Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh baby baby

I just saw a couple minutes of Shoot 'em Up on TV, and it looks dan diggidy awesome! That British guy finished jumping through a window while carrying a baby.

SPEAKING of infants

Coach (as in XC [as in cross country] coach) has been bringing his one year old daughter to practice. She's cute with the E. And she's not cut from the team. But when I picked her up as she was crawling away on Friday, I realized that not only are babies incredibly light (I'd say an average juggler could juggle three of them), but they're also very similar to bugs! For shame if you think of that as a bad thing, you specist! (Specist - racist toward species)

What I mean is... well have you ever kinda put a leaf in front of bug? They just kinda accept, climb on, and go with the flow. That's like babies. Sophia (that's the baby's name) was crawling toward her dad, so I just picked her up and walked her over there. It's not like she could've resisted and said"yo you put me down, foo, i was WALKIN' to my paps!", since she's both a baby and white. She accepts it and goes with the flow! Like bugs, babies are small, carefree, unaware, and stepped on a lot.

...and this is the kind of post you get when I have free time. DEAL.

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