Monday, September 1, 2008

Pooped out from retreat...

I got back from XC retreat today and I looked in the mirror to discover that I am a lot more tan than before I left. I think all my tanness came from just today.

WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT IN THIS POST? Retreat? That would be the most OBVIOUS answer... although I still haven't mentioned anything about Warped Tour two weeks ago... I fear I shall never get to Warped Tour.

I think it's too early for Cross Country retreat stuff. But one word sum up: "MEGAFUN".

On an unrelated note, Jane literally forced me at gun point to upload these pictures of Jaydee, Jane, and my college self-guided tours of CSF, Chapman, and UCI. Might's well mention it on my Kanga to acknowledge that this happened!

I think the coolest thing that happened on our adventure was when we went in that elevator and it opened up to a closed door. That was freakishly AWESOME!! Like some kinda twisted movie! Luckily, the door was unlocked. Actually it would've been cooler if it WERE locked, because then we could exit through the top door in the elevator, and then climb our way out. Sorta like Toy Story. I'D BE THE SLINKY DOG. Jaydee can be Zurg. Jane can be the piggy bank. (No implications intended.)

And now, here's a lil video from Warped Tour 08.

"Warped 08: Everything Is Alright - MCS (...and Craig surfs)"

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