Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blue. Yellow. Black. Green. Red.

Doo... doo... Doo... doo...

Did you know the Olympic score was composed by John Williams? For a lack of better words, he would.

These past two weeks sure have been exciting. This is my very first time that I’ve actually been INTO the Olympics. Before, it was always “Oh it’s Olympic time again? Hm. The TV scheduling is gonna be way off..”. I could care less! (or couldn’t care less)

Okay the purpose of this post is just to say how much I love the Olympics. Who knew I’d be cheering for a men’s inside volleyball team or for some random guy from Africa in a kayaking competition?! I SURE DIDN’T KNOW! To be concise: Olympics are more entertaining and awesome than no Olympics.

Plus, we got Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt to watch!

Yknow what I also found that was really amusing were the commercials. With all that athletics and Morgan Freemans spiced around as themes, I found the ads to be on par with Super Bowl ones! Like that one that talked about how that guy jumped over that high jump bar backwards and everyone was like “whoa!”. I have no clue what it was advertising, probably Coca-cola because that’s all I got out of the advertisement, but it was still a really good commercial!

But back to the Olympics, I missed the track relays. OH GEE WELLS! I’ve seen running BEFORE, so I’m glad I saw all these other sports. Maybe four years from now I’ll be able to catch some fencing? OH it’s gonna be in London, huh?! 2012 Olympics?! Oh das coo. Maybe they’ll do swimming relays across the English channel.

It’s too bad the only time the countries seem to be at peace with one another is when we are competing against each other.

BUT YAY OLYMPICS! Okay I think I posted this 4 days too late for you to care.

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