Monday, June 30, 2008

The Desks Have Turned

Remember how I said I got that job? At that (Johnny) Quest Learning Center? The one where I had to teach kids how to draw comics? Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders? Four hours a week? Each day is an hour? Scared to death? Do you remember? Ah you probably don't. But if you do, I'm here to tell you... TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY!

HOORAY! Little kids' minds are now mine for the molding.

Today I had lil' 5th and 6th graders to deal with. I started my class with standard teacher stuff such as a summary of the class along with a review of my classroom rules. Yes, I made up my own classroom rules. Yknow, I think I've always liked the idea teaching... not only do I get to spread my knowledge to eager scouts (hah), but I also get to say to my past teachers, "THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!". I also get to appear knowledgeably superior.

I realized that the whole hour I was in the room with the slightly routy bunch was very... analogous to actual Comiclub meetings that I have at Whitney. There were only a few minor differences.

Comiclub -VS- Comic Class

No word combos: Yeah, big ol' high school students can understand what Comiclub means (despite people asking it as "Commi" Class), but small youn' element kids? Would they GET "Comiclass"? What if they read it as "Com Iclass"? Or "Comicle Ass"? OR WHAT IF they just didn't get it all?! Actually they'd probably get it, but for professional purposes, I seperated the words. Because I'm OH SO professional.

HYPER ACTIVITY: Quest is sorta set up like a jail: the kids can travel throughout the building, but THEY CANNOT LEAVE. They also have their meals there, presumably eating gruel... sandwiches, gruel omelette's. Nothing but gruel. Plus, they can eat their own hair. These kids are at Quest all day, so they can get pretty restless... and hyper. At Whitney, we're usually just really tired... and dead, almost zombie-like.

I have to write on the white board: I suck at writing at the white board.

Powah: For Comiclub, it's difficult to order people around dictatorally (dictatidly? dictatationally? dictatorly? dictatadorkalelly.) because I don't have much authority. At Quest? Easy peasy. In the beginning of class, a kid picked up a chair for whatever reason and I was all "HEY... put that down..." and SHAZAM HE DID! Okay, I could probably do that at Whitney too, but still; these kids, to some extent, fear me. HAHA okay, not really FEAR me, but I have the power to threaten them with time outs and calls home. If the classroom were a boat, it would be a dictatorship - I am the captain.

Sos yeahs! First day of being a teacher was really not that bad. My favorite part of the hour was when I asked "Who likes drawing?", and almost everyone raised their hand. That made everything A LOT easier because the kids will be more willing to work. Although I dunno what I'll do with those who don't like drawing. JUST REMEMBER KEVIN, they're more afraid of you than you are of them.

The best part of this whole thing is my teacher name: I have them call me "Mr. K". MUAHAHA, IS THAT MYSTERIOUS OR WHAT?! Very super hero-esque if I do say so myself.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lice-means TO PANIC!

Today I thought I had lice.

Is that really so farfetched? An army of insects inhabiting the head of 17 year old boy from out of nowhere? I was so scared that my scalp had become some home to hundreds little creatures without my consent! Okay, let me back up some hours ago.

To the morning.

This morning I woke up at 1:30 AM and I was REALLY itchy! So itchy, in fact, that I could not fall back asleep. I tried my best to knock myself out, but I just kept on scratching away. I was so frustrated that I went to the living room to watch some TV hoping a glowing box will lull my mind to slumber. Fun fact, nothing is on in the middle of the night.

After about 10 minutes of Attack of the Show, my cravings finally ceased and I fell back asleep on the couch.

3:00 AM comes around and BAM! Another itch attack! If I had to use a cliche at that time, I'd probably go with "This is getting REALLY old, REALLY quickly!". That's a cliche, right? Well anyway, I tried TV again but I was too tired to force my attention spans awake, so I stumbled into the kitchen and took some aspirin. That seemed to do the trick (yay cliche) and I was able to sleep until 10:30 AM!

But I was far from content. The hours passed throughout the day and I grew incredibly annoyed. I'm not sure what I was annoyed at, but I was just pissed. Like, I was pissed at _____. That's the worse kinda piss because it has no object! It's just a stand alone piss!! (Hah, that would also sound funny out of context.) I think a big cause of this was because I had a Nguyen-sized migraine due to my weird sleeping.

