Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman reviews The Dark Knight

Tomorrow I'm going to the San Diego COMIC CON! Comics! Movies! Games! Famous people! Free stuff! Es gonna be crazay.

And SPEAKING of comics, here's Batman reviewing his latest movie.


Diana :) said...

HAHAH you know i always thought you were impersonating bruce waynes voice until i saw the movie
and he does the whole raspy thing too i LOLLED SO HARD HAHAHA
everytime batman started talking i started giggling

Anonymous said...

hi kevio!

hey if you see ninja assassin at comiccon can you take pics and freestuff from there?? ESP is there's some tall korean dude named RAIN. omg -___-

lol BATMAN!! have fun! :]

Paul said...

this is amazing.

you need to do more of this.