Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteering Callus


Suck on THAT, ACT!

Wait, was that a sexual reference? If it was... well then I take it back. I didn't mean it. Although it could be more of an infantile (infantidious?) reference, as in suck on thumb or lollipop. LOLlipop.

If you're wondering, no, I didn't get a 2400, nor a 2300, nor 2200, nor 2100, and I'm not stopping the list here so you can assume I got between a 2000 and a 2100. But for my standards, I did AWESOMELY! I did 100 points better on the math section than last time! YEAH!

And so ends my high school testing! (Not counting the tests I actually take at my school. I still have lots of those.)

But SAT scores are not what this post is about. Okay, well that's what the beginning was about, but I'm here to talk to YOU lovely folks about VOLUNTEERING! Because today was the first time I've ever volunteered.

Yup, this morning was the first time I was able to put an actual number where it says "Volunteer Hours" on a hypothetical sheet of paper! I helped set up the Fall Festival for silly Comiclub volunteer hours, which is required for every club now. GO MAKE CAPE!

I haven't volunteered a lot in my life because of two reasons: A) There are other people whose nature is to volunteer, save our ecosystem, and combat all that is cancer! B) People volunteer for college.

I am not an A person. I know that there are a bunch of people out there who would eat cardboard to save the cancerous antelope of the Sahara, but I don't belong in that category (cardboard is gross). It's not like I don't like helping people who, like, like to have help. Today, I actually enjoyed setting up chairs, rolling out tarp, and painting gigantic signs because it makes me feel good knowing that my effort would be subconsciously appreciated. (Not meant to sound sarcastic.) But... yknow, I'd rather not. There are many other activities I can do that I find much more fun, and if help is only "suggested", then I can do other things like post in my Kanga about volunteering while letting other REAL volunteers do their stuff. Selfish? Maybe. Logical? Yeah.

I am not a B person. Kissing up grinds my gears. (Whoa that sentence was just all idiom.) I don't want to PRETEND to be an awesome volunteerish person, when I am obviously not. People often want 20-odd hours of volunteering, just so they can brag about it on their resume. And yet, I was conflicted like mustard: should I not volunteer because it's stupid to volunteer just for college? or SHOULD I volunteer, because that's the "game of college" and they already expect volunteering for kissing up? As you can see I've kinda been saying yes to the former question... but all in all in alls, my college shouldn't choose me because I do work for free, but for other reasons such as being well versed in many academic subjects, or being just awesomely awesome.


Also, I volunteered the wrong hours. I think I was scheduled for 6:30pm, but I went at 6:30AM... so I got to school and no one was there. I wandered around until I found custodian Dave who gave me some volunteer stuff to do.

GARSH I woke up early for nothing!! OR DID I?! This time, no, no I didn't. Dave was glad I came to help out early, and Hager acknowledged my hard-workiness. BAM two thumbs up right there! Unless they EACH mentally gave me two thumbs, and in that case, BAM BAM four thumbs up! I was proud of myself for being overly punctual, and other people were appreciative of my work.

See, being idiotic can sometimes pay off! (But not literally pay off. This volunteering stuff doesn't pay off.)

Later today I might watch the magic show at the festival. And yknow, if the magician guy asks for any volunteers... well... like hell I'm raising my hand; I'm done for the day.

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