Monday, September 7, 2009


My nail is a dumby.

I'm writing about this because I have nothing else I wanna talk about right now. OH other than I joined a bunch of clubs at school: Creative Writing, Creative somethinsomethin, Entrepreneur Society, the Daily Titan, Anime Club (HAHA), Chinese Club, Korean somethinsomehin Christ club, Club club... the last three were unintentional (well the last one doesn't exist), but the people were so friendly I couldn't resist! AND I still gotta find out how to join all them art clubs.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about today! NAY! I was talking about my nail, or should I say, my soon-to-be-used-to-be nail. HAH! If you didn't know, I bashed my finger like three weeks ago, and my nail is due to come off any day now. But the question is... WHEN will it come off?

To answer that question, I made a nice little pie graph.

Chances My Nail Will Fall Off During The Following Activities

45% Washing the dishes
15% Driving in the car
15% Brushing my teeth
12% Taking a shower
3% Shaking someone's hand
1% Godzilla Attack
8% Other

So chances are good that I'll find my nail on a delicious plate of spaghetti. But oh how I'd love for it to fall off during a Godzilla attack. That glut never visits the states.

Hey! This chart reminds me of that one scene from How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall (for reasons I cannot recall) could make a bunch of fancy posters and stuff, so he made a pie chart of his favorite bars and a bar graph of his favorite pies! HAHA!

Favorite sitcom. I hope it wins the Emmy. YES, I'm fine if it beats Family Guy for best comedy, but either one is fine.

Aren't you glad you spent time with my Kanga?


Frances Castillo said...

hahahah only you would make a pie chart of when your nail falls off. i'm so amused.

i've never seen How I Met Your Mother!

Looks like I will now. :)

Kevin Lam..? said...

HAHA YAY that makes me happy, more people should watch that show.

Monday Nights at... 8:30? 9? 8? I don't remember, they changed the time. New season SEPTEMBER 21ST!!

Judy Pham said...

LOL. I don't know how or why but I started reading people's blogspots and then I stumbled upon yours. (creeper much?)

(: ah! I hope your nail will be okay.

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother! I've been watching it since it first aired! *high five*

I can't wait for the season premiere!

Kristen said...

dang i havent signed onto blogspot in forEVER and today i did, and i was like SHOOTTTT i missed sooo many updates from you! :( i like reading your kanga very much still :3

even though we're at different schools, and currently on different sides of the planet. keep updating!