Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clowning Around





Veronichou got some free tickets so I went with her and Jandondo to Honda Stadium to watch the ol' Ringling Bros. Speaking of which, did you know that Honda had its own stadium? I've been there before, but I just now realized that it's Honda's baby. Interesting...

Thinking of the circus and all of its craziness, I would expect to have a BAJILLION things to talk about on my Kanga! Or at least lots of interesting stuff. But kevinly, there isn't a whole lot to say about the show. I could go through each act thingy one by one, but you didn't really watch the whole show (unless you are Jan or Veronica or someone who watched it too), so it would be far less compelling next to the actual thing.

SO! To spark your interest better than a... spark creator, I will say random stuff about circuses. Circi. Surkeye. Think of this as Circus Fun Facts.
  • Elephants are huge
  • Elephants always poop
  • Clowns aren't as scary anymore (but now they have no respect for authority)
  • People can spin a lot and not get dizzy
  • Ringmasters are terrible at keeping track of their hats
  • Bubbles come out of trash cans
  • Tight rope walking has evolved to tight rope biking
  • Tigers are scary
  • People are generally amazed by dogs catching Frisbees (I am one of those people)
  • 9 motorcycles can fit in one ball cage
  • 9 motorcycles can drive around in one ball cage
  • 0 motorcyclists die
  • Horses have the ability to run in circles
  • Popcorn is a $7 rip off
  • Goats can stand on top of pigs
On second thought... how the heck would that have sparked your interested.

In any case, fun times.

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