Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uh wow wow?

Last Thursday was... the contemporary media film festival! YAR! GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Especially for the winners. Cuz they won.

For some reason, I didn't think I would get nervous, but I did! Go figure. Luckily I think our video did well, you Whitney people laugh at anything.

I'll upload our contemp video later. But what I can upload NOW is my PTA REFLECTIONS THINGUVA CONTEST! The theme was "wow!".

What is "wow"?

Made it with Adobe Flash CS4 (thanks Caroline!) in 12ish hours.

I feel kinda lame, though, cuz I was watching other submissions on YouTube and they're sorta similar. Oh well! MINE IS THE ONLY HAND-DRAWN ANIMATION so uh.

Sad story time!
I was walking to school from the parking lot in the morning today when I saw a kid getting out of his car. The fairly big guy, maybe a couple inches taller than me, stepped out wearing a backpack and a blank face (Edward status). His father was in the driver seat of the car and, in an asian coated accent, said to him "Have a great day, Charlie!!". Charlie's face stayed blank. He didn't even turn around, no acknowledgment, he just closed the door shut and walked away.

That made me quite sad; his father just hoped he had not a good day, but a GREAT day, and his son TOTALLY ignored him! I just hope you're not that kind of child. You jerk.

Happy story time!
Today Darren gave me an Altoid. I haven't seen Altoids in TWO YEARS, when my sister used to drive me to school! Remember?? We would always eat one in the car, like a ritual of some sort; she would hold her hand out cuz she was busy driving, and I knew what it meant and placed an Altoid in her palm. It reminded me of nice times and made me so happy! It's the small things in life that you make you happy, yknow? Not like small puppies, not that kinda small... actually, yeah, small puppies would make me happy, but you know what i mean.

Alright Kevin. Time to finish up your UC apps. After this, you can get fat with turkeys.


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