Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The good feelin's outside

You know that feeling inside you get after doing a good deed? Yeah. Yeah. Well I didn't get it today.

I'm supposed to, right? I mean after donating blood, I'm supposed to be all "I'm dizzy, nauseous, in pain, and I just threw up all over my dog... but I saved some lives by donating! Today is a good day!". Well that wasn't the case for me. I sat around waiting and drinking water for 10 minutes, answered "no" for every questionnaire question (for I am not sexually active), got my finger pricked (that hurt), laid on a table for another 20 minutes, had the nurse puncture my elbow pit for a couple minutes to find a vein, and stayed their squeezing a ball in pain every 5 seconds. If you do the math, that's two hours of boredom and pain.

Am I a bad person? I'm pretty horrible. I get no satisfaction in saving a life. I DID LAST TIME THOUGH. But all I could think of this time was "dang... this is boring. I could be reviewing math in class right now." Punch me now!

On a happier note, the food was good. Had 3 bags of cracker stuff and 4 Oreos.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love, trackie

Track season.

is finally...


("over", not "ovary".)

Does saying "finally" imply that I wanted it to end? I didn't mean for it to, but it's somewhat true I guess. Unlike XC, track season usually slowly dies down because only SOME people make it to finals, then SOME people make it to CIF Prelims, then SOME people make it to CIF Finals. The track family slowly dwindles down until the team consists of 6 sweaty boys and a coach who's is closely identified with fried chicken.

Anyway(s), I gotta recap the last few meets before I forget! I'll try to use as many analogies as I can to not lose you non-trackies.

League Prelims (Gahr)
400m - I don't run the 400! Well I'm not supposed to anyway. Time: 57 flat. Gross slow EEWW!
200m - Yeah I run the 200... but I didn't do too hot. Bad start + LOOSE SHOE!? Every step with my right foot slowed me dooowwwn, sucks more than lollipops.

No relays for prelims.

I gotta tell ya guys, I wanted to run the 100m so badly. I probably could've scored some points, AND, I love running the 100! But I didn't sign up for it. Sad. It's like wanting some curly fries but realizing you ordered just the regular kind of french fries! Yeah, it'll get you full, BUT IT'S NOT AS GOOD! Not as toasty!

Oh some bad news! Alvin was disqualified for the 400 and Albert ran half his race before he realized he was called back for a false start.

League Finals (GAHr)
4x1 relay - First leg YES AWESOME START! Medal HUHAH!
400m - I didn't pace well. Hey, Sattik caught me after 100 meters... but I did alright. Felt horrible, but did alright. Time: 55.9?(!)
4x4 relay - Oh wait I didn't run it. HAHA. I was supposed to, but honestly, I shouldn't have. Thomas ran it instead of me. ALL PART OF MY PLAN!


Ysee I didn't wanna run the 4x4 relay because I knew other people were faster, so I was planning to be all "eehh! eehh!!! I just ran my 400! I'm sooOOooo tired!!" and tell coach about it. So after my lap, I was scrambling around looking for the guy. I found him manning the long jump pit and stumbled towards him. I totally looked tired! "Hey coach Eric, Thomas is running the 400 instead of me". Now I was expecting him to get pissed and make me run it anyway, since that's what I always got before, but he did something a little weird instead. He hugged me. He said okay to the Thomasubsitution and we started walking, me still in his arms, and he talked about how proud he was of me, and that I did well that season. I was so, dare I say, effing relieved. Talking to coach is usually impossible because he can be stubborn and sorta dumb, but that day he was really cool.

The end. EXCITING!

Oh some bad news! Edward was disqualified for the 400 and Jaydee was disqualified for the 110 hurdles. Also, Daniel got hurt.

Oh some weird news! They had to re-run the 110 hurdles because they didn't catch the times. Many were mad.


