Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free comics.

Twenty one comics.

That's how many I got today.

No, I didn't get them ALL free, only about half of them. But technically I only paid $2.00 for all that (I bought 10 for $2 as a deal, the rest were free.) It's all from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY if it didn't register yet. If it didn't send in its SIR yet. Nevermind.

The gang was me, Pandrew, and Pogawa, later we met up with Jan and his bro James. We visited 4 comic book stores and the Cerritos library. And uh... yeah! I think all I wanted to say was that I got 21 comics.

OH also a nice sketch here!

His name is Brodie McNeil. It's by a guy named Brett Nance, he's the artist for the webcomic ManBoys! He and his colleague friend guys were at one of the comic book stores signing copies of their comics. No, I don't read and or have never heard of their comic... but they were cool and nice! So here's a plug for them.

Thaaaat's right. Be jealous.