Monday, October 20, 2008



I am conflicted.

Today I drew this picture in math class:

It's a picture of our math teacher. Not gonna say any names, so let's just call her "Ms. Skinny". The reason I drew this is because pretty much everyday, she wears the SAME yellow sweatshirt to class, and we students think it's kinda funny. A friend of mine commented that it's mustard yellow, so BAM! Picture idea!

But here's my confliction: Is this mean?

It COULD be mean, because I could be making fun of how she has a mustard-yellow sweatshirt and that she once colored it with actual mustard. And since we often say something about the sweater, there's a small guilty feeling whenever we discuss it.

However, it could NOT be mean because... well it's just not mean. It's a picture of her putting mustard on her shirt to make it a certain color. That's all. Oh das all. If someone did see it as mean, isn't this just a satire? Why is it okay that we laugh at SNL's mocking imitations of Sarah Palin, but not okay that I draw an imitation of my math teacher? Hm? WHAT SAY YOU?!

But yeah. This drawing got me a-thinking.

Ms. Skinny, if you ever see this... I'm sorry if it offends you. I can burn it up if you want. But if it doesn't offend you, pardon me while I say... HAHAHA.


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lol, "Ms. Skinny"