Sunday, September 28, 2008

Accidents Happen


Yknow that non-existent list of situations that can be classified as "nightmares"? Well I'm pretty sure I just encountered one. I got in a car accident. -sad face with tear-

Nokay I didn't crash into another car, I hit someone's fence with my big ol' van. It was very scary.

Story time...
Here I was... driving. It was a late at night and I had to go pick up a tripod from Brandon's house to film for contemporary media. I was going down the neighborhoodial street when I made a wrong turn. "WHOOPSIES" I said to myself, so I decided to 3 point turn my wait out of there. Then, to make a long story short, I backed up into someone's fence.

IN MY DE"FENSE", this fence was a pretty short fence, and my van is a pretty tall van. I couldn't see over through the window, so bada boom (literally -sad face with tear-) I ran into a little pillar of cement blocks. As I was backing up, I was actually waiting to feel that little dip from the street to the drive/sidewalk. BUT I DIDN'T FEEL IT! Only the thud, but by then it was too late.

Oh and get this, of ALL THE HOUSES I HIT, I hit the house with the group of large samoan people standing outside of it. After the impact, I froze for a few loooong seconds, then pulled the car forward. "DID I HIT A CAR?! AAHHH" was my first thought. I opened the door and peaked out the window. I saw no car. I was hoping nothing had happened. I was hoping I would just be like "Oh, sorry about that!". Then I'd just drive away. But I turned around 4 of the people were standing around the fence and my car.

"Sorry!.." I pitifully yelled.

-angry somoan look at me-

"What did you do? Are you drunk??" the largest one asked me.

"No, I'm not... drunk..." I answered the most undrunk way I could.

I turned my car off and walked outside. I prayed to God that the damage wasn't horrible. I got to the back and looked at my van. I saw nothing. I looked at the fence and saw nothing. I looked around and the somoans were either angry looking my car, the fence, or my face. The largest guy there kept on talking about how dumb I was and how much it'll cost him. I only spoke up to say "sorry" and "I'm really sorry", although he would counter with a "I don't care if you're sorry, you hit my fence".

"I could give you my phone number..."

"Oh we don't need THAT" replied a somoan girl.

This scared me quite a bit. WHAT DID THEY WANT?! Were they gonna have me do manual labor?! Were they gonna beat me down?! WERE THEY GONNA BLOW UP MY CAR?! -sad face with tear-

"Alright I need your info. I need your license. Do you have a license?"


"Where is your license?"

"It's in my car, I'll go get it..."

I ran and got it. I came back with respective items and started writing my name and license number down. I looked at the girl and she already held a notepad with all of my car information written down. I gave her my license and she copied down all my info.

"Are you high?"

"No, I'm not-"

"Are you faded?"

"No heh I'm not... faded."

When I said that sentence, my blank face flashed a smile. It's times like this when I hate myself for smiling. Despite the fact that I just crashed into this fence, and the fact that my mind was going crazy with emotions of distraght/fright/confusion/sadness, I just found that funny, the term "faded" and the fact that I had no idea what it meant. I hate it.

"What's your number? House or cell number??"

"My cell phone number is 310..."

"You live in Cerritos and you have 310??"

She didn't believe me. She had to get a cell phone and test the number. It worked when my phone was called, of course, so I was able to wipe a bead of sweat off my forehead. I just had a trillion other beads to deal with.

"...Who owns this house" I asked; I had to write down info for myself too of course.

"My brother" the girl responded.

"What's his name?"


I wrote down George. I was too scared to ask whether it was George or Jorge.

"What's his last name?"


After I got info on this George Poe, I asked where he was. She said "He's here, he's the big guy" she pointed her finger around. Of course, he HAD to be the BIG GUY...

I looked to the far end of the driveway and he was sitting down on a chair with his head resting on his hand. I walked up the spooky driveway (bear in mind that the only light there was the porch light, so all the faces of the other people were concealed in darkness) and approached the troubled George.

"Um, George? So I can pay for the damages..." Shouldn't have said that. "I can get an estimate?"

"Alright well I didn't do anything. I didn't back up my car. I didn't hit the fence."

"Yeah, I know, it's my f-..."

"I can tell you this, whatever you pay I can match."

