Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running Ragged

As you are half aware of, I run in the mornings because I can't run in the afternoon with XC. Today I ran The Marquardt 7 Mile... and IT WAS SO LONG! (that's what she said) It took me 62.34 minutes to run that nonstop!! (except for two lights) But WHAT DA EFF! Yknow what that calculates to?! 9 MINUTES A MILE!


Well actually I should've seen that coming, I've lost a bunch of endurance running all alone, wussing out at 3 miles. But seriously, I have to... run more! MUAHAHHA. Seriously, one thing I learned from XC and Track is that the only cure for any running problem is usually more running. How silly sounding! BUT IT'S TRUE...

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