Monday, August 31, 2009

College Collage

Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college!

Okay I will!
Q: Random picture? Or tied into the post?!

College is supposed to be a new experience, right? I should have tons of new material to talk about, partying and getting lost and whatnot, but I don't. If someone asks me about how college is, I can only say "twas pretty cool" or something Kevin-y like that. I can't say something like "oh man, everyone's so intense!!" because A) everyone isn't so intense, and B) I can't imagine what the heck that means. What I'm trying to say is that nothing incredible or bizarre has happened. YET.

But for now I'll bullet point my way through this entry. Bullet points are awesome because they eliminate the need for transitions. Especially bad ones. Like this transition from up there to down here. Anyway the following is the college collage... part.
  • Odd silence. ODD, not awkward. Walking around campus, there's an odd silence that I sometimes come across. No one near me is really talking, since a lot of people are alone. It's almost creepy. Dude, could you imagine if I farted during those times of odd silence??? 30ish people would've heard me! Have you EVER had your fart heard by more than 5 people? Exactly. This is one of my fears.
  • Meeting friends is kinda tricky, but luckily a lot of people are really nice. I was incredibly happy to meet like two guys in my classes... although Jane often tells me entire histories of about 20 people she already met in an hour. She may have upped me on both quality and quantity... but my friends are probably cooler.
  • There are lotsa stairs. Anybody reading that sentence will probably say "duuhh!!", but I'm not really used to it! Going to class on the "5th floor" is a new foreign concept to me - I'm pretty sure Whitney had a negative amount of stairs. (Possible?!)
  • Laptop? I actually don't need this for any of my classes this semester. Use it on my downtime like right now? YES SIR!
  • No lockers because of dorms and cars.
  • CSUF is surprisingly very bright, probably due to the white pavement everywhere. I have to wear my sunglasses to block out all the brightness. Also, to look suave.
  • The food is quite scrumptious here, and I doubt it will exponentially get worse as the years go on like SOME OTHER SCHOOL I KNOW... rhymes with "witney"...
  • PARKING. SUCKS. If you're planning to go to CSUF, know that the parking sucks more than a thirsty baby hippo on a bald guy's sweaty head. I have to arrive here at 8:00AM, just to park on the very top (5th) floor of one of the parking structures. Then, last Thursday, it took me a half an hour to get from the top to the streets. What da eff, I says. I heard that it fortunately gets better as the year goes on... but curse you, 5,000ish parking spaces and 22,000ish parking permits!!
  • STORY: One time at around noon, I had to go to my car in the parking lot. As I was walking there, there were maybe like 15 cars just circling and driving around the lot. Two people asked if I were leaving so they could take my spot. One car just started following me. I felt bad, but angry and annoyed at the same time, so I just flicked them off. HAHA just kidding. I didn't feel bad. HAHA just kidding again.
  • They do take roll in college. At least for small class. HUH!
  • I've had a lot of "aauugghh" moments this past week. It's usually just small things like I forgot my pencil or I brought the wrong book, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It's kinda fun to just SAY "augh". I think I picked up the phrase from listening to too much of the webcomics weekly podcast (where I was mentioned twice!). I also picked up the word "gorsh" from there. Oh those crazy guys!
So that's my first week of college. Some stuff familiar, some stuff new, all in all a good experience so far. Yeah, today Kevin is boring with his descriptions. But in the future, he'll be better! He described more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

High fives to those who got the lyric reference.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Senior Year Miss List

It's never too late to talk about Whitney, right? Well I guess maybeso if I try to remember everything I want to... but not too late for the eager reader! I'll be fine if you just read parts you're familiar with. So here... we... go!

I'm gonna miss trying to park awesomely in the Whitney parking lot.

I'm gonna miss 2nd period art with Ms. Agrums, barely making it to class on time, saying "Hi" quietly to Steffi (the only other "advance" artist), trying to paint when most of the lights were turned off for 2nd year slides, having my own shelf thing that slowly got more and more cluttered, watching the other 2nd year-ers do what I did last year and totally owning me in the face, going into the classroom at lunch and after school to finish my procrastinated pieces, and listening to Mrs. Agrums's zany lectures and stories. They weren't zany because of the content - they were zany because of her.

