Saturday, July 12, 2008

Word of the Day: Forgetfory


Actually, it was raining like five minutes ago. I was dilly dallying so I couldn't post this in time for the first sentence to actually be... well, correct.

So letsee, what is up with Kevin...

Yesterday I biked to the beach with my amigos. After making Craig swim with just his boxers and hearing about Paul's fear of Craig's entirety popping out of them, I.... BODY SURFED! Well at least I think it was body surfing. I swam with the wave. Body surf, yeah? And lemme be the first to tell you, IT'S SO AWESOME! I kinda just flailed my arms against the rip tide, and then a giant wave glided (glid?) me all the way to shore. 'so cool, it felt like Little Mermaid on steroids. Except instead of Little Mermaid, maybe more like... Buff Human. Dude, if Disney made a movie about me, it would probably be called something like... Buff Human King and the 101 Dwarfs. YEAH!! It would star me (of course) and it would be about my adventures as a King in the land of Middle Earth. My mission would be to muster up an army of men to fight the forces evil, but the only people who I can convince to join me in my cause would be dwarfs. 101 dwarfs. This movie would also be a comedy.

But as I was saying, Alleged Body Surfing = Fun.

Later that day, XC SCAVENGER HUNT!

We ran from Heritage Park (the rich pronounce it "hair-ih-taj"), to Subway (the rich call it "Peasant Transportation"), to the library (the poor call it "free education house")! I thought the game was quite exciting. Good job, captains! It's probably the closest I'll ever get to hunting something.

Seven Eleven has failed me with their lack of free slurpies. I mean Icees. I mean smoothies. WHAT no, I mean slushees.

Okay I should start updating this more often when stuff happens to me. Like, "DAY OF" updates. I always wait till the end of the week to make a post, thinking I'll remember everything, but my memories end up turning into... forgetries? No, uh... the opposite of a memory. WHAT'S THE OPPOSITE OF A MEMORY?! I'll make up the word now:

forgetfory - the lack of mental capacity aqcuired by the inablity to retain information; the opposite of memory
Example: Yes, I have a horrible memory, but I have an excellent forgetfory.

OH another NEW WORD:

fotographic forgetfory - the ability to instantly forget a memory, leaving the impression that the "memory" did not occur at all; "f" in "fotographic" added for flair
Example: My great great grandmother has fotographic forgetfory; I hope she remembers my name.

Go ahead. Add those two to your stack of SAT vocab cards.

BTW, whatever happened to Kevster's Dictionary? Oh right. It still exists. In my CLASSIC KANGA! So UH!

This post turned out kinda random. Speaking of random, that up there is a picture of the yellowest banana's I've ever seen. Yay for awesomely bordered pictures. Okay GOTTA GO WORK ON MY PERSONAL STATEMENT!


Paul said...

LOL at the banana

keviokevio said...

REALLY, Paul? I threw so many jokes at you: mermaids, dwarfs, made up words... and you "LOL" at the BANANAS?!

I expected better.


(curse the lack of emoticons)