I was so confused when he said that. DOES THAT MEAN I HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE?! But he continued:

"I can fix that up for around 500 bucks. You can get an estimate, and you'll have to pay more, but I can fix it for 500. See they don't make those kinds of blocks anymore. They're old. But you can get an estimate, but I can do it cheaper."

"...So maybe I can get an estimate on... Tuesday..?" I didn't really know what I was talking about.

"No, whatever, come whenever, you got school and stuff."

"Alright, uh... we'll keep in touch then." I slowly backed away. He nodded. I walked to my car and said "we'll keep in touch" to the somoan girl as I passed her by. I started the engine. Drove to Brandon's house. Picked up the tripod. And drove away. At that point, I don't think I ever wanted a hug so badly.

So yeah that was a pretty freaky experience. It's the first car crash I've ever been in where I was the driver. Thank God it wasn't with another car. It's times like the drive back home when I all of a sudden get religious. I start saying that it's okay, God was probably just trying to say to me that I'm a nooby booby driver, and that I need to stop being so nooby booby. Verbatim.

Then I compiled a list of "If only"s:
-I hadn't made that wrong turn
-Alex picked up his phone
-I pressed the brake a second sooner
-Those people weren't outside of their house

I also thought about how I'd tell my parents about it, and honestly, there's no real way to avoid what really happened. So I just told them at point blank, and they took it a lot better than I expected. It's also moments like these where I love my parents, for not blowing their tops askew for no reason. WHOA this is off, I hate my uncontrollable smiles and I love my half-angry parents? Definitely off.

The ironic part is that the next film I'm gonna make for contemp media is about a car. The second ironic part is that two days ago, there was a poll for our senior class that asked who was the worst driver in the world.

Life works in horrible ways. -sad face with tear-

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is the kind of post I make when I run 3 miles under 19 minutes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

-utilize free time-

I'm so mad at myself right now. I FORGOT to take my art piece home! I have to draw a popcorn, and I forgot everything at school! MY POPCORN IS NOT BEING WORKED ON!!! My mental schedule called for "Monday Night - Two hours with nothing but you and a popped kernel", but NOW, I have two hours of nothing but me and dead time. And I can't do anything with something dead.

Oh except post on my Kanga!

Alright the only reason I'm posting is to say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for voting for me and helping me with that one scholarship video! I'd go into gushy detail, thanking you in increasingly obscure ways, but I don't even know what I mean when I say that, so I won't do it. Instead, I'll type this formal thank you. I couldn't have gotten so many votes without you!

And uh... yeah! Okay my mom might be angry at me for typing an entry in my blog when I could be doing scholarship stuff, but I looked for a scholarship all night yesterday! And this took about five minutes! I might work on one essay about religious freedom. Fun stuff.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Came. Saw. Conquered. (sorta.)

Have you heard of that phrase "Time flies when you're having fun!"? Of course you have. But have you ever heard of "Time is totally sucked out of your life when you're busy and not having fun?". Oh well now you have.

The first week of school has just happened YAY and it was so busy!

How busy was it!

It was SO busy, Obama didn't have time to say "Thank you" to ANYONE! Get it?! Because his acceptance speech had so many "thank you"s?!?! Sorry, I'm not good with political jokes. I'm actually really terrible with them. But yeah, I've been so busy that I was not able to make any Kanga posts... UNTIL NOW! Late night Saturday! YEAH!!! Time to recap my week better than a baseball pitcher who threw a fast ball so hard that his cap fell on and he had to put it back on his head! ...I'm not good with puns either.

Our Senior entrance was awesome! I'm sure if you're reading this, you probably know what I'm talking about, but I bet that ONE person from Idaho who stumbles over my Kanga has probably never been to a WILDCAT PEP RALLY!

