Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For good remembering.

For good remembering(?), I feel like I should post a nice summary of Comic-Con. So in true, good ol' recap fashion... BOOLAY POINTS! (You don't have to read through all of this, just skip to the good parts [although that would just be everything now {whhHOOAaa see what I did there?!}])

Wednesday (Preview night)
  • Long drive...
  • 4 Day pass people can get into Wed. preview night, so we went ther! Sadly, we arrived LITTERRAALLYY three minutes late (8:33PM), so they didn't let us in. Lametard!
  • Yay Best Western! OUR BATH NO DRAIN!?

Thursday (Day 1)
  • Connie and Amanda stay in the hotel room..?
  • Long line to get in... but we got WHIP IT headbands..!
  • We saw Romel's mom! But not really. If you want details just ask Samee.
  • We also saw a lady's butt. Again, just ask Samee about it.
  • Explore day...
  • I met the Halfpixel guys! They signed my How to Make Webcomics book!! I also bought a couple books from a couple of them.
  • Tangent (but not really a tangent): It was really weird meeting them, I listened to their podcast for a while and it was so weird meeting them in person when I only heard their voice before. I got all nervous...
  • On our way out of the building, we got a bunch of 9 cards. We collected all 9, but couldn't find "the machine" or "seamstress" or whatever, so we weren't able to meet Elijah Wood an
  • Subway for lunch?
  • No. Hotdogs for lunch.
  • Shopping... then Psych panel! Samee: "We haveta go early! The line's goona be long!" Me: "NAW..." The line was long. An hour long.
  • AWESOME PSYCH PANEL! Gus tapdanced! New season this Friday..!
  • FREE PSYCH SWAG?! Yes, a Psych Ball (like Magic 8), comic book, and T-Shirt.
  • In line for the free swag, we saw a guy dressed up as Harry Potter battle a guy dressed up as Voldemort. For Comic-Con, a wizard battle amounts to standing and pointing a wand at each other while smoke spews out of the tip. Actually more exciting than awkward.
  • Met the Lackadaisy creator, she signed a book I bought! (Which I read a few days later OH MAN IT'S SO AWESOME!!)
  • At the Symbiote booth,
  • Super dinner at the hotel. ITALIAN AVALANCHE OF FOOD the calzone was delicious. Thanks Amanda & Connie. Amandonnie? Connimanda? Anaconda...

Friday (Day 2)
  • Parking is stupid, so we missed the X-Men and Coraline panel...
  • I filled out this contest paper to possibly get free Bakugan things. No, I don't play, and I realize that if I win I'm taking away a bunch of a pour little Bakguan-loving soul. HAHA SERVES EM RIGHT. Them squirts gotta grow up.
  • Lots of free stuff including a FLASH comic and a BLACK LANTERN ring!
  • NARUTO CLAW GAME! claaawww snap! It's a claw game... THAT'S FREEE! There was a long line, but luckily Samee Jan and I were first! And Jan won something! I, however, did not. Those dang claws, grabbin as tight as 98 year old, half asleep senior citizen. (No offense to my 98 year old readers.)
  • Pokeballs again! They seemed easier to get this year... or maybe we just got lucky this time.
  • Lunch at Jwok... dude that food is delicious. The asian waitress there was really pretty too. HAHA. So yay for WiFi+iPod+Yelp! Although we did have to WOK far to get to the restaraunt!
  • Lemme get a high five for that one! -five!- YEAH.
  • Free Mythbusters bag. JAN don't just get them to give them away...
  • Free... ICECREAM!!! My Raphael had a missing eye, but boy was it delicious.
  • While Samee and Jan bought about $120,000 in gifts, I spent about $20 on myself. Good for them! Shame on me!
  • In the afternoon we discovered the greatest thing at the Con: CUSTOM YUGIOH CARDS! It's pretty self explanatory: choose a background, get your picture taken, BAM Yugioh. Hey hey, they should end all of their episodes like that - "BAM Yugioh!!". I'd watch that show.
  • Kazu Kibuishi panel! Half bland half interesting... I don't really wanna hear about your wife, Kazu. At least not for 20 minutes. Amulet stuff was awesome though.
  • More Yelp = Bay Park Fish Co. for dinner! Sushi roll thing + clam chowder OH DELICIOUS! And Sammee fancied that blond waitress. What is it with San Diego and food servers?
  • Back at hotel, stayed up till midnight drawing on my custom shirt...

