Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twoday's in a row!


I totally overslept. Not the oversleeping where you're like "oh, no, I gotta hurry up and be out the door within 10 minutes!". No no, my friend, I'm supposed to be at school by 8:00am and I woke up at 8:22am. So instead I was like "HOLY BAKEEBLER SANDWICH I'M TOTALLY LATE oh well no need to rush." I got to school at 8:50, just enough time to make it to art!

I left school at 9:45 to go to my doctor's appointment to check out my foot. Originally I thought a bone had protruded out of my foot, but the bump was just caused from Ganglion Cyst. They had to suck some sort of puss out, which is always sort of fun to say when someone asks about my foot. I was scared it was a tumor, but in the wise words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, EET EEZ NAHT A TOOMAH!

I got back to school at 11:45 (LONGEST WAIT AT A DOCTOR'S OFFICE EVER!), and at 12:00 I went to go to an XC meet! The meet was at Arcadia, which did not in fact have a castle like I imagined. And okay, I don't say this enough: I LOVE CROSS COUNTRY YAY! If cross country were a guy, I'd be gay for him. Just kidding. I'd probably be really good brother-like friends with him. However, if cross country were a pretty girl, I'd probably ask her to formal. Oh man these Kanga posts are getting creepy.

NOW, if you were keeping track, I spent a little more than one total hour at school on Thursday. WOO!


Happy Halloweenie!

THE RETURN OF IFF!! YAY STUDENT-MADE VIDEOS! I have to say that I was a BIT disappointed with how it turned out; there were too many short videos so it was all choppy and stuff. NEXT TIME, 3 videos at the max... not 5. However, I think everyone did an awesome job with all the videos and the editing and stuff; GOOD JOB! We should've had a party. With some apple juice. or wine...

Oh man, my Halloween costume wasn't that cool.


9th grade: Eyes Over Eyelids Tie Guy - pretty awesome, if not weird looking.
10th grade: glasses with ticker light things - lazy, weird, but okay
11th grade: Blind man! - I think one of my best, but sorta... "controversial"...
12th grade: Backwards Kevin

This year I basically just wore all my clothes backwards and put on a backwards tie, hat, and sunglasses. It was sort of a back up idea which I had to end up going with. Yeah, my costume this year was sorta like that really close friend who's a girl, and yeah you could take her to the dance, but you kinda hoped that you'll get someone you like even more than her. But then the girl you were planning on wooing ends up being just a figment of your imagination, so since you can't take a thought to a dance, you have to go with the original back up friend girl. That was my costume.

In the halls I saw a guy who was ALSO backwards, and he looked a lot cooler than me cuz he had a backwards mask!! So I was all "AW SNAP DID YOU GO THERE." Luckily it turned out that it was Chadwick Von Hubenstraus (I don't know his last name), and he's cool, he's an XCer.

In any case, it was seriously hard to go pee with backwards pants.

At night, FREE CHIPOTLE and then a little bit of trick or treating with Jan Jane Veronica Tony, followed by a stop at Aliang's house. Good times.

Kanga post is over! Also, Wii Fit is fun.

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Anonymous said...

oh baby. chadwick von hubenstraus.
you are too funny. haha.

im too lazy to comment with my AIM sn so i'll be anonymous. -jane