Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something's bad.

That was a short lived good feeling!

Well actually I'm not feeling too bad. I just got lectured by my parents for pretty much not being on top of things (that's what they implied! [that was a reference to the last post, not me being pissed]), even though I totally finished my personal statements last month, which I felt pretty awesome about! I also planned a bunch of Comiclub stuff, finished my UC apps (other than touching up my essays), and ALMOST got a 4.0 (ABAAA!! [oh whoa I'm only taking 5 classes?!]). And then my parents go on to lecture me about how I often times don't manage my time well because my civics group decided to work on our project at 10:00pm tomorrow. Yeah, that's really late to be working on homework (EHM, GROUP...), but I'm fine with it. Oh Kevin rolls with the punches.

And what my parents do when we argue is that every time I get some kind of reasoning in for my side, they point out another mistake that I made starting with "well the point is..." or "Kevin, you're not getting it..." or something else that changes the subject. I'm not saying that they're being dumb for doing it, it's really wise on their part, but... I'd rather have them not. In the end, our arguments usually start with me thinking "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND", then at the end it's like "we don't understand... we don't understand..". I have to remember that.

But honestly, don't pay too much attention to me. This was totally a one sided account.

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