Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When you think about the word "metro", what do you think of? The metro train thingy? That's what I think about too! I certainly don't think about a metrosexual. That would be ridiculous.

I thought I'd make a post last Saturday's adventure around LA and places. Elizabeth had a church... field trip... thing, so I tagged along for fun!

Mode of transportation: THE METRO, SILLY! Um, just "Metro", not "Metro Silly".

There was this really weird guy at the start of our adventure, the Norwalk train station... yknow, those guys that are sorta COOCOO IN THE HEAD without any kind of cereal incentive. He came up to me/Liz/Victoria/Alice and he started to direct our attention to a pigeon near the train tracks. We just kinda brushed him off, but then he jumped down, retrieved the bird, and tried to show it to us! I was really ready to shoo fly him like don't bother me, but he got distracted by some other poor victims a couple minutes later.

But anyways.

We made 4 stops.

Downtown LA
Tall buildings. Are so awesome. I haven't actually seen a surplus of tall buildings since... probably Las Vegas 3ish years ago. But it's different because LA buildings don't have lights and naked ladies on them. They have windows. I really enjoyed walking through the streets because it felt so... nitty gritty, so very real, making the experience feel ironically surreal at the same time. It reminded me of New York, even though I've never been there.

On the sidewalk I saw a message near the gutter drain that said "No Dumping Dolphins", which I found quite odd. Where would I get a Dolphin in LA. Well the word "Dolphin" was more of a picture than a word, so maybe that's not what they meant. They could've meant "shark". SPEAKING OF THAT MOMENT, my camera ran out of batteries, so I couldn't take pictures of interesting things like that Dolphin Dumping thing. Sad face. I shall steal the rest of the pictures from Liz's Facebook!

Elizabeth described Hollywood as just a richer version of LA, but I see it more as a meeting place for weirdos and tourists. The bizarre people do creepy stuff, and tourists take pictures! We walked down the street for a good 10 minutes, recognizing about 10% of the stars on the sidewalk. Seriously now, they should put explanations as to how these people got to have their name on the floor - why does Mr. Fleego Flagababa get his name next to Walt Disney?! But in any case, I used the bathroom at Hollywood Starbucks because I really had to go.

Union Station
It's a big train station! Go figure. Although I was confused whether "Union" was the name of the station, or "Union Station" was just kind of an inclusive title. Because if it were a title, wouldn't the correct name for it be "Union Station Station"? It might fall in the same fate as Comiclub Club.

We walked over to Olvera Street to look at all the nice Mexican trinkets. This would've been a big blast from the past of 4th grade field tripness, but I really don't remember my time there as a 10 year old. I think everything was a lot bigger back then. I guess they shrunk all the stores for whatever reason.

More like... HOMETOWN! Haha, get it, because I'm chinese. But honestly, this is the closest I'll ever get to China in like 50 years (because when I retire I might be able to go there..). Even though it lacked a Great Wall, it was still pretty cool to see this little square that celebrates all that is Chinese. After all the kids stared at Alice as she rode some weird machine thing, I bought myself a nice little stamp that stamps "Kevin" in Chinese!

We had dinner at supposedly the best restaurant in China town. It was either the best or the most famous... or both. THE SWEET AND SOUR FISH WAS DELICIOUS, everything else gets a "pretty tasty", although no one really dove for the chicken. Probably because everything already tastes like it.

And so ends our adventures! We literally (but actually figuratively) traveled the ENTIRE globe!: New York, Hollywood, Mexico, China. Technically I should be able to relate to all those places. Except New York.

Yup! I forgot my closing sentence.

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