Here is the Senior entrance summary in the form of my thoughts:
"Alright... so we're waiting outside the gym to enter. It's hot out here. I can't really find anyone to talk to in this mass of winter-birthday'd seniors. I'll just walk around... Oh hey, Richard and A.Park are talking about Batman! I will join! Lalala... OH! They called us from inside the gym! Okay, I guess we enter now... DOORS ARE OPEN! Now uh... alright I dunno what to do, lemme just copy these people around me. Okay, okay, we're now walking in. We look bored. Haha people are waving flags around. I'll wave mine around! Yay! This music is pretty ominous. I think I over use the word "ominous". When do I turn on this flashlight? The gym lights are on. OH! We've reached the middle of the gym. Okay this was kinda lame- AH THE LIGHTS ARE OFF! MUSIC?!? Everyone's jumping around! OH TIME TO PARTY! LALALA!! Is my flashlight on?! I pressed it?! I can't tell! I'm jumping around too much! I'll just keep on clicking the button! Oh okay! It's on! Yeah jump around! WOO! WE ARE SENIORS!! YAAYYY! Partay!! Arms in the air! Raise the roof! These glow sticks and flashlights look cool! I see flags over there! Jump around! Jump up! Jump up! And get down! Jump! Yeah!! Woo!.. Yeahhh!.. This song clip is pretty long... I'll keep jumping!.. Maybe I can sing along to the song! 'something someting... satisfaction!..' Alright!.. Must not... stop!.. lalala... AH okay! Music stopped. Um... Cheer time WWOOOO!!! OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... OH NINE... wow we say this a lo- OH NINE... OH NINE... alright... wow that was awesome. Where do I go now... follow everyone? Oh go outside! Get ready for XC performance!!"

SPEAKING OF XC, we put on an awesome performance for the pep rally! This would've been a smoother transition if I didn't put that "Yup." there, huh. But yeah! Circle! Harder better faster stronger! Crawl! Weird dance! Totally lost! Love it.

AND THEN! We won the class competition by one Ryan Shin push up! I think that was the best pep rally ever.

HELLO my name is DANCE
Yesterday was the first dance of the year, and it too was AWESOME! I got there and I figured out that it really takes me a while to get into the dancing mood, because YES I dance. It's always hard, at first, to get my hands above my waist. I wanna throw em up in the air... but yknow, I'm not much of a hip-hop guy, and I'd be vulnerable to tickles.

Then later on... LIPSYNC!

Mini Story Tangent!
(Disclaimer: Do not read if you don't wanna hear about me being proud of myself.)
I was asked to record our class act with a provided video camera, so I got a "seat" early, standing on one of the tables facing the front of the stage. I was slowly joined by a herd of different people (including this one 8th grade black kid who seemed really friendly!) until the whole table was full. Unfortunately there was a mob of people in front of us who was blocking our view of the stage. "SIT DOWN!!" we would repeatedly yell, but the people would just sorta ignore us. AND THEN! SOLUTION!! I looked around at the other tables on the side of the stage and wondered why THEY didn't have trouble seeing. It turns out these tables were a lot closer to the stage so they could see over all the heads. Our table was a bit far away with a gap between us and the closest audience. So I was all "OH MAN PROBLEM SOLVING TIME." I turned to everyone at my table, and I yelled "Hey! Do you guys wanna move the table closer??" I heard a few "yeahs", and then people started jumping off! THEY WANTED TO MOVE THE TABLE! We scooted it a few feet and could see much better. I looked over at the table next to us and they totally did the same thing. I don't think you realize how proud of myself I felt at that moment. Pitiful? Maybe. TOTALLY AWESOME? TOTTALY YES!

Oh and another RANDOM STORY. This kid wanted a better view, so he chose the spot next to me on the table and smashed my toes on my flipflopped shoes. I think I let out some kind of a sonar scream. Then the kid was like "Uh... nevermind." And he hopped down and walked around. TOTAL WASTE OF A FOOT SMASH! A few moments later, another person (could've been the same guy) went to the spot next to me and also crushed my toes. This guy stayed, so at least it wasn't a total useless act of violence, and I was able to give him dirty looks when he wasn't looking.

Anyway, read on from this point for the important stuff. Ehm, for the "important" stuff.

2009 SENIORS WON LIPSYNC! Because we're awesome, that's why.

ACTest. The last order of business.
Speaking of acronyms, what does ACT stand for? Assessment Crocodile Test? A Cuddly Tattoo? Apples Cut Themselves? After Cups Turn? Andy Can Terrify? I DUNNO!

