Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smells like running

Yesterday I found out there was gonna be a Gahr two-mile race for cross country. Today I ran it.

Have you ever REALLY didn't want to do something? WAIT lemme finish - you REALLY didn't wanna do it, but you know that it would probably do you good? WAIT HOLD ON - you REALLY didn't wanna do it, but you know that it would do you good, and you'd regret not doing it if you didn't do it, but you just REALLY didn't wanna do it?! YEAH?! Yeah. That's how I felt today.

The Gahr two-miler was today and I was incredibly adverse to participating! I said that weirdly. Reword: I DIDN'T WANNA RUN IT! I haven't been to XC practice in maybe two centuries, give or take a couple centuries, and I was sure that I was not ready. But it's the FIRST xc meet... and I would go to cheer ANYWAY...

I sat on my fart producer (HAHA THAT MEANS BUTT) for a while, just debating on whether or not I will run. Reason for not running? I was not ready. BUT THEN. It struck me. Like a bat. Well not like a bat. I mean like a stick. Because bats don't strike. They fly around. HAH you thought that was a baseball reference. Anyway. BUT THEN it struck me! If I were to not run because I wasn't "ready", that would be the complete opposite of my general feelings about running! Whenever people ask me whether or not they should run, I almost always say "you bettah!", more or less (I only say no if they're injured). I know running can suck, but it would be VERY hypocritical if I chicken out of a race because I'm scared of getting owned by 1 footed asian kids. (HAHA yeah I didn't run against him unfortunately.)


So, today I ran the race! I ALSO DID SOMETHING REALLY COOL! I turned all my anxiety into excitement! It was really weird. Like some super power of sorts.

...And now to talk about the race!

It was killer. No, it wasn't just "tiring", it was literally KILLER. I think I lost two years on my life span. That means I die at 98. Our plan as SENIOR MEN was for me, Jaydee, Jan, and Zach to stay together in a pack and pick off the runners one by one. Running with them felt like that one Japanese game show where you have to run over hurdles on a treadmill. It's like, "Yes I can KEEP UP, but I'll probably end up falling into a pool of flour."

But it was fun.

Time: 13:06

JAYDEE THAT TIME GIVEN WAS WRONG! See, it says you got 3:17 and I got 3:11, but I know we were like 1 second apart, and I was right next to that other guy at the finish line. SO, on the sheet there were three times close to each other: 13:06, 13:06, 13:06. That's us, Jaydee. That's us.

So after the random race (it's not official XC race btw), we ate at Avenue 3 where my hand got really greasy! YAY GODFATHER!

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