After lunch, I had a crazy idea: what if I had lice? I mean, last night (or this morning I guess), I was so itchy, sleep was impossible! I went on the good ol' internet to see the symptoms of lice. "Itching on the scalp, the back of the neck, and behind the ears is common". THAT'S EXACTLY WHERE I WAS SCRATCHING! I was so freaked out. Now, not only was I annoyed at nothing, but I was also incredibly depressed! HOW COULD I GET LICE?! What do I do now?! Will I be able to see my friends?! Have I infected my family?! WILL MY BRAIN DETERIORATE?!

Okay that last one I never really thought about.

I kept going into the bathroom, trying to zoom in closely to my hair in an attempt to find any white beads crawling through the jungle of wires that is my head. I even took a picture of my scalp with my camera (using macro, of course), but there weren't really any positive results. Well, "positive results", as in "LICE LIVE results". Still, I was worried.

I thought through my situation many times over. Itching means lice... Or it could just be bug bites... but I was itchy on my neck, that's where lice live... although I didn't wear any hats or come into contact with heads recently... it could take weeks for lice to hatch out of their eggs... but I still hadn't head-mingled in a few months... whatever, I have lice... I can't have lice!

After my night shower, I had my mom check my hair for lice. Yes, she gave me a funny look, but she checked anyway. Conclusion? I don't have lice. I made her peer through my hair for maybe 15 seconds and the results were negative (geez, sounds like a pregnancy test). My dad confirmed it was probably just bug bites.

But I'm clean!

This whole dilemma really got me thinking though... if I had lice, how would I have posted such a story on my Kanga? Do I just start a post that says "Hey guys, guess what; I HAVE LICE!", because quite frankly, I would not want to share that with the entire world (assuming the entire world reads this stuff). Yet, I would still WANT to say something about it because it would play such a big part in my life, believe it or not.

And that's another thing, what if something really bad, something REALLY HORRIBLE happened to me? Do I talk about it here?? Do I tell you guys all about how I'm as depressed as a parachuting zebra falling into a crocodile pit??? I always thought my Kanga was different because it seemed to shun out any stupid worries or frivilous problems that many other blog-like sites possess. No matter the ordeal, I would try to incorporate some kind of positive spin. I dont' want people getting sad when they read my thoughts. But what if I'm the one in trouble and there's no way of avoiding it when I type these posts? Would that mess up the idea of my Kanga being a vacation from the ridiculous?? What would I do in such a situation???

Friday, June 27, 2008

License to kill (people with my car)

Reading that, employment and voter registration are understandable, but this paper doesn't let me get public benefits? NO MORE DRINKING BINGES?!

But anyway.

So that's a picture from my new... provisional driver's license! I know, lame picture huh. I say the DMV should just make all our license stuff before hand on the ASSUMPTION that we past the test the first day we take it. That way, if someone, I DON'T KNOW, has a Kanga blog, he can take a picture of the actual license instead of getting a piece of paper with some words on it. Seriously now. What's wrong with them? DMV must stand for Demonically Melts Vains! Which is really gross, maybe even more so than melting brains; at least brains are a common body part to destroy. But vains? The DMV sickens me.

Okay I lie, the DMV is alright, but only because I was able to pass my driving test!! But in a few years (or months) I'll probably go back to being annoyed at them. Stupid vain melters.

But this morning before the test I was really freaking out. Well, I was half asleep, half freaking out, so it was like sleep freaking, which could sound really inappropriate out of context, but I was! I woke up at 5 and wasn't able to go back to sleep till 7 because I kept on half dreaming about failing my driving test. School doesn't do this to me because I don't wake up late enough to sleep freak about tests.

The night before I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos of driving tests when I came across this one!

When I got to the Long Beach DMV, I had to wait in a line of other cars to take the test. It reminded me of those lines in water parks when you have to wait in line with your innertubes. Cept these were cars, not innertubes.

The test really wasn't that bad. I have compiled YES ANOTHER LIST! I think these lists should be in every post; they're quite easy to read. Here are my...

Tips for taking the driving test!

Tip #1: Stay calm. It really helps if you keep your cool. If you don't, you might end up doing something crazy like jumping out the window instead of changing lanes. Oh that should be a tip on its own!

Tip# 2: Don't jump out the window when you are driving.
There is no point in doing so, and you will die.

