Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa is phat.

To Kanga reader,

Am I the kinda blogger who posts an entry on the day of Christmas? Yes, yes I am.

So... hello there!

This year, I didn't really get into the Christmas spirit. I don't know why, usually this comes naturally. Too naturally, in fact. Every year I always start hearing Christmas songs in November, and I try to poop away these urges to start singing along as to not reach my festive-feeling peek before the actual Christmas day. This year was different. I TRIED to get all in the spirit, and yeah I sorta did, but not as much as the other years. I listened to Christmas music, I baked some cookies, I even kissed some girls under mistletoes, BUT NONE OF IT WORKED! I was only 50% into the holidays as opposed to the usual 80%!

Actually I didn't really kiss any girls. OR... DID... I..?

No I didn't.

OR... DID... A GIRL... KISS... ME..?

No that did not happen.

But anyway, I'm not depressed or anything, I just thought this was kinda weird. (WHOA random thought: Santa Clause getting jiggy with it.) Regardless of my spirit, or lack there of, today was fun! Christmas day is always and SHOULD always be fun. No matter what religion. THAT'S RIGHT, JEWS, WE DIDN'T SAVE YOUR BUTTS IN THE 40'S JUST SO YOU COULD GO AROUND AND SULK DURING THE 25TH OF DECEMBER!! Just kidding. China was not involved in the war.

Another different thing about this Christmas was that I wasn't REALLY looking forward to any particular gift. Go ahead and call me a spoiled brat (but don't really), but usually there's some awesome TOY that I've been wanting that falls into one of these categories:

1. Video game
2. Legos (well when I was younger)
3. Video game system

Yknow what I got this year? A wireless mouse and a DVD-Drive. I'm totally happy with both of those things (freakin cords on mice and freakin inability to burn DVDs suck), but I couldn't really get excited about em. Yknow what I'm sayin? Ya catchin' my drift? Yeah YOU know... I actually had a few games on my wishlist, along with a skateboard (that got rejected by my parents) and some artsy fartsy stuff, but I thought I'd go with some necessities. If I didn't get those two, actually, I might've gotten Guitar Hero World Tour!! I could've partied by myself EVERY day. And those last few sentence probably just fell into the TFS/TMI/TFSTMI bins.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS! Sorry I didn't get you anything. Actually I DID, but my dog ate it. (I got you some dog food.)


This is a video my group and I made for Contemporary Media. I'd name my group, but... well there are credits at the end, so just look at those you lazy butt.

All That Glitters


I got a new blog!

No one: "YAY!!!"

It's called Drawn To Scrawl. Yes, that has about five double meanings.

Have you seen those things where people post something everyday for a long time? Well hidy ho neighbor, IMMA DO THAT TOO! Like it says on the site, I'll draw a random creature on a 3x3 inch piece of paper and just post it there everyday. Lots of people have done stuff like this before, so why not I join them wagons!? This'll also help my habits if I make my future webcomic MMM...

So go visit my sister site.





I went to a Christmas party with my relatives, and I met this REALLY weird guy there. He is an 18 year old senior in high school, around the same age as me, and I knew he was a bit funky when he first came in. Yes, I'm a judger, so you beware. Patrick (that's his name) had that fobby bright orangey yellow hair and he talked in quick mumbles. He presented that kinda awkward where he would say something, and you would have NO IDEA what just came out of his mouth, so then you'd just chuckle it off. And... I was chuckling all night. Here's one of our convos that I actually understood. (not fake this time)

Patrick: Hey, so what are you interested in?

Kevin: Oh, um... well I like ART... and videogames.

P: Oh.

K: Well yeah, I don't have time to play videogames as much anymore because I'm busy and stuff...

P: -mumble something-

K: ...What are you interested in?

P: I like drawing, Manga, yknow comics...

K: Oh cool (hey I might have stuff in common with this guy!)

P: ...COSPLAY!.. haha


K: Haha, I don't... uh... haha!..


K: (turns around to get food)

So yeah, every time I saw him I started laughing. He's one of those guys who don't notice you're sorta laughing at him. I'M SORRY but you, Patrick, are really silly. BTW, how the heck am I related to you?

And on that note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love you cuz you read my Kanga.

from keviokevio.


Veronica said...

don't judgehim!

Paul said...

its funny cuz i met this senior high school dude too..from ny and he was really weird. except i wasnt really related to him...cousin's cousin's cousin. haha

and i think xmas came too fast this year...thats why.

Maria said...

so much direction- and gear-switching! gaaah, my brain is still spinning!
but i enjoyed that post immensely, kevin. :)
happy holidays!

caro said...

wow i could never have guessed. you had a ... cousin? related to you that is obsessed with bleach. er manga in general?
you want more art supplies!??!?!?!

are you planning to major in this?
oh wait, you are.

keviokevio said...

Oh just to clarify, the guy was like a DIIIISTANT cousin.

And for art supplies, I just wanted some prisma colors and nice paper.