I'm gonna miss homeroom which gave me time to watch awesome Comiclub/IFF whittles and shirtless Pauls, and it also gave me time to study for some Jeans tests.

I'm gonna miss 3rd period Civics and Econ with Jeans. I USED to like Jeans, but then he got annoying. I'm gonna miss doing all those projects we did (they weren't torturous so much as time to work in a group with friends! but yeah sometimes they sucked), and I'm gonna miss doing really well in, like, two projects, acing econ tests because they matched Perry's review packets, sitting in the mecca of fun of CraigAnumCindyJaneJaydee and still being able to talk to my other friends outside the lil circle, being on the winning side of a debate, hating on the Jeans as a class, and... board freaking. Definitely gonna miss board freaking.

I'm gonna miss snack, walking there and trying not to crack up FOR NO REASON AT ALL, then seeing Marina's face and laughing anyway. I'll miss having a todo list that would send me on little missions to do something (hey much like a MMORPG...), and I'll miss having absolutely nothing to do. I'll miss seeing everyone come back with a forever steaming and forever shrinking breakfast burrito that's only delicious to the most hungry. I'm gonna miss Michelle telling me we'll be late for Delgado, and then me telling Darren we're gonna be late for Delgado.

I'm gonna miss 4th period CalcH with Delgado, usually arriving on time with just a few seconds to spare. Yeah at times it was boring, but I'll miss switching back between intense note taking and intense drawing -cough-. I'll miss all the "group work" assignments that usually had 10 problems (30 minutes to solve each one mind you), I'm gonna miss when Delgado made her eyes bigger than her head, borrowing books from every-so-kind people, feeling really good about a MATH test I just took, looking out for lights off in Palmieri's room to know if we're watching a movie, mustard colored sweaters, and wondering what the heck Delgado's HUSBAND is like.

I'll miss 5th period English class with Palmieri, watching all those movies, doing pretty decent on those quote analyzation quizzes, getting time to "work on college essays", failing the comps but some how still get a passing grade, having no due dates, watching the class panic after finding out about a quiz (then realizing I'm just as screwed), and listening to a very talk woman speak in a coincidentally high voice.

I'm gonna miss 5th period (2nd semester) English with Mr. Dalley, all them craaazy lectures. I'll miss Dalley's ridiculous expressions, Paul Marshall impersonations, cynical criticisms of our lives, and recomposed perspectives of the world we once knew. His shocked face should totally have a staring contest with Delgado's big eyes. I'm gonna miss working on twenty group projects at the same time, the 10 point quizzes that were difficult and easy at the same time, listening to Paul and Jaydee taking insulting swipes at each other, hangin out with those two along with Jenny/Darren/Julie in the back of the room, doing presentations that include dancing and fat jokes, and having an English class that's fun yet interesting.


I'll miss lunch time, eating under those tent things on the rocky tables, playing iPod in those big speakers a few times, getting front row seats to a bunch of shows near the quad, having absolutely nothing to do and having too much stuff to accomplish by the end of lunch, appreciating Wednesday and Friday for the hour long lunches. I'll miss all them Comiclub meetings where I talked a lot, and them VietClub meetings where I ate a lot. I'm gonna miss those pep rallies, seeing everyone in the school excited about some frivolous stuff, then singing the alma mater with anyone next to me.

I'm gonna miss 6th period contemporary media with Mr. Z, conceptualizing ideas, gathering actors props and equipment, and turning all our hard work into a kickass film. I'll miss getting to know all those juniors JonathanJoshStephanieSarah (along with CraigDiana of course), I'll miss the tense moments when Mr. Z was pissed, watching movies to study the directing, brainstorming and getting silly ideas like robin hood in tights (or something??), spending the whole period to just write scripts, being so frustrated when it was crunch time and stuff wasn't working out, avoiding mirrors while filming, getting bizarre shots that turned out great, creepy zooming in of little kids talking, nonsense conversations to test different types of mics, film festivals to show off our accomplishments, and everyone being satisfied with a final product.