Tip# 3: Don't start a conversation with the examiner.
During the test I had to drive another backseat passenger. His name was Lingering Awkward Silence. I really wanted to strike up a conversation with my examiner, say something like "So... you're testing people all day, eh?" or "Been in any good crashes lately?". I held my breath, though, because I would've come off as some kind of freak trying to get brownie points from small talk. And I wouldn't have been, I just wanted to kill that stupid Lingering Awkward Silence.

Tip# 4: Know where the defroster button is.
I almost forgot.

Tip# 5: Don't fart.
No, I didn't fart when I took my test. But boy, wouldn't THAT have been embarrassing! But if you do fart, I have tips for that! If it is a loud fart, you could either just give the examiner a funny look to put the blame on him, or you could say "Dangit, I should NOT have worn my squeaky shoes today!" (but only if it's a squeaky fart). If it is a smelly fart, suffocate the gas into your seat. If the smell still breaks free, look outside at a place and say something like "Oh yknow this area used to be a dump" or "Hey, they just recently manured that park.". Don't worry, he'll fall for it.

Tip# 6: Over exaggerate your scanning.
Haha, I actually read this on a forum and I thought it was funny. When you're scanning traffic at intersections and stuff, make sure the examiner KNOWS you are scanning. Don't just shift your eyes. Maybe you could even talk to yourself like "HMMM... no cars coming from the left... none from the right... I am going to drive smoothly through this intersection!! Boy do I love driving safely. If driving safely were tangible, I'd marry it. Maybe not take it on a honeymoon because of my low income of $0, but I'll make sure it's happy!" ..Actually don't over do it, but mention that low income thing for sympathy.

Tip# 7: Flirt!
Just kidding. But not really. Only if you're hot. Just kidding. But not really. Because it could help.

Tip# 8: Make your examiner comfortable.
The more comfortable he is, the happier he'll be, the more likely you are to pass! However, foot massages are not recommended. It's not so much the awkwardness and the fact that there's no time to even give foot massages, but it would just be really, really gross. Why the heck would you give your driving test examiner a foot massage. You and your crazy ideas!

Tip 9: Make complete stops BEFORE the stop signs and signal lights.
I knew a guy once who didn't stop before the stop sign; he killed 3 kids, and the kids' mother. He only ran over the father's legs, but the father had to lay there and watch his family perish under the car of the guy who didn't stop before the stop sign. HAH okay that never happened but MAN I'm good at writing morbid stuff. My first draft of this was a lot worse, but I didn't wanna scare people away. In conclusion, stop before the line!

Tip# 10: Park correctly.
I did not. I was going into this one spot, but I wasn't gonna make it, so the examiner was like "Go to that spot! Go to THAT spot!", pointing at the adjacent space. I parked way crooked with one wheel on the line. Luckily, I think he determined that I passed before I parked, so YAY!

As long as you follow these rules, you should do fine! Oh, and also if you can drive well. THAT would help in a driving test.


BTW, I can't give anyone rides. MUAHAH! The power to not use my power!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Plans Of Summer, 2008 Edition!

This is a do-something summer. I will not spend every day sitting on my butt playing Mario Kart Wii, watching children's shows such as Ni Hao, Kai-lan, and or looking at Youtube videos of guys floating in helium jeans. I will be productive, constructive, and maybe even a little seductive. My plans for the next two months are to actually HAVE plans.

So, as seen in my AIM profile, here's what I got so far! More lists. Oh boy.

Work on...
Art ante - If your name is not Kevin Lam, then there is a slight possibility that you did not know my career goal: to become an animator! Of some sort. Just something related to the entertainment business is fine with me, except not the XXX kind of entertainment. But I am young and I do need the money... HAR HAR okay I hope that wasn't awkward BUT ANYWAY. For me to shuffle closer to being a pro animator, I'm gonna work on art pieces to add to my portfolio! Hah... yeah I'll be lucky to churn out just one piece by the end of summer. I SHALL TRY MY BEST!

Comiclub stuff - What's the best kind of club? A COMICLUB! Well, a PREPARED COMICLUB! Therefore, I shall devote a fraction of my time to planning out next year's activities and events and stuff. Oh man, get ready for superhero costumes.

FLASH MOVIE! - AAHHH GUYS! Guys, as in Caroline Darren Kristina! WE HAVETA WORK ON THIS... Our Flash movie about our class... first we should rewrite our script. I dunno how we're gonna finish on time. Actually, I really wanna make a flash movie about Batman! I told Batman about my idea of me making a movie about him, and this is what he had to say:
I hate it when Batman replies to my emails.

