Sunday, July 20, 2008

My First Honk

WANNA SEE A MAGIC TRICK?! Okay hold on. ...and no, it doesn't involve a pen.

Right now I could probably talk about the crazy summer writing workshop last week, my unruly students at work, the very dark knight, my FACE portrait for art class, or my Metro adventure yesterday (Metro, not metro). BUT I WON'T! Instead, I'll tell you about a random tid bit of my life, and you will read it anyway.

If you read the title of the post you might assume that "My First Honk" is some witty way of declaring the first time I ate a goose or something. But oh no. It's all literal. This post is about the first time I honked at someone from my car.

Now, you might still be reading this post thinking "Okay, why is this such a big deal?!", and you'd be perfectly normal if you thought that, you weirdo. But ysee, when I started driving, I always anticipated the day I would honk at someone. As you might've guessed, I'm not an impatient person, so the day when I honk at some car to move is the day that... well is a very notable day indeed.

Continuing my story (or starting it)... I drive up behind this white van. Let's call the van "Embarro", cuz that sounds cool. He and I are stopped at an intersection, Embarro being in front and I second in line. We're in this lane that goes straight, but the lane next to us gets a left green and we stay red. Embarro moves about 5 feet forward until he realizes that it was a different lane that got the green. Now is when I would've yelled "ROFL, NOOOBTASTIC, GG!"... if I used such lingo. lol.

Our lane finally gets the green to go, but Embarro doesn't move. He... well, he just stays there. The cars next to us have already gone and I'm just kinda stuck because this fool in front is oblivious to the light.


I honk.

Embarro jerks a little and drives on. I have just made my first honk! CHYUH! The reason I called him "Embarro", btw, is because he must've been QUITE embarrassed! Either that, or must've been QUITE drunk. It's just that "Drunko" really doesn't sound as cool.

And that's my story! Okay yknow what, I probably should've talked about my metro trip instead (it has train things!). Although I wouldn't have been able to execute my magic trick... of using up 5 minutes of you day! SHAZAM! Yeah I think I'm losing my wittiness.

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Veronica said...

.. great

that pencil magic trick was horrible