Monday, June 23, 2008

No, I didn't buy a sombrero...

Hello. Or better yet, HOLA!! I just got back from my Carnival cruise with barely any burritos in my stomach. Actually, none. I would think a cruise to México would provide me with a surplus tacos and beans, but maybe that's just me being stereotypical. OR MAYBE THAT'S JUST MÉXICO HOLDING BACK ON ME!!! Or maybe stereotypical.

My little 4 day vaca to Baja California with my family (Christina Mommy Dadio) was quite fun and relaxing. If I had to sum it up in two words, it would be... fun and relaxing. Oh dangit I already said those words huh. Well I had DOUBLE the fun and DOUBLE the relaxation! Yeah... nice save... yeah...

And this picture symbolizes the large role tourism plays in Ensenada. But not really.

Do you REALIZE how long it has been since I've been on a cruise?! Okay let me fill you in: 13 YEARSISH! I went on my first cruise when I was like 4 years old! That's more than 12 years ago! That's more than a decade ago! That's almost as old as me! That's almost as recent as Nixon's presidency! That's around the same time as the rise of disco! That was before Return of the Jedi hit box offices! WHEN I BOARDED MY FIRST CRUISE, HITLER HAD JUST COME TO POWER!! (and kill all da jews.) So this whole "cruise" thing was relatively new.

Whoever thought of putting 2000+ tourists on a boat to subject to given entertainment and food must have been pretty genius. I know some of you have never been on a cruise while others of you have been on more cruises than car rides. For me, this is my second cruise, and the experience was pretty cool. Here's a few notable things that were worth noting:

  • Rock the boat! - Boats are on water. Water is not a solid. Water is a liquid. Every once in a while, I'd be walking on the ship that would twist and turn every so slightly as to give me some bizarre unbalanced sensation. It's like the captain was just remind me "Yes, sonny! You ARE on a boat! Which is on water! Which is not a solid!!" Then, to confuse matters worse, it would hinder my ability to decipher between a getting-up woozy feeling, from the boat's light jarring caused from the ocean. 'Twas pretty cool.
  • Fat fun = FREE FOOD! This concept is pretty insane. I go to the buffet place thing, grab some food, THEN LEAVE! One time I was just walking past the food, felt a little hungry, grabbed a banana, and just walked away. It's so weird. I felt like Cosette who, after suffering for years under Thenardier, didn't have to clean once she was under the protection of Super Jean Valjean! Well okay, not to that extremity, but you get the gist. Well okay, the gist doesn't make any sense, but HEY, I just made a reference to some literature, oKAY?! I'm SMART! But anyway, free food, love it.

The four days were set up like this: Board ship, visit Ensenada, party on ship, go home. (Respectively.) At Ensenada we just went on a 3 hour bus tour, and NO, THERE WERE NO GANG WARS OCCURRING, ELIZABETH! Although that would've been pretty exciting, driving through a battlefield of cholos.

See? No wars.

What excited me was the fact that everything, all the signs and stuff, was in spanish! What bummed me was that there would sometimes be english translations right under the signs. LuLAME! How can I show off my Spanish IV skills if I am aided by english subtitles?! Really now. First, you take away my stereotyped Méxican food expectations. Now you don't let me read spanish signs in peace?! Once again, you fail me, México. But it's okay, you're still cool.

Overall cruise? Glad I went. It may not have been the most eventful weekend of my life, but it was a really cool newish EXPERIENCE, and more LAX than the airport.

If you want to know about my trip in greater deal, WHICH I KNOW YOU DO, I'll put up pictures with captions on Facebook, and you can read it like a Kanga post!


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