SAT - More like SAD. I'm planning on taking the test in October (or November at the latest), so I better start-a-studying! And after I take it and the ACT, I SHOULD BE DONE WITH MY TESTING! woots.

Computer building? - Sooo a few weeks ago my dad convinced me to build my own computer this summer. He's really pushing me into becoming technologically adept, which I guess is a good thing. OH DUDE I should make my computer look like Wall-E! Haha, I wouldn't mind DESIGNING a snazzy lil computer, but making the insides of one is a much different challenge.

Go to...
Body World - What is Body World, you ask? It's a thingy at the California Science Center that shows a bunch of exhibits of the human body. Like, yknow, a thingy of a body without the skin so it's just like all muscles. Something like that. There's also this one place called the Nice Body World. It has one exhibit which is conveniently right where I am sitting. Ladies...

A theme park!! - Any one is fine. Disneyland? Six Flags? Universal Studios? ALL OF THOSE?! Just not Knott's Berry Farm. If I go there, it wouldn't feel special enough. No o'fence Mr. Farm, you have a berry nice place and all, but I'm just knott feeling it. BUHZING!

And uh...
Run! - Yknow, I've become one of those running freaks. When I was a freshman I used to look at all the running seniors and they were like "Oh I love running! Lalala! 3 mile love!" and I would be like "Okays guys yous ares weirds" (but not to their faces). They were running freaks. And what am I saying now as a senior? "Oh I love running! Lalala! Rubber track love!". Never thought that would happen. So to keep up with my running freak of nature image, I'm gonna run in the morning until August when I will join my fellow runners at afternoon XC practice. VIVA LA... running!

Jobjobjob - If you go back in time (or scroll the page down), you can read the post about how I got my teaching job! 4 HOURS A WEEK! Teaching kids how to draw comics. The "teaching" I am excited for. The "kids" I am scared to death for.

Art classes at CCC - Everything should be rated PG at these classes, but Dear God, please don't make me draw a naked person. Actually, I'll probably have to get used to drawing the nude, huh... Well, if I get a barebody visual slap across my virgin eyes, I will try to position myself at an angle where the only revealing part is the aft end.

Here's to hoping I am in successful in everything I just listed! This sure is a nice list. I can tell you my love for it will still be strong, after the plans of summer have gone.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Facebook'd Mexi Photos!

Part 2 of earlier Kanga post.

Go there and read the captions! Or else I'm gonna lick you to death. And that might sound just a little gross, but can you imagine how painful that would be.

No, I didn't buy a sombrero...

Hello. Or better yet, HOLA!! I just got back from my Carnival cruise with barely any burritos in my stomach. Actually, none. I would think a cruise to México would provide me with a surplus tacos and beans, but maybe that's just me being stereotypical. OR MAYBE THAT'S JUST MÉXICO HOLDING BACK ON ME!!! Or maybe stereotypical.

My little 4 day vaca to Baja California with my family (Christina Mommy Dadio) was quite fun and relaxing. If I had to sum it up in two words, it would be... fun and relaxing. Oh dangit I already said those words huh. Well I had DOUBLE the fun and DOUBLE the relaxation! Yeah... nice save... yeah...

And this picture symbolizes the large role tourism plays in Ensenada. But not really.

Do you REALIZE how long it has been since I've been on a cruise?! Okay let me fill you in: 13 YEARSISH! I went on my first cruise when I was like 4 years old! That's more than 12 years ago! That's more than a decade ago! That's almost as old as me! That's almost as recent as Nixon's presidency! That's around the same time as the rise of disco! That was before Return of the Jedi hit box offices! WHEN I BOARDED MY FIRST CRUISE, HITLER HAD JUST COME TO POWER!! (and kill all da jews.) So this whole "cruise" thing was relatively new.

Whoever thought of putting 2000+ tourists on a boat to subject to given entertainment and food must have been pretty genius. I know some of you have never been on a cruise while others of you have been on more cruises than car rides. For me, this is my second cruise, and the experience was pretty cool. Here's a few notable things that were worth noting:

  • Rock the boat! - Boats are on water. Water is not a solid. Water is a liquid. Every once in a while, I'd be walking on the ship that would twist and turn every so slightly as to give me some bizarre unbalanced sensation. It's like the captain was just remind me "Yes, sonny! You ARE on a boat! Which is on water! Which is not a solid!!" Then, to confuse matters worse, it would hinder my ability to decipher between a getting-up woozy feeling, from the boat's light jarring caused from the ocean. 'Twas pretty cool.
  • Fat fun = FREE FOOD! This concept is pretty insane. I go to the buffet place thing, grab some food, THEN LEAVE! One time I was just walking past the food, felt a little hungry, grabbed a banana, and just walked away. It's so weird. I felt like Cosette who, after suffering for years under Thenardier, didn't have to clean once she was under the protection of Super Jean Valjean! Well okay, not to that extremity, but you get the gist. Well okay, the gist doesn't make any sense, but HEY, I just made a reference to some literature, oKAY?! I'm SMART! But anyway, free food, love it.

