Monday, August 31, 2009

College Collage

Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college! Post about first week of college!

Okay I will!
Q: Random picture? Or tied into the post?!

College is supposed to be a new experience, right? I should have tons of new material to talk about, partying and getting lost and whatnot, but I don't. If someone asks me about how college is, I can only say "twas pretty cool" or something Kevin-y like that. I can't say something like "oh man, everyone's so intense!!" because A) everyone isn't so intense, and B) I can't imagine what the heck that means. What I'm trying to say is that nothing incredible or bizarre has happened. YET.

But for now I'll bullet point my way through this entry. Bullet points are awesome because they eliminate the need for transitions. Especially bad ones. Like this transition from up there to down here. Anyway the following is the college collage... part.
  • Odd silence. ODD, not awkward. Walking around campus, there's an odd silence that I sometimes come across. No one near me is really talking, since a lot of people are alone. It's almost creepy. Dude, could you imagine if I farted during those times of odd silence??? 30ish people would've heard me! Have you EVER had your fart heard by more than 5 people? Exactly. This is one of my fears.
  • Meeting friends is kinda tricky, but luckily a lot of people are really nice. I was incredibly happy to meet like two guys in my classes... although Jane often tells me entire histories of about 20 people she already met in an hour. She may have upped me on both quality and quantity... but my friends are probably cooler.
  • There are lotsa stairs. Anybody reading that sentence will probably say "duuhh!!", but I'm not really used to it! Going to class on the "5th floor" is a new foreign concept to me - I'm pretty sure Whitney had a negative amount of stairs. (Possible?!)
  • Laptop? I actually don't need this for any of my classes this semester. Use it on my downtime like right now? YES SIR!
  • No lockers because of dorms and cars.
  • CSUF is surprisingly very bright, probably due to the white pavement everywhere. I have to wear my sunglasses to block out all the brightness. Also, to look suave.
  • The food is quite scrumptious here, and I doubt it will exponentially get worse as the years go on like SOME OTHER SCHOOL I KNOW... rhymes with "witney"...
  • PARKING. SUCKS. If you're planning to go to CSUF, know that the parking sucks more than a thirsty baby hippo on a bald guy's sweaty head. I have to arrive here at 8:00AM, just to park on the very top (5th) floor of one of the parking structures. Then, last Thursday, it took me a half an hour to get from the top to the streets. What da eff, I says. I heard that it fortunately gets better as the year goes on... but curse you, 5,000ish parking spaces and 22,000ish parking permits!!
  • STORY: One time at around noon, I had to go to my car in the parking lot. As I was walking there, there were maybe like 15 cars just circling and driving around the lot. Two people asked if I were leaving so they could take my spot. One car just started following me. I felt bad, but angry and annoyed at the same time, so I just flicked them off. HAHA just kidding. I didn't feel bad. HAHA just kidding again.
  • They do take roll in college. At least for small class. HUH!
  • I've had a lot of "aauugghh" moments this past week. It's usually just small things like I forgot my pencil or I brought the wrong book, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It's kinda fun to just SAY "augh". I think I picked up the phrase from listening to too much of the webcomics weekly podcast (where I was mentioned twice!). I also picked up the word "gorsh" from there. Oh those crazy guys!
So that's my first week of college. Some stuff familiar, some stuff new, all in all a good experience so far. Yeah, today Kevin is boring with his descriptions. But in the future, he'll be better! He described more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

High fives to those who got the lyric reference.



kiweesplash said...

yay! good luck with everything =)

Veronica said...

but not as much as toMOOOOOOORROWWWWWWWWWW

i knew it but couldnt place it til now HAHA