Monday, July 14, 2008

Artists Fartists

Too soon for post? No.


I think I've said "awesome" like 6 trillion times these past few years. It's gaining up on "like".


Today in art class, I was happy. For the FIRST TIME in like a bajillion years (or two weeks), I was not in a "THIS IS MORE BORING THAN A DEAD RHINOCEROS" kind of mood, which if you could imagine, would not be very exciting to look at for more than 5 minutes. Kinda morbid actually. But today, I don't know, I just really felt... unburdened by any doubts of the class.

Part of my joy, I'm guessing, stems from the fact that my teacher Mr. DiMichele actually TALKED TO ME! For maybe 10 seconds! That may sound frivilous, but looksee: All this time I was taking the class, I felt like he was avoiding me for whatever reason. He would walk up to people's drawings and say something like "oh, you got the shadows down pretty nicely..." or "maybe you could work on your lines a little more...". But every time he passed by MY desk, I anticipated SOME kind of comment, SOME kind of acknowledgement that my work and I existed... but one never came.

Until today. DUH DUH DUH!

Mr. DiMichele walked over to my desk and just stared at my piece for a good 5 seconds. "...It's upsidedown," I tried to clarify any assumed confusion. "Ohh, haha," he walked around to the other side, "NOW I see it...". He went on to say how charcoal is hard to use because it can be difficult to get a good solid line, but I was doing a good job. SO WOOT WOOT!! YAY FOR CONVO!

Well okay this whole story isn't too big of a deal, but I'm guessing it contributed to my happiness of the night. So... UH(?)

But honestly, I think I was just glad to get some kind of interaction from the 4 hour class. The first few days I was there, I had this weird desire that I rarely ever have: I really wanted a friend. Since SOMEONE DITCHED ME (but es coo, Darren. And I won't mention your name.), I was all alone in that class, so I really wanted someone to talk to or at least say "Hi" to. Now if this were Kevin 4ish years ago, I would've just avoided any kind of communication, and I would've been fine. Present Kevin is a bit different.

I DID almost get a friend one time, though... or at least I THINK I did... Three days from our first day there, Mr. Dimichelle gave us a new assignment: draw the face of your neighbor in 'complete contour'. Once he said to begin, I turned to the girl next to me, gave her a friendly wave, and scooted over a seat (there was one seat between us and I had to get closer). After she had drawn me like me and I had drawn her look like a freaky fish, I realized "DUDE maybe SHE could be my friend!". This conclusion ruled out my first eligible friend, a girl who ate food outisde like me. But this new girl (her name is Iveta I think) could SO be my friend since she kinda sits next to me! I decided to stay in the scooted seat for the remainder of the period instead of moving back to my old seat. Just because.

The next day as I was walking to class, I thought... should I sit back in my old seat? Or sit next to that girl I nominated as possible friend? Without a verdict, I walked into the room and noticed that she was sitting in the seat next to mine instead of her old seat! "OH SUHNAP!" I thought! "BEST FWENDS!" So I sat next to her for the 4 hours of that night.

...But things didn't work out. It turns out that her chair was missing, so she just sat in the next available spot: the one next to mine. She didn't sit next to me by choice! Then the following day, she moved back to her original spot because there was now some ugly metal chair in between us. In between our friendship... So! I couldn't and didn't make friends with her, but I concluded that no friends is okay. I mean it's only 6 weeks (RIGHT, JAN?!), and I always have friends back here at home!


Adventures in art class!

Didn't mean for that story to be that long.

Aw man, I hope this post wasn't boring. Or at least not "dead rhino boring"... but "dead cow boring" would be okay; you can see pictures in their black spots! It's called "Cow Watching".

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