Friday, October 10, 2008

Western Day 2008 (plus video)

I have no clever title.

Yesterday was Western Day! The annual event when our high school celebrates the time when America's left face had no rules and everyone shot each other at sundown. Wait a minute, that's how it is now! 'EY OH!!! That joke would be funnier if it were a joke.

I dunno. Just a horse.

Best Western Day in two years! Probably because it's the first one I attended in two years (MT. SAC AND ITS ALWAYS-BEING-ON-WESTERN-DAYNESS!). But still, I ate a BANGER, got arrested for being cooler than Jane, and clad myself in a bandanna / cowboy hat combo; that's just a recipe for a good day!


First general meeting this Tuesday! BE THERE OR POOP GLUE!


cindyland said...

omgomgogmlaolololololololol funniest video EVER.

haha i took that horse picture.

Kristen said...

wait didnt you also get to see one of the awesomest 08 alumni ever?

keviokevio said...

Eh. That part was kinda boring.