Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Answer "Whatsup?":

I should've updated my Kanga earlier. BUT I DIDN'T! Oh no! Not only did I not really feel like it, and not only did I have to work on scholarship stuff, and not only was I not in Kanga moods, but I just liked my last post so much that I didn't wanna move it down from the top! Is that weird? No, you're weird, so stop it.

But now I must spill my thoughts! Onto your shirt! And then you'll get angry! But I don't care! Because I'll have another Kanga post done! Alright...

ME AND XC ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! It charges 80% interest.

Monday - My first Monday practice. Finally. I felt awesomely good on this run! Man, I was running so well, I was on such a roll. More so than a Fruit Roll-Up in an egg roll in a giant snowball rolling down a mountain that's reading lines for its role in a new movie. So that's a pretty good roll! I was in front like a quarter of the time! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Oh, and then near the end I got a really bad cramp.

Tuesday - Another long run... The Mardquardt 7... my legs got so mega mundo tired from the day before. I wasn't on a roll. Imagine the Fruit Roll-Up flattened out in the half eaten egg roll in a puddle of water that got fired from its new role in the new movie. That was me.

Wednesday - Another good day like Monday! We went to Fullerton and ran circuits around some hilly place with a bunch of rabbits. It was a rabbitat. And then afterward! Rite Aid! Love it!

If you were wondering, AND I KNOW YOU WERE, I had to dish out all my XC news before the meet tomorrow! GAHR TWO MILER ROUND TWO! Be there or be a fatty.

And in other news, I went to Hannah's art show the other day. My favorite piece was the one with cheese and crackers! Actually that wasn't an art piece. That was just the free cheese and crackers I ate. They were delicious...

But good job, Hannah! This is me proud of you and your art!: [Picture of me really proud] You and your now greater peripheral vision eyes should have so gotten first place. Oh well! Guitar Heroes and Mac Books are fun.

THE END! Sorry no pictures. I should put more pictures. If you want more too, I say just imagine these patterns of letters and words as one giant awesome picture!.. that you can read! Yeah... do that...

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