Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Burning Ring of Fire

Today was CIF Prelims for cross country! The good ol' varsity ran their three miles at Mt. Sac, and BORAH MADE IT TO CIF FINALS!! YAY! Speaking of Borah, we saw Big Borah at the meet.

Good job to everyone else who ran!

But that's not the real story. That was just a slightly bland distracting introduction. The real story begins... ON THE BUS RIDE HOME! Dun. Dun. Dun! Yknow how there are a bunch of wildfires every year in southern California? Well, our bus was on the freeway and drove right through one! Like the video says, it was like driving through hell.

What the video does not convey:
Smelly ashy air

My world is currently in sepia.

There really must be a better solution to stop these fires other than waiting to douse them with helicopters until they actually HAPPEN. Kevin's solution? Large scale sprinkler system. Oh that may sound like a joke, but it is TOTALLY do-able. Just transfer a bunch of ocean water to the sprinklers, BAM no fires. Plus, we could even have nice grassy hills instead of dry dead stuff. Dear Ahnold and Obama... think about it...


Kristen said...

nice grassy hills arent facilitated by salt water!!!

Paul said...


and lol at your reply to my other comment.