Saturday (Day 3)
  • Time to wear my custom shirt..!
  • Screw parking, we took a trolley there from qua...cqucolaocualm... stadium!
  • We first stood in line for tickets to get stuff signed by the creators of Avatar later that day! Yes, we had to stand in a line in the morning to get into a line in the afternoon.
  • I went into today thinking "okay what are we gonna do now, we did pretty much everything..."
  • BUT!
  • While we were in line for an Adam Baldwin sighting (more on that later), we encountered... WALDO! And we heard somewhere that if we find Waldo, we get a prize! SO FOUND HIM WE DID!
  • We confronted Waldo, but his spokesman said we need "passports" at the Capcom booth, so while Samee followed Waldo around like a stalker, Jan and I went to get the passports!
  • After running around for maybe 20 minutes, we reunited just in time (right before Waldo and spokesman's lunch break). SUCCESS!! We were entered in a drawing for an Xbox and other stuff.
  • Continued from previous bullet point: we did not win the Xbox.
  • After that lil adventure and a lil shopping, we ate at lil Jwok again! Yeah, it was that good.
  • Rushed back after lunch where I flew solo at the Webcomics Weekly panel (more of the halfpixel guys!). It was pretty entertaining, but not as much as their podcast, they had too much review in their talk...
  • Adam Baldwin time! This guy is "Casey" from Chuck, and he's also... "I dunno his name" from Firefly. We also saw him on Independence Day the night before. So Adam was was doing signings on the exhibit floor, and if him not being there in the morning or the yesterday, he was finally there! I got to shake his hand (twice HAHA). Hells no to the $30 signing though.
  • Oh yeah, and I had to get a sneaky sneaky picture with Adam Baldwin, since it would've cost $10 if I wasn't sneaky sneaky.
  • More Yugioh! Jan's green shirt made us get a little... clever... more on that later.
  • We also played a lil deca sports while waiting in line for Yugioh... wait is that worth mentioning?
  • Avatar signing time! We used the ticket from earlier to MEET THE CREATORS OF AVATAR, and get a few posters SIGNED! HUZZAH!!! That is a victory!
  • We saw haram Toph in line, except this year she was haram Katara. Interstin... (I am aware that I typed interstin.)
  • Back to the hotel! ON THE WRONG TROLLEY!? Took like 45 minutes, don't make that mistake or you'll be passing through a cemetary too.
  • NY Pizza for dinner. More deliciousness...

Sunday (Day 4)
  • Pack up day! and $15 parking goodness.
  • Another visit to the Yugioh booth for some more custom cards.
  • Avatar pins! Jan and I got 3 of the 4 nations (she ran out of Earth Kingdom...). It feels sorta unbalanced... imbalanced? Not balanced.
  • Turns out I DID go gift shopping. Hope you like your stuff, you gift receivers...
  • Oh and then I bought a poster for myself. YES.
  • Said bye to Yugioh employees. They adore us.
  • And uh... yeah! Drove right on home, ate lunch in the car, everyone got dropped off, and that was that!
Finally, in case you missed it, most of the pictures I took are on Facebook. I hope you're my friend.

Even though I didn't see everyone I wanted to at the Con, like Bill Amend or Hayao Miyazaki, I still had tons of fun. I tried my best to recap all the cool stuff we did, but there was still a bunch of minor little things that I'll probably remember later. So all in all, Comic-Con 2009 was very... successful.

P.S. There was gonna be a video in this post, but my computer is being stupid, so I'll post it later.

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