The four days were set up like this: Board ship, visit Ensenada, party on ship, go home. (Respectively.) At Ensenada we just went on a 3 hour bus tour, and NO, THERE WERE NO GANG WARS OCCURRING, ELIZABETH! Although that would've been pretty exciting, driving through a battlefield of cholos.

See? No wars.

What excited me was the fact that everything, all the signs and stuff, was in spanish! What bummed me was that there would sometimes be english translations right under the signs. LuLAME! How can I show off my Spanish IV skills if I am aided by english subtitles?! Really now. First, you take away my stereotyped Méxican food expectations. Now you don't let me read spanish signs in peace?! Once again, you fail me, México. But it's okay, you're still cool.

Overall cruise? Glad I went. It may not have been the most eventful weekend of my life, but it was a really cool newish EXPERIENCE, and more LAX than the airport.

If you want to know about my trip in greater deal, WHICH I KNOW YOU DO, I'll put up pictures with captions on Facebook, and you can read it like a Kanga post!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moving Day

That's... not me in the picture. I don't have brown hair.
Welcome (again, I guess) to my brand new KANGA BLOG! Also said as "Kanga Version BLOG!". The first thing you might notice is that the colors are different than my other Kanga versions. There is no blue. There is not grey. Okay, there's grey, but there's not that much! This marks the official moving of my life from a website to a blog! HOORAY KEVIN!

Now you might be wondering why I would ditch my awesome, HTML-filled website for some silly little templated thingy called a blog. Well, I have many reasons for this change.

Reason 1: Because I can. MUAHAHHHA.
Reason 1.5: The planets have finally aligned.
Reason 2: My web host is about to die. It has lost just about all of its members, so I don't know how long it's going to be until they just pull the plug. See, if my web host dies, my Kanga dies. SOOO, it's like I'm sorta ditching an awesome old man to hang out with some healthy kid who is just as fun. Just without the wrinkles and drool.
Reason 3: I saw Paul's blog and I'm like "SAY WHA?! He can churn out interesting posts more easily and quickly than a fat Parasaurolophus trying to herd her eggs away from some routy Compsognathus! AND MY KANGA IS THAT FAT PARASAUOLOPHUS!! Maybe I should get one of these B-L-O-Gs..."
Reason 4: My old Kanga is impossibly difficult to manage. Contrary to popular opinion, I am quite nooby at certain website stuff, so every single thing I do on my Kanga is manual work. Nothing is automatic. For example, if I were to put a picture of something, I'd insert the following text into a ".php" document: < src=""> . Then I would insert the file name between the " " thingies, and if I wanted to center the picture, I would surround it with <> < /center >I HAD TO DO THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Unless I copy and paste, of course.) Let me show you a sample of the code I have to type up.

That's the simple stuff. It's not that hard, but it just TAKES A WHILE. Which leads me to...
Reason 5: I don't have time to do all this HTML CSS stuff. Sometimes I just wanna POPOPOPOP my ideas down, and even if I did, it would be like two weeks until I actually "publish" my post. NOW, this blogging makes things A LOT easier. Okay this reason was like the same as Reason 4. Whatever.

And that's why I now have a VERSION BLOG of KANGA. I thought about changing the Kanga name, too. Klog? Banga? Klobangoga? Klaobgangao? I considered a name change for about 5 seconds. But I figure that the whole 3 people who actually visited my site are familiar with the name "Kanga", and I like it too, so I just decided to keep Kanga. This is, after all, still a Kanga. My cheap imitation of a Xanga.

WHOA! Look this looks like a quote! But it isn't. I'm just playing with the bloggy features.

Dude, saying that I'm "blogging" sounds so nerdy... Although I guess it's better than saying I'm "Kangaing" because I avoid "WTF IS KANGAING?!" reactions.

