Sunday, August 24, 2008

First they're sour. Then they're sweet.


I've reached a three pronged fork in my Kanga writing. Do I talk about Warped? Do I babble on about my last day of work? Or do I sidenote the party-esque-ness at Tammy’s a few days ago? OR, do I add a prong and not talk about any of that?! FIRST TIME KUBU FOR NEW KANGA.

And in the end I decide to talk about my last day of work. I’d bore you with reasons on how I came to that decision, but I’ll just say I won’t in this one sentence.

Here we go!

Oh wait a minute, there isn’t much to talk about. My last day of teaching was actually my easiest! Usually I have to manage around twenty little kids in a large classroom through various yells and chokeholds, but on my last day (Thursday, August 21st, for all you stalkers), I managed around SIX little kids with no need for any wrestling move application! Half of the class was in homework room, I think, while others were crocheting. Then a portion of them were at Who-Knows-Where... which subtracts down to six!

Alright actually, half way into the hour, four of them went to go crochet (also pronounced “crotch-it”) too... so I only had to watch two kids. One of the kids was that Kevin guy I mentioned in an earlier post, he thought crocheting was girly. BOYZ REPRESENT! But I let the others leave my class because all we did was play Pictionary which very quickly ran out of interest. If you didn’t know already, the classes at Quest Learning center are set up VERY loosely (See: Class of 20 to class of 6 example).

Later on, Kathleen came to my room. She’s the girl I also mentioned earlier who I called Sharon/Booger. She apologized (again) for acting like a rapidly deflating balloon on steroids two weeks earlier (not a direct quote), and then she handed me a nice drawing of a superhero that she drew (pictured above). AAAWWWW! Twas so nice!

More often than not, I find little things in my life that symbolize whatever just happened to me. Doing this can make moments feel mucho mas awesome, but when I think about it, I feel like school has brainwashed me and forced me to analyze everything in my world right down to the shape of my boogers. I HAVEN’T THOUGH! I usually get ambiguous spheres anyway. Pretty insignificant. But this superhero drawing that Kathleen handed me meant a lot. I felt like it represented my whole experience at Quest into one nice compact piece of paper: Most of the time it was a nightmare trying to staple down the kids to their seats (like Kathleen), but once in a while, something nice and sweet happened that seemed to counterbalance all the bad.

It's sorta like taking care of the Sour Patch Kids.

Quick sumsum of students!:

5th 6th: Jeff likes to talk, Nathan is emotional? and draws at the piano, Kameron is loud, David never finished his story, Jesse isn’t there a lot, Charlie is scary, Grace is funny (and has a boyfwend?!), Benjamin looks like Joey, Jaime is weird, Kamran has a lot of attitude, Katherine is very crazy, Sidney is sweet, Swati follows her friends a lot, Jonathan is well-behaved, Jessica is also sweet and one time whiny, Priscilla is also well-behaved, Ashley is constantly hyper but draws awesome comics... anyone else?

3rd 4th: Cade is bizarre, John is cool, Kevin is confident(?), Alex is bored, Matthew is touchy, Rachel is diligent, Allison is quirky, Shannon smiles a lot but never draws, Melanie is fun and really cool, Tiffany has a cousin that looks like me, Haylee is considerate, Kathleen is (see above), Eddy looks tough, Meet looks scrawny, Brandon hates authority, Andy is mysterious... anyone else?

I’m sure my mom or my sister will fill me in if I missed any kids.



My favorite comic from Comic Class. Comic Topic: Sam and the Rabbit:

Click pic to enlarge

It’s just so wonderfully done! Every time I read it I laugh. I swear, if I loved it anymore, I’d frame it up on my wall. It’s that good.

But enough about that! YAY NO MORE WORK! After those two months of steam rolling kids into submission, I’d be hard pressed to find any group more challenging to manage.

...Dear Life, PLEASE don't take me up on that challenge.

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kiweesplash said...

your description of the kids is SPOT ON. i love it. you missed charlie's brother, jeff.