Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cannot shall not!

Yknow who's a spoiled brat? Cannot. The word "cannot".

Why do we allow "can" and "not" to combine for no reason at all, but refuse to let any other set of words join like that? This is unjust, I say! Unconstitutional too, maybe! Just look at the word. Cannot. I bet you cannot look at the word, it's so repulsive. Is the compound supposed to abbreviate it?? That's another thing! "Can" and "not" already abbreviates into "can't". Why the heck do we have a "cannot"?! It doesn't even abbreviate anything! In any case, it makes the word harder to read because it looks a lot like "carrot". Taking away the space from in between two words like THAT just doesn't work. Since we're at it, why don't we just combine "will" and "not"? "Willnot"? Oh wait, we don't NEED to because "will not" ALREADY abbreviates to "won't"! TAKE. NOTES. CANNOT.

(Note: I'm not really bothered at using "cannot", though. I'm just sayin', is all.)