I'm gonna miss Track and Cross Country, I love the teams so much. I'll miss going to practice reluctant to see coach, running so hard until someone barfs (then running some more), having little conversations with random teammates about anything, guessing whether or not Borah will beat Kimberly, running my butt off in a 400m dash, then trying to beat it, seeing everyone's face when I took roll, dilly dallying before practice just to see how everyone else is dilly dallying, practicing with blocks, drinking Javier's magic elixir that tasted like cereal, Cliff bars and "Gatorade", the holy tree of stretching, the holy bleachers of roll, comforting an injured teammate, getting tired from just plyos, pacing wall to walls on my watch, saving a bottle for Paul to recycle, being bothered that Paul took my bottle when I wasn't done, Kai-bai-bo's and dares, ninja and other ninja, pantsless James and shoes flying in the air, and Ellie poop stories. I'll definitely miss pasta parties (!!!) with "Angelic climbs", "Jaydee Ga Ga"s, truthordare with shirtless Lihans/Henrys. (I kinda threw XC and track together.)

I'll miss the actual meets too! I realized that I just talked mainly about practices.

- I'll miss arriving at a course. It has just such an epic feel to it, I look all around and think "alright, this is the place I'm gonna run on the place I'm gonna conquer." I'm gonna miss the immense amount of tension and anticipation that always built up, as if we were going to fight war and knew we would come back dead. Everyone ran the same 3 miles too, and I'll miss the irreplaceable bond that could only be felt through pain, determination, and love.

- I'll miss the family love, similar to XC's but a bit quirkier. I'll miss visiting the throwers who always seemed so chilled, and then running back to warm up for the -insert event name-, latching on my spikes, and handing off the baton with "STICKS" and a couple laps. I'm gonna miss all those people who helped me put my spikes on. I'll miss running in a relay race, finishng my leg dead tired, and almost tearing up to yell and make my teammates run even faster.

Both XC and Track
- I'm gonna miss the downtime between races where I got to hang out with everyone else and ask the dead tired people how their race was. I'll miss screaming my head off as I cheer for the runner to push them just that much more. I want to make them run faster, and I feel as though my voice would give them that boost of strength and energy to out kick anyone close. I'll miss when my teammates did the same for me.

Man I could write a much longer post about just these two sports, but I don't have time so I did my best to keep it short. All in all, I'm gonna miss running for my team.


I'm gonna miss my class of 2009. Every single person. Even if I thought you were kinda weird, I'm gonna miss you. I'll still miss seeing everyone's face that gave me a sense of familiarity with my life. Thank you.

So there you go, guys! My Whitney mental closure. Tomorrow I start college at CSUF- along with my new Miss List for next year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something of Everything

(This message brought to you by MS Paint.)

Today's post has a little bit of everything for anyone! Unless you're a dog. Can't do much for the canines.

Something Sweet
Today was my last day of work YAY! SWEET, RIGHT?! Okay that wasn't the "sweet" part of this story. The sweet part is... coming up!

There's this one 5th grade girl in my class (I teach at Quest if you didn't know), and she's one of my better students, always does her work even though she doesn't really enjoy drawing. Her name is Tiffany. She's not the typical quiet little girls, and she's not incredibly friendly or easy going, but she's a nice kid. She always says "I'm boorred", and I would reply "You always say that!", and she would laugh, and I would laugh.

Last week was her last week at Quest. When I was in the room with all the kids running around, Tiffany quickly scurried up to me. Without giving eye contact in a almost bashful manner, she said "Today's my last day, I'll miss you", and then she ran away. It took me a while to realize what just happened and how sweet that was. What makes it so special was that she was totally shy about it! She's not an overenthusiastic girl that says she loves everything. She's a simple, softly spoken kid.

That's why I teach! To have moments of the kind.

Also, because there were no other jobs available.

