemans spiced around as themes, I found the ads to be on par with Super Bowl ones! Like that one that talked about how that guy jumped over that high jump bar backwards and everyone was like “whoa!”. I have no clue what it was advertising, probably Coca-cola because that’s all I got out of the advertisement, but it was still a really good commercial!

But back to the Olympics, I missed the track relays. OH GEE WELLS! I’ve seen running BEFORE, so I’m glad I saw all these other sports. Maybe four years from now I’ll be able to catch some fencing? OH it’s gonna be in London, huh?! 2012 Olympics?! Oh das coo. Maybe they’ll do swimming relays across the English channel.

It’s too bad the only time the countries seem to be at peace with one another is when we are competing against each other.

BUT YAY OLYMPICS! Okay I think I posted this 4 days too late for you to care.