So this is how all my posts will be from now on!! SUCK IT UP. ADAPT. I'll try to make them as similar to my older posts, although this layout makes everything really skinny. But the best part is that I can post more than once per day and it won't be weird. WOOTS BEER!

Alright. Change is good.

(P.S. I'm going on a cruise to México, coming back Monday, don't wait up!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


'ALLO! I thought I'd write my first official post right now. "Why?" you ask, "Why in God's mighty foot would you take the time to post something on your brand new blog when no one, not even yo pet fish who died many years ago on your birthday, even KNOWS about it?!". That, my friend is a very good, if not odd sounding, question! And, I have very good answers.

Answer One: Why not!
Answer Two: People can still read this once I put the link in my profile.
Answer Three: There was a moment today when I was like "OH MAN, I GOTTA BLOG THIS!". Well, I didn't say "blog" cuz I'm not really used to this whole blog stuff. This is nooby bloggy stuff.

YUP! So here's my story:

I was sitting in my room minding my own business WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN GODZILLA ATE ME AHHH! Okay that's not my story. I lied. Or just kidding. But if you ever want something exciting to happen in your stories, just throw Godzilla in there. BAM! EXCITEMENT! Now that I have your attention here's my real story!:

I needed a job for the summer. Yesterday I tried for this one tutoring place, it's called Enopi, aka "Honors Academy". When I called, a lady picked up and I asked for a position. I had worked there last summer, correcting papers and helping wee lads with some work, so I figure I could get the same job. What followed after my inquiring went something like this:

"Oh, oh... too late... who is this?"
"Kevin Lam? I worked here last year"
"I'm Mrs. Lam's son?"
"Oh... Oh Kevin Lam! How is your mom?"
"Oh she's good!"
"Oh that's good, tell her I said 'hi'"
"Okay... sorry, too late..."
"Okay, bye."

I hung up kind of speechless. I had no idea what happened. I thought we were going to discuss me and my dilemma of being jobless, but all I got was a "too late..". I sat there as my mom beat me up with words while I beat myself up in my mind for waiting so late to call them. (MY MOM DID NOT PHYSICALLY BEAT ME UP. Actually she didn't even really yell at me, she was just like "Keviiiiin, this is what you get when we don't nag you. You procrastinate." That's the gist of what she said, and I guess to a certain extent, she is right. BUT NOT ALL DA WAY RIGHT! Anyway, on with my story.)

Blah blah, graduation yay so happy for alumni...
Side note: 6-17/08, 8:06pm, I am officially a high school senior. suhnap.

The following day, I'm working on this thing called a "blog", which I still call a Kanga YAY! It was late afternoon when my mom comes to the doorway of my room and GODZILLA BITES HER HEAD OFF!!! But not really. She says to me "You have a job for the summer!.". "Oh???" I reply. She explains that she talked to her boss about my sister and I teaching at the tutoring place that my mom works at, Quest. (YES THAT EXPLAINS THOSE BLUE BAGS...) Her boss liked the idea and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM I'm hired!

"What in God's hairy beard will you be teaching?!" you ask? Well what can I teach, other than... COMIC BOOKS?!?! [Godzilla: "GASP!.. -bites his own head off-"] Yeah, my mom pitched the idea that I could teach a bunch of little element school kids how to make comic books! She used the fact that I made the Comiclubook for Comiclub during school as a support. She said her boss liked the idea! HOT DOG! COMICLUB 2.0!! I still get interviewed tomorrow, though.

I'm reading this book called "Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive" (David Levy) that teaches readers how to... survive and thrive in the animation industry, and getting this job really reminds me of the animation career (well, what I know about it). I just finished reading about how I need lots of connections, and I scanned through some tips for pitching your ideas at an interview. Now I have to convince a guy named "Johnny" that I have what it takes to teach this off the wall class. Oh, and I will alright.

HOLD THE PHONE. A man named "Johnny"? Working at a place called "Quest"? Now tell me that this Johnny Quest coincidence is MORE than just coincidence. HAHAHA...

...and that's my story! As long as I nail that interview tomorrow, my promised job will continue to be promised! I shall be an employed man. An employed manly man.

Huh, this is a lot different than writing in my Kanga. I'll talk about that more in another post. Right now I should start saying my byee- OH MY GOSH, HEADLESS GODZILLA CHEWED OFF MY HA-...

Welcome to my dojo

Dojo, as in awesome blog.