Something Exciting
A few days ago I was driving. Yup, in my car. I was going West on South street (is that ironic?) when I found myself behind this car with its left turn signal blinking away. Inside the car was this black dude, and he certainly had no intentions of turning left. "Oh here's a smarty..."

About a block later, Phillip (I named the black guy Phillip) switched his left turn signal to the right and merged into the right lane. He waited at the intersection for the red light until the perpendicular traffic(?) was clear. Meanwhile, I look in my left mirror and see two cops in a cop car.

Yes, this story has cops and a black guy.

Phillip finally made his right turn and sped north up Norwalk (NORTHWALK!!!). I looked at the two cops again in my mirror. The passenger seated cop was looking aggressively through some papers while the driver was keeping his eye on something to the right of me. "Wait a minute... 2 cops? Looking for something..? It couldn't be [Phillip], could it..?"

Just then the cops took off, turning right from the left turn lane with the car lights-a-flashin. They were totally chasing Phillip! DUH NUH NUH NUH!

I followed the police. I was curious. When I caught up, Phillip was pulled over and the two cops were stepping out of their car. I parked in a nearby parking lot to observe. Suddenly, the black man bolted out of the car and started running! He had a big rifle in his hands! Both cops started after him and one radio'd something in his radio. Phillip was flailing his arms like he had some sorta quirk while the two others huffed and puffed to stay close behind. They disappeared behind some building. "WHAT da eff was that?!" A few seconds later the chase emerged from an alley literally 10 meters in front of me. I saw Phillip, as scared as a fox in a shooting gallery, run straight across my windshield, followed by two policemen, as determined as three Jehovah's witnesses trying to sell me some God. That's right, they're worth three people. Anyway, one cop sprang forward and latched onto Phillip! They fell to the ground while the other came up from behind and sat on the apparent violator's face. "YA LIKE THAT, SCUM?!" he said as he farted in his face. "I will not steal cotton balls again I won't!" the guilty man cried. Once again, the day was saved, thanks to... the COPS!

Just kidding yay!

That actually never happened. Well, that whole long paragraph part never happened, everything before was true... but it would've been lame if I stopped at the "duh nuh nuh" part, right?! That's probably what happened anyway. His name was probably Phillip too.

Something Tragic
I helped my dad build my new desk/shelf! My delf shesk! That's not the tragic part.

Once built, I was carrying my lava lamp when... FLIP OUT! DROP! CATCH! SMAAAASH! I sandwiched the tip of my index finger between the edge of the new desk and the 5+pound lava lamp. "owowowowowoowow..." I quickly placed the lamp down and ran to the bathroom to run my finger under some cold water.

And let me tell you guys, I have not felt such EXCRUCIATING pain such a long time. It was bad. Really bad. After the water I put some ice on my finger. The pain never went away that day. Yknow how they say physical pain is better than emotional pain because you can heal from it? Well I was starting to reconsider.

My nail (and the area around it) is blackish purple now.

Yeah because like, like, what if you got a physical injury, like your nose got chopped off? That would hurt. AND, when the doctors find out they can't put your honker back on, you'll be noseless! Do you realize how many people will make fun of you? They'd be calling you Voldamort left and right, especially if your name is Valerie or Mort. They'd cleverly call you "Val"damort, or UNcleverly call you Volda"mort"! Do you KNOW how much emotional pain you'll get from that physical pain??? Oh I nose. A lot.

anybody 'EYY OOHHHHH?!?!?

To this day my finger still hurts once in a while. I can't bend my index finger much, nonetheless use it, and it gets annoying when doing mundane things like PICKING UP MY CAMERA... The good part is that I use my left arm/hand a lot more. Ambidextrous here I come! I just hopes it heals soon so I can get back to drawing regularly.

Something Inspirational

After 2 months of work... hours of late nights(?)... thousands of frames... dozens of drawings... I finally finished... MY FUHFUHFUHLAAAAAASH MOOOOOVAY (translation: Flash Movie)!!!

I made a movie called "Spacefood" for a Fresh Brain contest. My bad index finger may have given me hand cramps all night and made it difficult to use the mouse, BUT I PREVAILED! I finished my movie just in time for the contest. Because Kevin succeeds.