Congrats, family!
CIF Prelims (Carpenteria)
Two... hour... drive...
4x1 relay -
MY LAST TRACK RACE! First leg MY START suuuuckkked, dagit! My run-throughs went really well, but my actual start sooooocked. It's like taking a PSAT and scoring 2400, then taking the SAT and scoring a 1900. Thas not how you were supposed to perform! We didn't PR.

That's weird, huh? Not doing well on my last race. In movies, the last thing is ALWAYS the best. The last play, the last dance, the last battle. It always ends on a high note! But that's not how real life is. I know life is not like a movie, but the reassertion of that idea is almost eye opening. Must've been squinting a bit.

Right before the 4x4, Thomas twisted his ankle. This sent Alvin and I in a frenzy (or maybe just me), realizing that we might have to run the relay as alternates. We ran a warm up and did some stretches. I totally didn't plan for it! I totally ate a Tri-tip sandwich! (Which was pretty good, nothing mind blowing though.) Luckily Thomas DID run it and we were off the hook, but GEEZ! Talk about a false alarm! It's like if you have a project presentation due for school, but then you're totally not ready because you started working on it at midnight so it's a piece of poop, so since not everyone would present today you hope other people will present and you can go tomorrow, giving you time to work on it later tonight, but then someone's pen drive breaks so you are called on to present, and then you are screwed, but then it turns out the person's pen drive still works if you hold it at a certain angle, so you don't have to go until tomorrow. False alarm.

CIF Finals (Cerritos College) - that's today!
Psych! CIF Prelims wasn't my last race! HuHAH! Also, it's a good show. (GET IT, CRAIG AND VERONICA!? SNAAAP!)
4x4 relay - Since Jan and Thomas had to go dance it up with Aprwil (Happy Birthday btw!), I was the team's second alternate and had to run the relay. My season was supposed to be over! And then you go about telling me I have to run ANOTHER race?! That's like being ready to go home after 30 battles of war when the lieutenant tells you that you've got one more mission. You might not come back alive! It's like a bad movie! Oh yeah, see, life is sometimes like a movie.

We didn't break any records with a 3:35, but I ran well. A 55 split, my first 300 felt awesome.

And uh... yeah!

I'll miss track so much. Just gotta wait for banquet!! But for now, this is my last official post about my high school career as a runner.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just because I don't type anything in my Kanga, doesn't mean nothing's happening with my life. I do have lotsa deep thoughts and do do lotsa crazy stuff and blah blah blah. (DODO!)

For example.

Today my dad wasn't here this morning, so I couldn't get my weekly Sunday morning donut delivered to me today. I ended up just going to the donut shop on my own. On my way back, I saw a black guy in my neighborhood sitting on the sidewalk. I thought he was depressed, but it turns out he was just talking on his cell phone. A few streets down I saw another black guy outside talking on HIS cellphone too. Then I thought "Hm. Maybe they're talking to each other. Haha that's funny. WAIT A MINUTE just because they're both black doesn't mean they're talking to each other! HAHAHAHHA! It's possible, though, right? HAHA."

The end.

So see? Life happens that I don't show here. Why I'm telling you this, I don't know, but I thought you oghta.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free comics.

Twenty one comics.

That's how many I got today.

No, I didn't get them ALL free, only about half of them. But technically I only paid $2.00 for all that (I bought 10 for $2 as a deal, the rest were free.) It's all from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY if it didn't register yet. If it didn't send in its SIR yet. Nevermind.

The gang was me, Pandrew, and Pogawa, later we met up with Jan and his bro James. We visited 4 comic book stores and the Cerritos library. And uh... yeah! I think all I wanted to say was that I got 21 comics.

OH also a nice sketch here!

His name is Brodie McNeil. It's by a guy named Brett Nance, he's the artist for the webcomic ManBoys! He and his colleague friend guys were at one of the comic book stores signing copies of their comics. No, I don't read and or have never heard of their comic... but they were cool and nice! So here's a plug for them.


Thaaaat's right. Be jealous.