Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video maAANiaa!

Big day for Kevin Lam! Today, not one, but THREEish of my videos played in front of an audience!

The first one was a Comiclub Cape-Making Activity video:

Yeah, that's my voice. This is what you get for 5 hours of my Friday night!!

Yay for fun advertisement.

My second video called "The Ritutal" and my third called "The Voyage", played today at the contemporary media mini film festival today! 'Twas a joint effort between me and Craig The-guy-with-a-mowhawk-so-cool-that-7th-graders-always-have-to-stop-and-either-A-compliment-him-,-or-B-touch-his-hair Machado, although Craig was more ritual, and I was more voyage. I hope we're in the Top 10! Good job everyone else! Alright for positiveness!

And I totally finished my SSR's at 11:00pm today. I'll accept high-fives with willing participants.

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