You can see the BAD quality version here: ( If you wanna see the awesome quality version, I can email you the swf file.

But guys! This is gooood news! I consider this my first official animated short film!! It has colors and backgrounds and EVERYTHING! When I become John Lasseter famous, I'll be like "Yeah, my first animated film was called Spacefood. Oh man I don't like the title I gave it though. If I could rename it, it would be called 'Space-F'. That is so much awesomer." Then they'd hand me my award.


I'm just glad I'm done with my summer project because now I can write this post!!

Something Conclusive
Sometimes I spend too much time on these posts.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tune in NOW!

On the last episode of La vida del heroe...

"Craig's having an early birthday party? No way!"

"Yes way!"

"Sweet, Chipotle? (Also pronounced as as shih-poh-tul...) Nice."

"JOKE TIME! How do ships travel to their favorite restaurant?"


"No... through the Ship-portal! Chipotle!"

"That's not even how you pronounce Chipotle."

"Look man, you gotta appreciate a joke for what it is."

"Well I'm still waiting for one."


"I'm gonna sit elsewhere."

"Time to go bowling, guys!"


"Well we paid for 2, got a free game... and hey the machine broke. Time to bowl SOME MAS!"

"The machine broke? Well my arm broke from all these balls."

"That's what she said."

"My ears broke from that joke!"

"That makes no sense."

"Let's just all shutup now."

"Hey look, a Jamba Juice coupon!"


But the next day at retreat...

"OMG Facebook event invitation lolz! XC Alumni Retreat to Newport! Who's on board?!"

KevinAnumMillyJaneKimberlyJanJaydeeVeronica: "WE ARE!!"

Kevin: "Okay I'll drive..."

Milly: (based on actual convo) "Okay so at orientation, there was this beetle flying around, and it was near a girl's head, and her friend was there, and her friend tried to hit the bug away for her, but she missed and hit my head. Would you do that for me?"

Anum: "Hit your head? Yes."

Milly: "Noo!! Hit the bug away for me!!!"



"Let's walk to Balboa!"

"What's this glass shop? Oh this stuff looks cool!"

"My horoscope sucks..."

"No, you just suck."

"That is true."

"These burritos are delicious!"

"My samich is huge! And you know what they say about guys with big sandwiches, eehh???"


"Oh. They say that their appetite is big."

"Hey the Balboa Island Dinosaur!"

"Yay, let's take a picture with it!"

"Haha, this is fun!"

"Let's pose with it now!"

"This is so funny!! Haha!"

"It is now humping Jan. Let's go back."

"Set up camp!"

"Wait a minute... we're like the people from Avatar!"


"I'm Jaydee Aang, ready to save the world!"

"Kevin Sokka and Kimberkatara, reporting for duty!"

"Veronica Azula and Anum Mai, ready to kick some butt!"

"Jane Toph and Jan Bumi, bending some earth!"

"Milly Momo/TyLee, identity crisis?!"

"Ready for some pool time?"







"This is so tiring. What do we do now?"


"Fashion Island rocks!"

"Only because of the Apple store though!"


"Wait guys... I think we had enough photoshoots for the day. My smile muscles are atrophying so much, I gotta start making up words. Don't you think we should take a little break?"

"Yeah, I think you're right..."


"HEY GUYS! Let's make a video!"

All: "...VIDEOSHOOT!!"

"Let's play the 'choose clothes out for each other and try them on' game!"

"Wait so we gotta pick clothes out for each other?"


"Guess their size?"


"Isn't this just like shopping for someone?"

"Uh huh."

"Except at the end you have to wear clothes that you might not necessarily like, nonetheless fit?"


"...Alright I'm down."

"Red Robin sure is delicious."

"Hey ladies, let's all use the bathroom together at once!"

Ladies: "YEAH!"

"I don't get it. Why do they have to all go at once?"

"I dunno! Maybe in order to flush, they have that thing where they gotta turn two keys in different locations at the same time."

"Yes because that totally makes sense."

"Girls work in mysterious ways."


