Friday, October 3, 2008

awws NAPS!

SCHOOL IS EATING UP MY LIFE! It's like The Cookie Monster is my life, and the cookies are periods of fun. Dude, could you imagine if The Cookie Monster and Pac-Man battled each other? HAVOC!! I mean the Monster has that insanity edge, but Pac-Man sure can deal some damage with his "waga-waga"s.

Whoever the winner, these days I'm often like "Alright, time to type this event up in my Kanga!!" But frankly my dear, I don't have a damn... amount of time!

I'll try to make this post a recap of issues worth recapping. ALSO, I'll make this easy to read.

Just a thought
I think people who speak English with really thick accents can probably speak their native language beautifully.

HS Senior year so far
2-D Advanced Art (Agrums): Same ol' same ol'. HEY right now I'm drawing Jaydee hurdling. YAY I'll sell it to him for $50. HAH just kidding. BUT not really. BECAUSE I will.

Civics (Jeans): So much homework! Does he not know the immense amount of work a senior must deal with?! IT'S IMMENSE!! He's a cool guy though. I feel like people are reluctant to like him, even though people were much more open to liking Mr. Bohannon. Is that true, or am I just fiddle foddling facts?

Snack: The senior square sure is a long distance away from the Civics room.


I'm NOT gonna make a comment about drugs.

Engrish 4 (Palmeiri): This class is sorta bland, I dunno why. If all of my classes were types of breads, this class would be very bland bread.

Lunch: THANK YOU to whoever bought those canopies for our tables. I would die if we didn't have those. No like literally, collapse onto the floor from complaints and pass out until I melt into oblivion from the hot hot heat.

Contemporary Media (Ziolkowski): FUN STUFF! Making films are so fun. Maybe if I couldn't draw for crap (or draw crap), and maybe if I didn't love animating stuff, I'd get into film... although I guess cartoons are a form of film. Sorta.

Senior Baby Pic
This title is contradicting. So I don't THINK my baby picture went through when I turned it in, but OH WELL, yearbook will be missing out on ten fold the cuteness once in print.

Senior Survey
I WANTED A PIC OF MINE TO POST HERE! But I had to turn it in.

I got a new printer/scanner
IT'S SO AWESOME! If you need anything scanned, I'M READY AND WILLING! Well, I'm ready, I'm only willing if I'm not lazy at the moment. ALSO, I got a new computer monitor! It's about... 10x thinner than my ol' fatty.

sounds like "debattle", which should be a real word. Half debate, half battle. Did you guys see the debate on Thursday with the potential VP's and stuff? I felt like it was a competition to see who was the most jerky, although Joe Biden was the only one competing. OOOOooo... okay I have nothing against him. But seriously. Mr. Biden, for a lack of better words, you are very attacky.

Also, the moderator Gwen Ifill just TOTALLY transported form the 70's.

CDs rule
because they have album art. I just got the new Anberlin CD New Surrender, and they taught me another word! "Haight", from their song "Haight Street". -Wiki-ing 5 seconds later- Alright it turns out Haight Street is a place. Haight is not a word, it's a name. But still! I learned a new place! If I'm ever in San Fran, I'll know where to go!

Other stuff
Now you (as in Elias, according to his comment) might be wondering what happened with that whole car dilemma now. Well to put it simply, uh... nothing, really. My van's bumper bent a little. It took me about a day to recover from "driving-in-reverse-phobia", and those Samoans never called us back. If anything develops, I'll be sure to Kanga it! (Unless I don't want to.)

Sos yeahs! I actually wrote most of this post last week, but I postponed this later than last week so I wouldn't disturb my previous entry. Cuz that last post, man. That was some serious doobie.

Oh and more news, IM TAKING THE SAT TOMORROW! Yes, I stopped studying just to post in my Kanga (or how Jessie could put it, my Kangs). I don't like cramming, okay? I like calming my mind before a test, oKAY?! And 'sides, I already studied for like 2.5 hours today. So break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar, OKAY?!


Time to sleep. I need to rest for some serious test taking. So goodnight goodnight, you're EMBARRASSING me...


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