Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something of Everything

(This message brought to you by MS Paint.)

Today's post has a little bit of everything for anyone! Unless you're a dog. Can't do much for the canines.

Something Sweet
Today was my last day of work YAY! SWEET, RIGHT?! Okay that wasn't the "sweet" part of this story. The sweet part is... coming up!

There's this one 5th grade girl in my class (I teach at Quest if you didn't know), and she's one of my better students, always does her work even though she doesn't really enjoy drawing. Her name is Tiffany. She's not the typical quiet little girls, and she's not incredibly friendly or easy going, but she's a nice kid. She always says "I'm boorred", and I would reply "You always say that!", and she would laugh, and I would laugh.

Last week was her last week at Quest. When I was in the room with all the kids running around, Tiffany quickly scurried up to me. Without giving eye contact in a almost bashful manner, she said "Today's my last day, I'll miss you", and then she ran away. It took me a while to realize what just happened and how sweet that was. What makes it so special was that she was totally shy about it! She's not an overenthusiastic girl that says she loves everything. She's a simple, softly spoken kid.

That's why I teach! To have moments of the kind.

Also, because there were no other jobs available.

Something Exciting
A few days ago I was driving. Yup, in my car. I was going West on South street (is that ironic?) when I found myself behind this car with its left turn signal blinking away. Inside the car was this black dude, and he certainly had no intentions of turning left. "Oh here's a smarty..."

About a block later, Phillip (I named the black guy Phillip) switched his left turn signal to the right and merged into the right lane. He waited at the intersection for the red light until the perpendicular traffic(?) was clear. Meanwhile, I look in my left mirror and see two cops in a cop car.

Yes, this story has cops and a black guy.

Phillip finally made his right turn and sped north up Norwalk (NORTHWALK!!!). I looked at the two cops again in my mirror. The passenger seated cop was looking aggressively through some papers while the driver was keeping his eye on something to the right of me. "Wait a minute... 2 cops? Looking for something..? It couldn't be [Phillip], could it..?"

Just then the cops took off, turning right from the left turn lane with the car lights-a-flashin. They were totally chasing Phillip! DUH NUH NUH NUH!

I followed the police. I was curious. When I caught up, Phillip was pulled over and the two cops were stepping out of their car. I parked in a nearby parking lot to observe. Suddenly, the black man bolted out of the car and started running! He had a big rifle in his hands! Both cops started after him and one radio'd something in his radio. Phillip was flailing his arms like he had some sorta quirk while the two others huffed and puffed to stay close behind. They disappeared behind some building. "WHAT da eff was that?!" A few seconds later the chase emerged from an alley literally 10 meters in front of me. I saw Phillip, as scared as a fox in a shooting gallery, run straight across my windshield, followed by two policemen, as determined as three Jehovah's witnesses trying to sell me some God. That's right, they're worth three people. Anyway, one cop sprang forward and latched onto Phillip! They fell to the ground while the other came up from behind and sat on the apparent violator's face. "YA LIKE THAT, SCUM?!" he said as he farted in his face. "I will not steal cotton balls again I won't!" the guilty man cried. Once again, the day was saved, thanks to... the COPS!

Just kidding yay!

That actually never happened. Well, that whole long paragraph part never happened, everything before was true... but it would've been lame if I stopped at the "duh nuh nuh" part, right?! That's probably what happened anyway. His name was probably Phillip too.

Something Tragic
I helped my dad build my new desk/shelf! My delf shesk! That's not the tragic part.

Once built, I was carrying my lava lamp when... FLIP OUT! DROP! CATCH! SMAAAASH! I sandwiched the tip of my index finger between the edge of the new desk and the 5+pound lava lamp. "owowowowowoowow..." I quickly placed the lamp down and ran to the bathroom to run my finger under some cold water.

And let me tell you guys, I have not felt such EXCRUCIATING pain such a long time. It was bad. Really bad. After the water I put some ice on my finger. The pain never went away that day. Yknow how they say physical pain is better than emotional pain because you can heal from it? Well I was starting to reconsider.

My nail (and the area around it) is blackish purple now.

Yeah because like, like, what if you got a physical injury, like your nose got chopped off? That would hurt. AND, when the doctors find out they can't put your honker back on, you'll be noseless! Do you realize how many people will make fun of you? They'd be calling you Voldamort left and right, especially if your name is Valerie or Mort. They'd cleverly call you "Val"damort, or UNcleverly call you Volda"mort"! Do you KNOW how much emotional pain you'll get from that physical pain??? Oh I nose. A lot.

anybody 'EYY OOHHHHH?!?!?

To this day my finger still hurts once in a while. I can't bend my index finger much, nonetheless use it, and it gets annoying when doing mundane things like PICKING UP MY CAMERA... The good part is that I use my left arm/hand a lot more. Ambidextrous here I come! I just hopes it heals soon so I can get back to drawing regularly.

Something Inspirational

After 2 months of work... hours of late nights(?)... thousands of frames... dozens of drawings... I finally finished... MY FUHFUHFUHLAAAAAASH MOOOOOVAY (translation: Flash Movie)!!!

I made a movie called "Spacefood" for a Fresh Brain contest. My bad index finger may have given me hand cramps all night and made it difficult to use the mouse, BUT I PREVAILED! I finished my movie just in time for the contest. Because Kevin succeeds.

You can see the BAD quality version here: ( If you wanna see the awesome quality version, I can email you the swf file.

But guys! This is gooood news! I consider this my first official animated short film!! It has colors and backgrounds and EVERYTHING! When I become John Lasseter famous, I'll be like "Yeah, my first animated film was called Spacefood. Oh man I don't like the title I gave it though. If I could rename it, it would be called 'Space-F'. That is so much awesomer." Then they'd hand me my award.


I'm just glad I'm done with my summer project because now I can write this post!!

Something Conclusive
Sometimes I spend too much time on these posts.


Julia said...

I just watched the flash movie.
I can really see all the time you put into it! The astronaut's motions were really fluid and nice!

stina said...

i love your posts so much!

i cant see the vid for some reason, so can you send it to me? :)

yaaay i cant wait. it's probably awesome x 123781290371