Monday, September 14, 2009

College is like WOW

Since Twitter wasn't working at the time, I decided to blog about some stuff. I feel so internety.


I got a free book cuz I was the only person at the Creative Industries Club meeting and my name didn't have to be drawn because I was the only one there so I was the only possible candidate to receive the free book! I agree that that sentence could've been worded better, but I'm pretty confident that it was almost a sentence palindrome.


First time at CSUF... at night! I walked around campus... at night. I went to a meeting there... at night. I talked to people at college... at night. NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT - nuh nuh nuh night nuh night, NIIIIGHT! (Anyone get that reference? Hopefully not.)


So college. Good stuff. It's very much like... WOW. No not that kind of WOW, I'm talking about the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game... World of Warcraft. College, for me anyway, is indubitably as stated. Lemme esplain.

I've only played the game for maybe 30 minutes at a friends house a long time ago (so there goes my ethos), but I've played other MMORPG's similar to WOW, and college reminds me of them. I start off with not a lot, but I have plans to level up, so I go talk to people and they give me missions. You wanna join the newspaper? Go here. You're here? Go ask this person over here. I often times have multiple missions at once, so I'm never bored. So I run back and forth throughout campus doing these chores that help me explore my new world, and will ultimately benefit me in the end.

The main part of any MMORPG is the walking. So much walking. It's almost never fun, but the walking makes reaching a destination just that much more satisfying. I have to walk all over the campus, and it sucks, but once I reach that air-conditioned classroom and take a seat, it makes the whole trip worth it.

Speaking of walking, horses always kick butt when it comes to traveling, but I can't fit a bike in my car to bring to school.

Servers are kind of like majors. Sure, you're playing the same game, but you see different people and stuff, and it's hard to get together unless you're taking a break from your epic battles with dragons or Minotaurs or whatever the heck you fight.

Arguably the best part about them online games is the leveling up, or translated to the real world, getting better and better. College does just that for me! My favorite part about college THUS FAR is all the opportunities it gives me if I just take time to catch them. I already applied for an art scholarship, and there's another one I found today that I'm going to get more information about. There's also an "animation pitch" contest I'll be submitting my stuff to this Friday, and I look forward to that. With every class I take, test I pass, or opportunity I apply for, I'm just gaining experience points and leveling up!

Finally I gots me some guilds. I really don't know how WOW guilds work, like how they form or whatever, but I'll just assume it goes something like "hey, wanna be in my guild?" and the other guy's like "alright! heheheheh!" "heheheh!" "heheheheheh!" and the nerdy giggling would continue for a few minutes. Well guilds are similar to clubs or just a group of friends. I basically collaborate with a bunch of people I meet and tackle an objective, whether it be a difficult test or a delicious meal. However, they usually don't include all that giggling, but that depends on your guild MMMMM...

Alas, not every aspect of WOW is analogous to my college life. If I meet a girl at school, I don't instantly think she's a hot babe that enjoys a little role playing. Unless she is. Then that would be my instant thought. But see, I don't make these crazy fantastical assumptions because I can actually SEE her. So there can be some discrepancy with my previously stated analogy.

If you're wondering what the moral to this story is, I shall tell you after these colons: College is an experience not like anything else! Except World of Warcraft. It's totally like World of Warcraft.

Also, I often run into a classroom without my classmates and yell "LEEEEROOYY... JEEEEEENNNNKKIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!". Amen to nerdy references.


Instead of ending the Kanga post with a moral (that would be ridiculous!), I'll stop my WOW talk and I'll end with a nice story.

I was taking the side streets home from school today (AT NIGHT), when I changed my mind and decided to take the freeway. I turned onto this street called Harbor Blvd, and to my amusement, the middle of the street was filled with a bunch of dark trees entangled in hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights (white/yellowish, not colorful). It was beautiful. It was amazing. It was like ten million fireflies (but I'm weird because I hate goodbyes). It wasn't like Pioneer, because Pioneer has a bunch of other streetlights that make the road look yellow. But Harbor Blvd was black everywhere except the tree lights and the neon lights coming from the buildings on the sides. I'm probably over exaggerating a little, but it was an incredible sight.

Now after my seconds awe, my next thought was... I have no one to share this with. There was no one with me to remember that moment, no one who I could turn to and share this experience with. Just me. Only I could appreciate it.

And I felt a little lonely.


Yeah actually that wasn't too happy of a story at all...

Oh well. Win some lose some!


Lemme stray away from that sad mood with some buffer...

You are reading my Kanga.

Kevin is cool.

Ladeeda, my son!

Hey man, whatchoo want?

Oh, golly gee.

Holy Batman, Batman!

It's itsy bitsy time!

These aren't really quotes, just random thoughts.

I gotta lotsa to doooooo!

There! Isn't your mind clear now?!


I'll end with this. Go to sentimental mode now.

I really appreciate it when you guys comment about my posts. Even though I don't reply to everyone when I want to, I don't think I should because there's gonna be that ONE weirdo who's like "weh weh LOLZ kanga knee high kicks and all GG NOOB!", and if I don't have a response for him, he'd be like "weh weh LOLZ kanga knee high kicks and all GG NOOB! Hey you suck.".

But in any case, I love it when you guys comment, it makes me happy. Keep it up.

Speaking of love, I just HAVE to say "love phrases" like Max in Trust the Hoe (a great movie BTW). "I... I love petunias..."

Like that.

"I... I love finishing Kanga posts..."

Addicting words.


P.S. I really don't mind if you DON'T comment on this post. For irony's sake.


Veronica said...

i thought you were gonna say how in college you started playing dota..


anyway i like your analogy
and i like your christmas light story =]

Diana :) said...

lolololol im sorry i have to admit that i skipped to the end and saw the last line, and thought, HEY that sounds like our petunia line, and then i read up a little and started LOLing

Frances Castillo said...

oooh!! harbor blvd! i've been there at night and IT IS magical! :)

hahah i get whatyoumean about the loneliness. and the commenting. and just everything about your post... and WOW and hot babes...

hehehe :)

Jaaaaaydeeeee said...

i like your analogy
lol i read the analogy and scrolled down and saw the comment thing so here i am! you rock kevin!

Anonymous said...

Lets see if anonymous works

Craig said...

So I've never posted before cuz i thought you had to have an account. But after reading this post I decided i'd try anyway and make an account if i had to cuz: A) I saw how much comments mean to you, and 2) I was touched by your Trust the Hoe reference.
I miss HTML