"Finally, we're back at camp!"

"Let's play a card game that totally won't be long and totally won't suck."

"Phase 10 it is!"

3 hours later...


"No no! We're almost done!"

"WHO CARES! My feet rot at the thought of completing this game. And if my FEET are rotting, you know something wrong."

"Yeah something's wrong with you."

"Just deal the cards..."

"Alright guys. I'm trying to get wild and hoping for the runs."

"Quote out of context?"

"Permission granted!"

"Hey we're done... I won!"


"Imma go pee now. Don't you boys fall asleep while us ladies are peeing simultaneously."

"Don't worry, I believe that thought will keep me up all night."

"Yeah girls are gross."

10 minutes later...

"You're all asleep you suck."

The next morning...

"'Mao' is the sound a cat makes. Also the sound WHEN I WHOOP YOUR BUTTS!"

"Why are we playing cards again..."

"Mao is called Phase 11."

Kevin: "I'm driving alone back to Cerritos for work..."

Once retreat ends, what's next..?

"Hey Jane, let's go to the student life orientation!"

"Alright! I hope it's not boring like last time!"

A few hours later...

"Oh God this is so boring, just more presentations! It's more boring than watching Two and a Half Men."

"You've never even seen that show."

"Yeah cuz it's boring!"

"The scavenger hunt was fun though."

"Yeah, I wish we got to kill more people though."

"What? What the heck- we didn't kill anyone. What do you mean 'kill MORE people'?"

"'1' is more than '0'. Cmon. You know simple algebra."

"And are you talking about killing people because it was a scavenger *hunt*?"


"Well that's stupid. 'Hunt' doesn't mean 'kill'. Just because you 'hunt' something, doesn't mean-"

"Okay okay I get it! Geez. I'd like to hunt you right now..."

"Are you even LISTENING to me?!"

The next day again...

"Geocaching? What is this alien voodoo?"

"It's like an international scavenger hunt."

"Dude that's awesome!"

"Hey look I found a box!"

"SWEET! Time to sign that paper!"


"Wait HOLD ON... this is an international scavenger hunt? That's gotta be like genocide."

Next time on La vida del heroe...

"No, you don't kayak with your body in the water!"

"I find it sort of ironic, going-away parties... Time to celebrate someone's absence!"

"If it's not my baby... THEN WHOSE IS IT!?" -enter, the dingo?!-


Please note that 98% of the above quotations were never really said. The actual EVENTS were true though... and that Milly and Anum exchange really happened too. I found it really funny.

Also noteworthy, tallest entry evah!?

Saturday, August 8, 2009



I was sitting in my room,

and then VWAAHHHP, something small but weighty came from the ceiling and landed on my desk! It sounded like a bug, and sure enough, it was a bug.

But what could've been so heavy as to make a PTAAAP sound and come from the ceiling?? I looked in the dark corner of my desk and spotted a little creature moving. It looked like a cricket.

"What kinda demon cricket is this!?" I thought. I wasn't 100% sure, though, that it was a cricket. Do crickets fly??? Maybe it was a grasshopper... that LOOKED like a cricket? I looked around for something to wack it with, but before I could take my eyes off this mystery insect,


It jumped in the air! Its projected path, however, followed no perfect arch. When it reached its maximum height, the flying "cricket" curved almost immediately downward into my bag of comics. "WHAT DA EFF WAS THAT!?" were my inner screams.

I couldn't see the dang thing in the bag from where I was standing. I counted to three and shot my hands around the bag's mouth, covering any possible escape for the cricket. It was trapped.

With the bag of comics and crazy cricket in hand, I did what any logical person would do - I put it down in the hall way and walked away.

I think I'll just wait till the demon dies, then I'll take the bag and pour everything on the floor so I can spot the cricket easier to throw away. That is, if the cricket is still there...

Friday, August 7, 2009

New stuff from Kevin

While you soak in that Comic-Con post, here's a link to my new website that just "launched"!!

The Comiclub Gallery
(it doesn't work with "www." in the address, I dunno why.)

