Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fifth of July!

Today is not July 4th. It is July 5th. But would that stop me from making a Kanga post? Would the idea of posting on a somewhat insignificant day deter me from delivering my thoughts to yours? DON'T BE PREPOSTEROUS! Be awesome.

This week felt like my first REAL week of summer because this is how most of my weeks will go. Here is my lovely sheh-jool:

Mon-Thurs Days

7:30am-9:30am = Run!
Yes, I love to run, WHAT OF IT?! I run here and there around the places near my house. Although running by my lonesome Kevin is a lot harder and boring than it looks (I think), but at least I get to do fun post-workouts with Elizabeth... which consists of 10 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of lazy. I thrive on the lazy.

1:00pm-2:00pm = Work
Yknow the problem with teaching at Quest Learning Center is that I don't have to take roll, so I can't really learn the students' names. I've resorted to identifying the children with just general descriptions such as "kid with the glasses", or "girl with the pencil". I've even called someone "boy with the hair" one time, but he didn't respond to that alias.

4:30pm-5:00pm = Nap...

5:45pm-10:00pm = Art class
I never really had time to talk about my art class! Partly because there's nothing really of interest to talk about. The class is basically goes like this: "Here are some random art pieces via computer projector! Now here's what we're gonna draw. Here's how to draw it. Now draw it." My teacher, Mr. Dimichelle, is a very normal, nice middle-aged teacher. But MAN, what is it with teachers and being nooby booby with computers?? Like one time Mr. Dimichelle searched for pictures using google, and every time he wanted to start a new search, he would close the window and open up a new one! Instead of just, I don't know, PRESSING THE "BACK" BUTTON...

So that's all the excitement my summer will hold!




I am quite the busy bee! I go from runner to teacher to artist! My mind hasn't worked this hard since I tried to understand that third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Freakin' weird Jamaican voodoo lady...

But to fill in my free time, I've been doing various stimulating activities, such as... ANIMATING! It's so fun. I just spent the last two weeks (about one hour a day) animating this Batman animation! This means I probably won't make a whole movie out of him. (click on GO!)


I don't think those are the exact words he used in the movie, but close enough!

The last thing I want to talk about is my Fourth of July day, but I dunno how to make a divider to change topics, so I'll just...


There ya go.


Friday? PARTY DAY! Fourth of July? DOUBLE PARTY DAY! Party, as in go to cross country practice and run. YAY...

For XC, we ran to the mall to eat at Yogurtland and OH MAN WAS IT GOOD. Sure, I've had "frozen" yogurt before, but frozen yogurt after a 3 MILE RUN? 10x the deliciousness! Actually maybe like 3 times the deliciousness. I even named my combo of fruity yogurt and ingredients: "Fruit Surprise!" (Okay, yeah my naming abilities were a bit low at the time.) The concoction consisted of everything at Yogurtland that was fruity. PLUS MOCHI. Mochi sounds like a Pokemon. Special attack? Fatty Delicious Beam.
After a nice 4th of July dinner (I ate shish (no kabob)), I went out to watch fireworks with friends HOORAY FRIENDS! The fireworks show at the library was really a bit disappointing... some parts were pretty fantastical, but the middle was kinda eehhh, and there was pretty much no finale! WHAT DA FIREWORKS I say! The show should end like "WOW! That was amazing! I like the part where... the end! Yeah I liked the end!" It shouldn't be like "Oh. It's over? It's over! Well that was interesting." And just to mock us, they fired some works AFTER the prerecorded announcer thanked us for watching. Freakin' disembodied voices. But es coo, fireworks are always nice to watch in general.

Afterward we went a la casa de Shelley and watched the first half of Robots. Ewan McGregor sure does a lot of voice work.

And that was my week!


the end!


What more do you want.

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kiweesplash said...

so THAT'S what you've been doing with your free time? :) i'm pretty sure you actually got the quote right. i like his little hand gesture at the word "do".