The test started off okay, but the later parts became extremely hard to keep up with time. Writing was extremely simple, Math was do-able for the most part (the last one was "2"! YAY!), Reading took FOREVER with me finishing about .00001 seconds to spare, and I DIDN'T FINISH THE SCIENCE SECTION! But I filled in all the bubbles. My essay was pretty weird too. You really need stamina to finish these super long sections.

In proctor news, our proctor was kinda funny. Yknow, the teacher guy who's in charge of our room. He would read the directions for the test, and every time he said "When you are done filling that out, look up at me", he would give a seemingly involuntary smile very quickly, then subtly try to hide it. HAHA that's funny. Oh das funny.

Yeah yeah yeahs! That's how my week rolled. The reason I didn't have any time was because I was either
A) Studying for ACT
B) Doing homework
C) Eating
D) Pooping
E) Sleeping
F) Running
G) Attending class
H)Reading Catch 22
I) Walking from place to place to do A through H (but not really F)

As you can see, I am a busy boy. Time to plan for Comiclub!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

If you were wondering...

Me: Don’t... don’t look in there...

Hottie: Is this your yearbook?? Where are you?

Me: Uhhh put that away, it’s all stuff in the past...

Hottie: Letsee, Lam Lam Lam...

Me (tries to ignore Hottie)

Hottie: OH! HAHA who’s THIS stud???

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: Awww, little high school Kevin...

Me: HAH. HAH. okay, just turn the page now...

Hottie (stare at picture some more): You even have a cute little hair cut!

Me: Okay I had JUST gotten that hair cut that week, and back then I didn’t like it either!

Hottie: Haha I think it’s cute. Why don’t you do your hair like that anymore?

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: I should take a picture of this. (whips out camera phone)

Me: Please don’t.


Hottie: Hehehe (turns page)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

High School Senior Kevin is... BORN!


As of yesterday, I was an NSO counselor. And today was NSO! YAY FOR NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONS! May the noobies grow up to be happy, bigger noobies.

Kids to remember:

-Hannah (she's not a new student, but I gotta remember my fellow counselor...)

Thought on tomorrow's first day of school: "Alrighty then."

For the past years of my life, there has always been a build up in early September that was always "OH MAN. SCHOOL IS GONNA START SOON. GOTTA... PREPARE..". But this time, I didn't get that feeling at all.

The only thing I need to worry about, I think, is my college application stuff, but other than that, I have nothing to dread over. All my classes seem pretty easy! OH schedule time!

'08-'09 keviokevio schedulio:

1st - Sleep - Bed
2nd - 2d Art - Agrums
3rd - Civics/Econ - Jeans
4th - Calch - Delgado
5th - English 4 - Palmieri
6th - ContempMed - Ziolkowski
7th - XC/Track

Okay enough school stuff. CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PICTURES!

Six Flags Pics

Took me an hour to caption all of this. You better read it.

OKAY! I thought this would be a lot longer and a lot deeper, but I ran out of time. Awwells. SENIOR SUNRISE TOMORROW! FREE BREAKFAST!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pooped out from retreat...

I got back from XC retreat today and I looked in the mirror to discover that I am a lot more tan than before I left. I think all my tanness came from just today.

WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT IN THIS POST? Retreat? That would be the most OBVIOUS answer... although I still haven't mentioned anything about Warped Tour two weeks ago... I fear I shall never get to Warped Tour.

I think it's too early for Cross Country retreat stuff. But one word sum up: "MEGAFUN".

On an unrelated note, Jane literally forced me at gun point to upload these pictures of Jaydee, Jane, and my college self-guided tours of CSF, Chapman, and UCI. Might's well mention it on my Kanga to acknowledge that this happened!

I think the coolest thing that happened on our adventure was when we went in that elevator and it opened up to a closed door. That was freakishly AWESOME!! Like some kinda twisted movie! Luckily, the door was unlocked. Actually it would've been cooler if it WERE locked, because then we could exit through the top door in the elevator, and then climb our way out. Sorta like Toy Story. I'D BE THE SLINKY DOG. Jaydee can be Zurg. Jane can be the piggy bank. (No implications intended.)

And now, here's a lil video from Warped Tour 08.

"Warped 08: Everything Is Alright - MCS (...and Craig surfs)"