YUP! I post Comiclub comics there, since we weren't able to make a Comiclubook last year. The next best thing after having something in print? PUTTING IT ONLINE!

Oh yeah, and if you don't want your comic shown, just tell me...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For good remembering.

For good remembering(?), I feel like I should post a nice summary of Comic-Con. So in true, good ol' recap fashion... BOOLAY POINTS! (You don't have to read through all of this, just skip to the good parts [although that would just be everything now {whhHOOAaa see what I did there?!}])

Wednesday (Preview night)
  • Long drive...
  • 4 Day pass people can get into Wed. preview night, so we went ther! Sadly, we arrived LITTERRAALLYY three minutes late (8:33PM), so they didn't let us in. Lametard!
  • Yay Best Western! OUR BATH NO DRAIN!?

Thursday (Day 1)
  • Connie and Amanda stay in the hotel room..?
  • Long line to get in... but we got WHIP IT headbands..!
  • We saw Romel's mom! But not really. If you want details just ask Samee.
  • We also saw a lady's butt. Again, just ask Samee about it.
  • Explore day...
  • I met the Halfpixel guys! They signed my How to Make Webcomics book!! I also bought a couple books from a couple of them.
  • Tangent (but not really a tangent): It was really weird meeting them, I listened to their podcast for a while and it was so weird meeting them in person when I only heard their voice before. I got all nervous...
  • On our way out of the building, we got a bunch of 9 cards. We collected all 9, but couldn't find "the machine" or "seamstress" or whatever, so we weren't able to meet Elijah Wood an
  • Subway for lunch?
  • No. Hotdogs for lunch.
  • Shopping... then Psych panel! Samee: "We haveta go early! The line's goona be long!" Me: "NAW..." The line was long. An hour long.
  • AWESOME PSYCH PANEL! Gus tapdanced! New season this Friday..!
  • FREE PSYCH SWAG?! Yes, a Psych Ball (like Magic 8), comic book, and T-Shirt.
  • In line for the free swag, we saw a guy dressed up as Harry Potter battle a guy dressed up as Voldemort. For Comic-Con, a wizard battle amounts to standing and pointing a wand at each other while smoke spews out of the tip. Actually more exciting than awkward.
  • Met the Lackadaisy creator, she signed a book I bought! (Which I read a few days later OH MAN IT'S SO AWESOME!!)
  • At the Symbiote booth,
  • Super dinner at the hotel. ITALIAN AVALANCHE OF FOOD the calzone was delicious. Thanks Amanda & Connie. Amandonnie? Connimanda? Anaconda...

Friday (Day 2)
  • Parking is stupid, so we missed the X-Men and Coraline panel...
  • I filled out this contest paper to possibly get free Bakugan things. No, I don't play, and I realize that if I win I'm taking away a bunch of a pour little Bakguan-loving soul. HAHA SERVES EM RIGHT. Them squirts gotta grow up.
  • Lots of free stuff including a FLASH comic and a BLACK LANTERN ring!
  • NARUTO CLAW GAME! claaawww snap! It's a claw game... THAT'S FREEE! There was a long line, but luckily Samee Jan and I were first! And Jan won something! I, however, did not. Those dang claws, grabbin as tight as 98 year old, half asleep senior citizen. (No offense to my 98 year old readers.)
  • Pokeballs again! They seemed easier to get this year... or maybe we just got lucky this time.
  • Lunch at Jwok... dude that food is delicious. The asian waitress there was really pretty too. HAHA. So yay for WiFi+iPod+Yelp! Although we did have to WOK far to get to the restaraunt!
  • Lemme get a high five for that one! -five!- YEAH.
  • Free Mythbusters bag. JAN don't just get them to give them away...
  • Free... ICECREAM!!! My Raphael had a missing eye, but boy was it delicious.
  • While Samee and Jan bought about $120,000 in gifts, I spent about $20 on myself. Good for them! Shame on me!
  • In the afternoon we discovered the greatest thing at the Con: CUSTOM YUGIOH CARDS! It's pretty self explanatory: choose a background, get your picture taken, BAM Yugioh. Hey hey, they should end all of their episodes like that - "BAM Yugioh!!". I'd watch that show.
  • Kazu Kibuishi panel! Half bland half interesting... I don't really wanna hear about your wife, Kazu. At least not for 20 minutes. Amulet stuff was awesome though.
  • More Yelp = Bay Park Fish Co. for dinner! Sushi roll thing + clam chowder OH DELICIOUS! And Sammee fancied that blond waitress. What is it with San Diego and food servers?
  • Back at hotel, stayed up till midnight drawing on my custom shirt...

