Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The good feelin's outside

You know that feeling inside you get after doing a good deed? Yeah. Yeah. Well I didn't get it today.

I'm supposed to, right? I mean after donating blood, I'm supposed to be all "I'm dizzy, nauseous, in pain, and I just threw up all over my dog... but I saved some lives by donating! Today is a good day!". Well that wasn't the case for me. I sat around waiting and drinking water for 10 minutes, answered "no" for every questionnaire question (for I am not sexually active), got my finger pricked (that hurt), laid on a table for another 20 minutes, had the nurse puncture my elbow pit for a couple minutes to find a vein, and stayed their squeezing a ball in pain every 5 seconds. If you do the math, that's two hours of boredom and pain.

Am I a bad person? I'm pretty horrible. I get no satisfaction in saving a life. I DID LAST TIME THOUGH. But all I could think of this time was "dang... this is boring. I could be reviewing math in class right now." Punch me now!

On a happier note, the food was good. Had 3 bags of cracker stuff and 4 Oreos.

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