Friday, August 15, 2008

Post Corto

Today I was driving with my windows down (like usual). I was stopped at a light when a hispanic lady in a car next to me rolled down the window and asked "Dónde está... eh... where... where is the 91 East freeway?". I thought for a few seconds and realized I only knew where the 91 West was, not the 91 East (me and my nooby boobiness), so I replied "No sorry, I don't know... no sé..".

The light turned green and I drove away.

Ysee, I don't know how to react to this. Was that funny? Me replying in spanish? I almost burst out laughing as I turned into my neighborhood... but then it was also kinda embarrassing. Why the heck did I speak in spanish?! I was so confused.


caroline said...

i think you should be embarrassed at not knowing where the 91 east freeway thingy is.

keviokevio said...

Yknow what. I now know where it is! Just drive down South street and it's right after that one gas station.