Saturday, August 8, 2009



I was sitting in my room,

and then VWAAHHHP, something small but weighty came from the ceiling and landed on my desk! It sounded like a bug, and sure enough, it was a bug.

But what could've been so heavy as to make a PTAAAP sound and come from the ceiling?? I looked in the dark corner of my desk and spotted a little creature moving. It looked like a cricket.

"What kinda demon cricket is this!?" I thought. I wasn't 100% sure, though, that it was a cricket. Do crickets fly??? Maybe it was a grasshopper... that LOOKED like a cricket? I looked around for something to wack it with, but before I could take my eyes off this mystery insect,


It jumped in the air! Its projected path, however, followed no perfect arch. When it reached its maximum height, the flying "cricket" curved almost immediately downward into my bag of comics. "WHAT DA EFF WAS THAT!?" were my inner screams.

I couldn't see the dang thing in the bag from where I was standing. I counted to three and shot my hands around the bag's mouth, covering any possible escape for the cricket. It was trapped.

With the bag of comics and crazy cricket in hand, I did what any logical person would do - I put it down in the hall way and walked away.

I think I'll just wait till the demon dies, then I'll take the bag and pour everything on the floor so I can spot the cricket easier to throw away. That is, if the cricket is still there...

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