Sunday, September 7, 2008

If you were wondering...

Me: Don’t... don’t look in there...

Hottie: Is this your yearbook?? Where are you?

Me: Uhhh put that away, it’s all stuff in the past...

Hottie: Letsee, Lam Lam Lam...

Me (tries to ignore Hottie)

Hottie: OH! HAHA who’s THIS stud???

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: Awww, little high school Kevin...

Me: HAH. HAH. okay, just turn the page now...

Hottie (stare at picture some more): You even have a cute little hair cut!

Me: Okay I had JUST gotten that hair cut that week, and back then I didn’t like it either!

Hottie: Haha I think it’s cute. Why don’t you do your hair like that anymore?

Me: -grumble-

Hottie: I should take a picture of this. (whips out camera phone)

Me: Please don’t.


Hottie: Hehehe (turns page)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

who IS this stud?

so drunk you look.
actually you kinda look like you're gunna sneeze too