Saturday (Day 3)
  • Time to wear my custom shirt..!
  • Screw parking, we took a trolley there from qua...cqucolaocualm... stadium!
  • We first stood in line for tickets to get stuff signed by the creators of Avatar later that day! Yes, we had to stand in a line in the morning to get into a line in the afternoon.
  • I went into today thinking "okay what are we gonna do now, we did pretty much everything..."
  • BUT!
  • While we were in line for an Adam Baldwin sighting (more on that later), we encountered... WALDO! And we heard somewhere that if we find Waldo, we get a prize! SO FOUND HIM WE DID!
  • We confronted Waldo, but his spokesman said we need "passports" at the Capcom booth, so while Samee followed Waldo around like a stalker, Jan and I went to get the passports!
  • After running around for maybe 20 minutes, we reunited just in time (right before Waldo and spokesman's lunch break). SUCCESS!! We were entered in a drawing for an Xbox and other stuff.
  • Continued from previous bullet point: we did not win the Xbox.
  • After that lil adventure and a lil shopping, we ate at lil Jwok again! Yeah, it was that good.
  • Rushed back after lunch where I flew solo at the Webcomics Weekly panel (more of the halfpixel guys!). It was pretty entertaining, but not as much as their podcast, they had too much review in their talk...
  • Adam Baldwin time! This guy is "Casey" from Chuck, and he's also... "I dunno his name" from Firefly. We also saw him on Independence Day the night before. So Adam was was doing signings on the exhibit floor, and if him not being there in the morning or the yesterday, he was finally there! I got to shake his hand (twice HAHA). Hells no to the $30 signing though.
  • Oh yeah, and I had to get a sneaky sneaky picture with Adam Baldwin, since it would've cost $10 if I wasn't sneaky sneaky.
  • More Yugioh! Jan's green shirt made us get a little... clever... more on that later.
  • We also played a lil deca sports while waiting in line for Yugioh... wait is that worth mentioning?
  • Avatar signing time! We used the ticket from earlier to MEET THE CREATORS OF AVATAR, and get a few posters SIGNED! HUZZAH!!! That is a victory!
  • We saw haram Toph in line, except this year she was haram Katara. Interstin... (I am aware that I typed interstin.)
  • Back to the hotel! ON THE WRONG TROLLEY!? Took like 45 minutes, don't make that mistake or you'll be passing through a cemetary too.
  • NY Pizza for dinner. More deliciousness...

Sunday (Day 4)
  • Pack up day! and $15 parking goodness.
  • Another visit to the Yugioh booth for some more custom cards.
  • Avatar pins! Jan and I got 3 of the 4 nations (she ran out of Earth Kingdom...). It feels sorta unbalanced... imbalanced? Not balanced.
  • Turns out I DID go gift shopping. Hope you like your stuff, you gift receivers...
  • Oh and then I bought a poster for myself. YES.
  • Said bye to Yugioh employees. They adore us.
  • And uh... yeah! Drove right on home, ate lunch in the car, everyone got dropped off, and that was that!
Finally, in case you missed it, most of the pictures I took are on Facebook. I hope you're my friend.

Even though I didn't see everyone I wanted to at the Con, like Bill Amend or Hayao Miyazaki, I still had tons of fun. I tried my best to recap all the cool stuff we did, but there was still a bunch of minor little things that I'll probably remember later. So all in all, Comic-Con 2009 was very... successful.

P.S. There was gonna be a video in this post, but my computer is being stupid, so I'll post it later.