Wednesday, June 18, 2008


'ALLO! I thought I'd write my first official post right now. "Why?" you ask, "Why in God's mighty foot would you take the time to post something on your brand new blog when no one, not even yo pet fish who died many years ago on your birthday, even KNOWS about it?!". That, my friend is a very good, if not odd sounding, question! And, I have very good answers.

Answer One: Why not!
Answer Two: People can still read this once I put the link in my profile.
Answer Three: There was a moment today when I was like "OH MAN, I GOTTA BLOG THIS!". Well, I didn't say "blog" cuz I'm not really used to this whole blog stuff. This is nooby bloggy stuff.

YUP! So here's my story:

I was sitting in my room minding my own business WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN GODZILLA ATE ME AHHH! Okay that's not my story. I lied. Or just kidding. But if you ever want something exciting to happen in your stories, just throw Godzilla in there. BAM! EXCITEMENT! Now that I have your attention here's my real story!:

I needed a job for the summer. Yesterday I tried for this one tutoring place, it's called Enopi, aka "Honors Academy". When I called, a lady picked up and I asked for a position. I had worked there last summer, correcting papers and helping wee lads with some work, so I figure I could get the same job. What followed after my inquiring went something like this:

"Oh, oh... too late... who is this?"
"Kevin Lam? I worked here last year"
"I'm Mrs. Lam's son?"
"Oh... Oh Kevin Lam! How is your mom?"
"Oh she's good!"
"Oh that's good, tell her I said 'hi'"
"Okay... sorry, too late..."
"Okay, bye."

I hung up kind of speechless. I had no idea what happened. I thought we were going to discuss me and my dilemma of being jobless, but all I got was a "too late..". I sat there as my mom beat me up with words while I beat myself up in my mind for waiting so late to call them. (MY MOM DID NOT PHYSICALLY BEAT ME UP. Actually she didn't even really yell at me, she was just like "Keviiiiin, this is what you get when we don't nag you. You procrastinate." That's the gist of what she said, and I guess to a certain extent, she is right. BUT NOT ALL DA WAY RIGHT! Anyway, on with my story.)

Blah blah, graduation yay so happy for alumni...
Side note: 6-17/08, 8:06pm, I am officially a high school senior. suhnap.

The following day, I'm working on this thing called a "blog", which I still call a Kanga YAY! It was late afternoon when my mom comes to the doorway of my room and GODZILLA BITES HER HEAD OFF!!! But not really. She says to me "You have a job for the summer!.". "Oh???" I reply. She explains that she talked to her boss about my sister and I teaching at the tutoring place that my mom works at, Quest. (YES THAT EXPLAINS THOSE BLUE BAGS...) Her boss liked the idea and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM I'm hired!

"What in God's hairy beard will you be teaching?!" you ask? Well what can I teach, other than... COMIC BOOKS?!?! [Godzilla: "GASP!.. -bites his own head off-"] Yeah, my mom pitched the idea that I could teach a bunch of little element school kids how to make comic books! She used the fact that I made the Comiclubook for Comiclub during school as a support. She said her boss liked the idea! HOT DOG! COMICLUB 2.0!! I still get interviewed tomorrow, though.

I'm reading this book called "Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive" (David Levy) that teaches readers how to... survive and thrive in the animation industry, and getting this job really reminds me of the animation career (well, what I know about it). I just finished reading about how I need lots of connections, and I scanned through some tips for pitching your ideas at an interview. Now I have to convince a guy named "Johnny" that I have what it takes to teach this off the wall class. Oh, and I will alright.

HOLD THE PHONE. A man named "Johnny"? Working at a place called "Quest"? Now tell me that this Johnny Quest coincidence is MORE than just coincidence. HAHAHA...

...and that's my story! As long as I nail that interview tomorrow, my promised job will continue to be promised! I shall be an employed man. An employed manly man.

Huh, this is a lot different than writing in my Kanga. I'll talk about that more in another post. Right now I should start saying my byee- OH MY GOSH, HEADLESS GODZILLA CHEWED OFF MY HA-...

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you're so ridiculous i can't even describe it

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