Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moving Day

That's... not me in the picture. I don't have brown hair.
Welcome (again, I guess) to my brand new KANGA BLOG! Also said as "Kanga Version BLOG!". The first thing you might notice is that the colors are different than my other Kanga versions. There is no blue. There is not grey. Okay, there's grey, but there's not that much! This marks the official moving of my life from a website to a blog! HOORAY KEVIN!

Now you might be wondering why I would ditch my awesome, HTML-filled website for some silly little templated thingy called a blog. Well, I have many reasons for this change.

Reason 1: Because I can. MUAHAHHHA.
Reason 1.5: The planets have finally aligned.
Reason 2: My web host is about to die. It has lost just about all of its members, so I don't know how long it's going to be until they just pull the plug. See, if my web host dies, my Kanga dies. SOOO, it's like I'm sorta ditching an awesome old man to hang out with some healthy kid who is just as fun. Just without the wrinkles and drool.
Reason 3: I saw Paul's blog and I'm like "SAY WHA?! He can churn out interesting posts more easily and quickly than a fat Parasaurolophus trying to herd her eggs away from some routy Compsognathus! AND MY KANGA IS THAT FAT PARASAUOLOPHUS!! Maybe I should get one of these B-L-O-Gs..."
Reason 4: My old Kanga is impossibly difficult to manage. Contrary to popular opinion, I am quite nooby at certain website stuff, so every single thing I do on my Kanga is manual work. Nothing is automatic. For example, if I were to put a picture of something, I'd insert the following text into a ".php" document: < src=""> . Then I would insert the file name between the " " thingies, and if I wanted to center the picture, I would surround it with <> < /center >I HAD TO DO THAT EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Unless I copy and paste, of course.) Let me show you a sample of the code I have to type up.

That's the simple stuff. It's not that hard, but it just TAKES A WHILE. Which leads me to...
Reason 5: I don't have time to do all this HTML CSS stuff. Sometimes I just wanna POPOPOPOP my ideas down, and even if I did, it would be like two weeks until I actually "publish" my post. NOW, this blogging makes things A LOT easier. Okay this reason was like the same as Reason 4. Whatever.

And that's why I now have a VERSION BLOG of KANGA. I thought about changing the Kanga name, too. Klog? Banga? Klobangoga? Klaobgangao? I considered a name change for about 5 seconds. But I figure that the whole 3 people who actually visited my site are familiar with the name "Kanga", and I like it too, so I just decided to keep Kanga. This is, after all, still a Kanga. My cheap imitation of a Xanga.

WHOA! Look this looks like a quote! But it isn't. I'm just playing with the bloggy features.

Dude, saying that I'm "blogging" sounds so nerdy... Although I guess it's better than saying I'm "Kangaing" because I avoid "WTF IS KANGAING?!" reactions.

So this is how all my posts will be from now on!! SUCK IT UP. ADAPT. I'll try to make them as similar to my older posts, although this layout makes everything really skinny. But the best part is that I can post more than once per day and it won't be weird. WOOTS BEER!

Alright. Change is good.

(P.S. I'm going on a cruise to México, coming back Monday, don't wait up!)

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Veronica said...

aw kevin
im happy for you
we should have a blogwarming party
knawm seng

hope youre having fun on your cruise!

and whatre you talking about i posted pictures in like my first REAL post (ignoring the first lawl one)