Sunday, November 30, 2008



My new favorite number is 123.

It used to be 7. Funny story, 7 was my favorite number in 1st grade because that was my age at the time. My friend's favorite number was also 7. When I turned 8, I thought "hm... maybe my favorite number should be 8 now!". I asked my friend, again, what his favorite number was, but he said it was still 7. That's when I found out your favorite number usually isn't your age.

But now my favorite is 123! I see it everywhere! It's like it was calling me! Like "hey Kevin! I'm your favorite!"! And I answered back "Okay, 123! Suck it, 7!"!

For the record, my favorite color is still green. Yes, I needed a blog to establish all of this.

(Coincidentally, the cover of Flash comic #123 was a great story that I actually read! I'll tell you about it if you want. In any case, AWESOME-SAUCE!)

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Diana :) said...

my favorite number is 234 hehehe
it's 2
and then 3
and then 4
in that order.
but it's easier to just call it 234.